Laser Coding Machine

Laser Coding Machine: Benefits of the High-Speed Laser Marking

A laser marking system is made up of different methods suitable for marking different materials under any capacity. These methods are accurate, and they produce permanent markings. Laser marking methods are popular industrially and are suitable for marking different products. One form of marking popular nowadays is coding and it involves inscribing codes such as…

marking software

10 Best Laser Photo Engraving Software

Laser photo engraving requires careful control over the material and beam, so it’s best to invest in laser-specific software. The right laser engraving software is necessary for successfully marking a design onto your material. This article provides a comprehensive list of software used in laser photo engraving machines. Laser engravers with nesting capabilities are different…

deep engraving on metal body

Serial Numbers Metal Engraving on Firearms: Dot Pin Making and Laser Engraver for Traceability

  Almost all the industry needs traceability, from a Medical-surgical instrument that saves life to a firearm or explosive that takes away your life. The service gun or the revolver that you have in your pocket for your protection needs serialization. You would think why the serial number on guns is significant. What will happen…

laser printing machine LED

Laser printing & marking machine for led bulb Logo printing, Traceability unique code & technical specifications for you

Light bulbs, often known as lamps in the industry, are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes, and temperatures (colors) to accommodate a wide range of fixtures with varying bases and other factors.  All these bulbs or LEDs need laser printing for Branding, Traceability, and technical specification engraving, including incandescent and halogen bulbs, CFL,…

laser marker with ccd camera for ultra small marking

CCD Vision integration with Fiber Laser marking system/machine for Auto identification, Positioning, and then marking: Ultra-small Alphanumeric Letter Laser marking

Taking laser marking to the next level, we want to offer you the simplest solution to the most complex and critical laser marking solution that makes the electronic industrial manufacturer’s life easy. Not only that, all those industries where it requires laser marking on ultra-small size parts. We are combining the fiber laser with a…


How to choose the right portable marking machine for your business?

Qualified Expert machinists, experienced fabricators, laser machine and tool shop operators, OEMs utilize those expertized skills and years of experience to mold and reshape the world around us. In any case, the challenge isn’t whether they can successfully machine complicated metal parts and components using Portable machines and tools. The bigger question is: Could they…

laser hallmarking on the curve circumferential area of ring

Hallmarking machine: All you need to know about the gold engraving machine

Personalization was always a part of the evolution of jewelry making. An early stone age man would have invented and created the first wedding rings for his wife. Jewels are synonymous with intense emotion, whether purchased on a whim or for a specific occasion. Initially, jewelry was engraved by hand when there was no technology.…

chain traceability

Part Traceability Solutions : Laser Marking/Engraving – Dot Pin – RFID Technology

When a product quality issue occurs, corrective action must be taken immediately by the producer of the product. A slow or inadequate response from the retailer can generate a feeling of mistrust between customers or business partners and jeopardize the brand’s survival. In comparison, since consumer safety regulation has been introduced, the number of businesses…

buy fume extraction system now

How to choose a Right Fume Extraction System For Your Laser Machines

Around the globe, governmental organizations like OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in the USA, and even WHO have their Healthy Workplace Framework Model. All the above organizations have created and implemented safety regulations and standards that ensure employees’ health and safety. Hazardous materials must not enter the body of employees. According to OSHA regulations and…