HS-DE04/HS-DE05 Metal Tag Engraving Machine

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$1700 ~ $2500

Robust Structure and Long Life

  • Compact structure for industrial environment
  • High speed, high precision marking
  • Long-life hard alloy marking pin and electronic parts
  • Support some uneven surface marking


  • Special design for nameplate engraving
  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy use software and powerful edit function
  • Low maintenance cost

Machine Major Parameters

  • Marking area - 160mm x 100mm
  • Marking speed – 30-40mm/s
  • Power supply - AC 100V-240V
  • No air power required, just plug and play


  • For engrave and mark metal tags, name plates, metal sheets etc.
  • Create clear and permanent marks on your products

Shipping: Air Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS). Also can arrange delivery by air or by sea.


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Guarantee: One Years Free Warranty (We will send spare part for replace if any machine part broken)

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Metal Tag Engraving Machine

Metal tag engravers are the best for your engraving needs. Check out here to see what we have to say about the system in light of our years of experience in dealing with the product.

nameplate engraving and marking machine | HeatSign - engraving machine for metal | HeatSign - engraving machine for metal

Name Plate Tag Engraving Machine For Sale

Electrically driven HS-DE04/05 of nameplate engraving machine is also known as high-speed metal tag engraving marking machine. Similar to laser engraver, the dot pin engraver provides marking solutions for all your engraving needs.


Applications of HeatSign Metal Tag Engraving Machine

Here are a few applications of the metal tag marking machines that you can easily search of:

Marking dog tags

Dog tags are often marked using manual tools. However, with metal engravers, you can easily mark your dog tags with this machine or our laser marking machines.

Engraving on steel and other metallic sheet products

While it was considered difficult to deep engrave metallic plates and machines using laser engraving machine. However, this issue has been made very easy now using the dot peen engraving machines specially made for metal tags. A hassle-free solution.

Engrave aluminum and other metallic alloys plates

Furthermore, these dot peen marking machines can easily engrave aluminum and other metallic alloys just like it can engrave steel. So this is a tension-free method for getting the job done

HS-DE04 Engraving Machine

The engraving machine has an integrated touch screen and software, do not need a PC or air compressor system for their operation, you just plug and play and see the magic.

HS-DE05 Engraver

The HS-DE05 is a more economical solution and best suited to your one-stop marking requirements. All you will need to do is connect your computer and install our software to use it. This makes the machine much easier to use than other contemporary engraving machines.


How can the Metal Name Tag Engraving Machine Grow Your Business?

It is mainly used for various metal nameplate permanent high-speed marking like stainless steel nameplate engraving, brass plate engraving, aluminum tag engraving, metal name tag engraving, etc. Once you have the dot peen engraver for metal you will be able to efficiently mark metal tags in very little time.

The engraving content can be all characters like English letters, all numbers include a serial number, date, symbols, logo outline, graphic outline and you can import your design content into the machine for marking.


Why Choose Our Metal Plate Engraving Machine?

If you are in search of a great metal plate engraving solution that can mark on different materials with high quality then you have come to the right place.

metal plate engraving machine

nameplate marking machine

name tag engraving machine for sale

Get more information on the HS-DE04/HS-DE05 metal tag engraving and stamping machine

or any of our products by emailing us at info@heatsign.com

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Main Specs of the DE04 and DE05 Marking Solutions

Here are the main specifications of the HS-DE04/DE05 for you to see:


  • Compact structure for industrial environment
  • High speed, fast precision marking
  • Long-life hard alloy marking pin and electronic parts
  • Supports some uneven surface marking


  • Special design for nameplate engraving
  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy use software and powerful edit function
  • Low maintenance cost


  • Marking area – 160mm x 100mm
  • Marking speed – 30-40mm/s
  • Power supply – AC 100V-240V
  • No air power required, just plug and play


Price of the Engraving-Machine

One of the first and main aspects related to the search for the best product is its price. So about the HE04/05 variants, these products cost range between USD 1700 – 2500. You can get in touch with us and we will guide you free of any cost to see and in selecting the best machine, in light of our years of experience in the field.

If you are interesting, you can contact us for more details.

We at HeatSign (all rights reserved) have years of experience that will help you free of charge and guide you in your search for finding the best price and machine for the job. You can visit our website to see more about the materials and machines that are new in the market. This gives you a number of options to see for marking different products using different systems and choosing the best.

