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The laser marking machine, also known as a laser etching machine, is certainly the best marking tool available. It can etch permanent marks on a wide range of materials. Our Laser marking offers high-quality permanent marking that is fast and reliable. It is hard to damage the marks made by these machines – not even oils, vapors, emulsion, high temperatures, and other extreme operating environments can affect them.

Laser Marking is done through a non-contact process with lower costs of operation and consumables than other marking methods. Furthermore, you can use the laser marker to impose texts, codes, and other useful information like serial numbers on your products.

HeatSign is a professional laser marking/etching and engraving machine supplier. As experts in the industry, we focus on providing machine laser engraving solutions that will meet our customers’ needs. We also bring you the latest news from the industry.

Here’s why HeatSign can offer you the best Laser Marking Machines:

  • We can offer a wider range of laser marking machines, and we are sure you will find a price and configuration that suits your marking needs.
  • Our laser marker goes to more than 50 countries. The majority of our business takes place overseas, so we know how to deliver service to high international standards.
  • We design our laser marking systems for integration into the customer’s production line. By automating marking, we help our customers save labor costs and improve efficiency.

With so many laser marker options for sale on the market, things can be confusing. There are laser marking tools available for all sorts of materials that might need to be marked, so it can be a challenge to pick the right laser marking tool for your unique purposes. There are some critical parameters to consider while selecting the laser marking tool: the type of material, the marking quality you need, and marking speed.

Here are the most popular laser engraving machines based on different use cases:

    1. Fiber Laser
    2. Nd: YAG laser
    3. Galvo CO2 laser
    4. Excimer (UV) laser
Laser Marking | HeatSign - laser marking machine
laser marking machines | HeatSign -laser Marking process

Laser types

Fiber Laser (1.06 µm wavelength)

  • Our fiber laser marking machine is the most recent development in laser marking technology that uses a low-maintenance solid-state laser source.
  • Because of their effective cooling system, these machines have proven to be very popular among the existing laser marking systems.
  • There are no consumable materials required, and you don’t have to worry about maintenance,
  • Our Fiber laser marking tools are very reliable, safe, and good for the environment.
  • These fiber laser marking machines are ideal for marking various metals such as stainless steel, aluminum, some plastics, etc.

The following are some examples of our fiber laser marking/engraving machines for metal markings.

Fiber Laser marking and engraving

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CO2 Laser Systems (1.06 µm wavelength)

  • The CO2 laser marking machine uses a stimulated carbon dioxide gas mixture.
  • The machines are a great choice for a wide range of industries because of their high efficiency and excellent laser beam quality.
  • They are ideal for marking on non-metallic materials and the majority of plastics. CO2 lasers can label a variety of different artificial and natural substances.
  • The following materials can be marked using CO2 Lasers: Wood, acrylic, glass, paper, textiles, rubber, plastics, foils & films, leather, stone, and more.
CO2 laser engraving and marking

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UV Laser Marking (0.355 µm wavelength)

  • Unlike the previous two types of laser marking tools, UV lasers use ultraviolet light. The UV laser light breaks the bonds holding the material surface together.
  • The atomization is a cold process, producing no peripheral heating. In contrast, IR and other laser types produce intense local heat that can melt or vaporize more fragile compounds and cause serious damage to surrounding areas.
  • Because UV poses no risk to the strength or thermal integrity of the target materials, these tools are a great choice of engraving laser for delicate materials like plastics and thin latex.
  • So with this laser machine, you can easily mark serial numbers on plastic products.
UV laser marking samples
  • Because UV laser systems can work at very high speeds, they can help you reduce cycle times for your industrial operations.
  • You can use them to mark semiconductors and plastics such as PVC, ABS, and Polypropylene. You can also use them on some metals, paper, ceramic chips, etc.

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There is a constant requirement for applications in industry to product traceability and identification. This could be while in production or during its life cycle under different operating conditions using the state of the art laser engraving machines.

Mechanism of Laser Marking

Laser engraver creates readable marks by generating a visual contrast between the text and the background. It does so through two methods: change of color or change in specular reflection. Machine laser can also perform more than just engraving; they can also do ablation (etching), annealing, color change (carbonization/bleaching), and, foaming. 

Laser Engraving

This method changes specular reflection because it removes material from the surface. It mostly applies to metals. There is an optimal frequency and speed so that evaporation can occur for the particular material. Lasers with short pulses and high peak power generally give the best results and are best suited for these types of applications.

laser engraving

Laser Etching (Ablation)

This method removes coating or lacquer layers from the base material. Due to the very high temperatures ablation markers produce, they heat the surface past its point of vaporization. For example, the ablation of the oxide layer of anodized aluminum exposes the metal beneath it. While doing no damage to the base material, this makes your marking pattern or text clearly visible. This type of laser system is used for fine laser marker applications.

laser etching

Laser Annealing

Materials that change color at increased temperatures are ideal for laser marking by annealing. The marking machine laser beam heats the surface where marks appear due to oxidation. The surface gets its colored appearance as a result of the composition and thickness of the oxide layer. This method has widespread applications that include stainless steel surgical instruments and titanium medical implants. A laser machine with high concentrated peak energy and longer pulse duration can draw carbon to the surface and create a clear dark mark. These marks can withstand a lot of heat, such as sterilization and autoclave cycles.

laser Annealing

Laser Color change

As a rule, this mechanism of marking laser systems usually processes plastics, heating them in precise spots. The heat destroys carbon on the surface, so plastics get darker (e.g. carbonization) or lighter (e.g. bleaching). The exact outcome depends on the type and composition of the plastic or polymer.

Laser color change

Laser Foaming

In this case, the laser marking becomes visible during foaming because of a localized height change in the material. The laser machine beam heats the polymer to a given so some of its elements begin to foam. Due to the change in volume, the material bulges outward. This produces clear textured marks. This type of laser system is extremely useful for applications in products where clear marking is required.

laser foaming

How Much A Marking Machine Costs

Although you might be thinking that marking machines come very expensive. However, for the amount of work you can get out of these marking machines, the cost is nothing. The laser marking machines cost from $1500 to $12000 depending upon the size, quality, power and other factors of the machine. As a result, it might be difficult for you to choose the right priced machine for your task. But don’t worry at all since HeatSign will guide you through the process and make you choose the best machine for your needs. All you need to do is contact us through the various methods of contact and you will be guided thoroughly.



All of the laser system technologies are good choices for industrial use. The best option depends on the type of material that needs marks, marking speed, and quality needs. The industry is constantly evolving, and so do our products. Our laser marking machines use the latest tech. The laser source has a modular build. These tools provide high levels of precision and quality for engraving.

We offer laser etching systems/machines for a wide range of industrial applications. Our clients include Automotive, Aerospace, Electronics, Telecommunications, Energy, Medical, Jewelry, Instrumentation, and many types of companies. You can stay up to date with industries’ latest news by signing up our notifications.