Who We Are & What We Do

marking machine manufacture

HeatSign has been focusing on Direct Marking Technologies and Marking Machines over 10 years. Our vision is to be the most customer-centric company; to create a portal where product manufacturers from varied industries find virtually all types of Product Marking and Branding possibilities. We have endeavored to make a real difference for our customers with superior marking solutions with quality engraving and marking machines, low prices, fast and reliable delivery, and a trusted and convenient experience. We are committed to ensure 100% Satisfaction on all your marking requirements.

What We offer

We offer a variety of High-Precision Product Marking Machines, Traceability and Turnkey Process Automation Solutions, using the latest Bench Top Dot Peen Marking, Portable Dot Peen Marking and Laser Marking technologies. Our highly flexible marking machines incorporate attractive and eye-catchy Text, Logos, Graphics, as well as Data Codes on a wide-range of markable materials.

Our Marking Solutions can suitable various industries .we have a strong know-how of the product marking industry. This helps us lower the operating costs and offer competitive pricing to our customers, helping them enjoy increased profitability. This alone should be enough to make our product marking machines worthy of your attention!

Why Are We The Best?

  • Automatic Marking Systems conforming to exacting quality standards
  • Over 10 years of experience with Marking Technologies and Marking Machines
  • FDA,CE ,ROSH certification with International approval
  • 50% domination of China’s advance Dot Peen Marking machine market
  • Impressive sales figures in North America,South America, Europe, Asia and other countries
  • Extensive R&D focus for superior marking solutions and high customer satisfaction
  • Compact and light wood packaging for easy and safe shipment

What Benefits Can You Get?

  • Our machines will meet all your marking and traceability needs.
  • Fast support you for all marking machines use, adjustment,trobueshoot and so on.
  • You will get free detail guide which machine is more suitable you by our rich experience.
  • Save your manually engraving and marking time, maximize your production efficiency.
  • Save your labor cost for product coding,engraving, marking work by integrated machines.
  • You can run engraving and marking service business, get more benefits by our machines.
  • You can also distribute our machines and we will give full support to help you develop local market.

Want to Know More about Our Team?

HeatSign is a good partner for all marking and engraving requests. The advantage we enjoy in the marking industry is the trust and reliability of our customers. This, we gain, by using industrial marking technologies to imprint decorative logos, graphics and text that transform simple equipment into highly desirable and recognized Promotional Products and Speciality Products. Direct marking on products is crucial for brand recognition and to stand apart from the competition.
The marking technologies we develop are inspired by the question – “How do we ensure customer satisfaction?” Our skilled and experienced team works hard to offer the best solutions for product marking and traceability. Our pre-sales and after-sales support is what keeps our customers with us.

Sales Team

How Does A Marking Machine Work?


  • Marking machines fulfil the need for identification and traceability of equipment. They are tools that brand equipment by making a permanent or temporary ‘mark’ or ‘imprint‘ on a variety of material.
  • Marking machines are designed and created using different technologies to mark materials such as Metals (steel, aluminium, carbide, titanium alloys etc.), Plastic, Glass, Leather, Wood and most other materials.