You can let us know about your requirement for the type of tags that you want to mark and be engraved and we will provide you with the best products marking tool. All that you will search online, we will already have known due to our years of experience.


Shipping and Delivery Details

You can find below frequently asked questions part that will help you know more about the company, its shipping and delivery system.

Technical Parameters


HS-DE04, HS-DE05

Type of Electric Dot Pin Marking Machine

Name Plate Tag Marking & Engraving


Built-In Software and Touch Screen (HS-DE04)
Request computer connect to work (HS-DE05)

Standard Marking Area

160mm x 100mm (6.29in x 3.93in)

Impact frequency

300 times/s

Marking Speed

1~3 characters/s (5mm height)

Preciseon Repeatability


Marking Depth

0.05mm~0.5mm(depends on your material)

Power Supply

AC 100V ~ 240V 50HZ/60HZ

Other Device Request

HS-DE04 No need extra device such as computer and air compressor
HS-DE05 need connect to your computer for work

Touch Screen Size

HS-DE04 touch screen size is 7 inches

Special Technology

Can mark on some uneven surface which height differ within 1mm

Marking Content

All English Characters, Serial Number, Date, Variety of Graphics outline, Logos, Dot Matrix 2D codes, Circle Letters, Serial Numbers, etc.

Marking samples

aluminum tag engravingbrass tag engravingmetal tag engravingname plate markerstainless steel name plate engraving

Download sheet

metal tag engraving machine
Tabletop Electric Metal Tag Plate Engraving Marking Machine

Download file

Customer questions & answers

What is the package? Is that Safe? We make 3 layers package that is best for this kind for the safety of the items during shipping: For the outside, we adopt a plywood case that keeps the product safe from damages during shipping. In the middle, the machine is covered by foam, to protect the body from shaking. For the inside layer, the device is covered by a thick plastic bag for waterproof. All packaging for shipping the product has the best labels to identify the product. Therefore, you will not have any issue in unpacking the product and starting its use after shipping. All the factors related to the damage during shipping of the items have been taken into consideration. In order to make it safe, and our shipping agent has a number of years of experience in safe transportation. As an option, you can contact us to see a sample picture of the packaging before shipping the product. Furthermore, if you find any issues during the shipping, which we are sure you won’t, but still if you do, then you can let us know about it and we will take it up with the shipping company. What is the machine delivery time? Normally the machine production time is 5 working days, then the machine will be sent by air-express like FedEx, TNT, or any other shipping method. It is estimated that after shipping it will take around 4 ~ 6 work-days to reach your place. View our customer testimonials to know more about our product. At times the delivery time might be affected due to the shipping policy of the country or the situation in the country. You can contact us to find more information about the shipping details specific to your country.   How to install and run the machine? Our engineers have installed and tested the machine before shipping. For some small parts installation and how to run the marker, we will send a free detailed training video, user manual along with the engraver. There are further tags on each subpart of the engraving-tool to make the system easy for installation. Most customers can learn by themselves. However, if the customer is having issues in learning about the product, then you will not have to search for things online. This is because we have years of experience in dealing and we can assist with free online support after the shipping has been done. Please note that we are providing the best after-shipping support that you can get from any vendor.   How can i get support after purchasing? For the machine use and free software guide, the company offers online support in English by Skype, WhatsApp, Wechat or Email, Video and etc free of price after shipping. If you need to get a remote operation, you can request us on TeamViewer software and that too free. For hardware problems, we can guide you to check which part has a problem, and then you will have to choose from the options to send a new one for replacement via the same shipping means free of any additional charges.

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Customer reviews

photo Lucas Rodriguez
Lucas Rodriguez, Sacramento – USA

It’s a great thing to mark any info you need on any materials you need. It provides the widest opportunities for business so it’s worth trying it!

Video Review - 2
Diane Frank, Brighton – United Kingdom

Having an in-house Dot Peen Marking Machine has definitely made my life easier at my business. There’s no need for outsourcing the service, so I’m saving on costs, and I can make sure everything is properly marked. When it comes to producing efficient marks, I couldn’t ask for more.

Robert Baron; heat sign; executive
Robert Baron, San Francisco – USA

Small parts require small marks, but accuracy and looks are very important in the tech products that I offer. Having such an efficient and versatile dot pin marking machine at our headquarters really makes a big difference.