Part Traceability Solutions : Laser Marking/Engraving- Dot Pin – RFID Technology

Why product” traceability” is essential?   When a product quality issue occurs, corrective action must be taken immediately by the producer of the product.   A slow or inadequate response from the retailer can generate a feeling of mistrust between customers or business partners and jeopardize the brand’s survival.   In comparison, since consumer safety…

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Guidelines for How to choose a Right Fume Extraction System?

Guidelines for How to choose a Right Fume Extraction System Around the globe, governmental organizations like OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in the USA, and even WHO have their Healthy Workplace Framework Model. All the above organizations have created and implemented safety regulations and standards that ensure employees’ health and safety. Hazardous materials must not…

Portable TIJ Inkjet Printer

Thermal Inkjet Printer: Market Trends Worth Knowing

The following explains thermal inkjet printer and the market trends the industry is exhibiting   Basics of Thermal Inkjet Printer Inkjet printers come in two primary technologies.  They are continuous inkjet and drop-on-demand. The drop-on-demand category includes thermal inkjet (TIJ) and piezoelectric inkjet printers. Both of these technologies have a strong presence in the consumer…

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Portable Marking Solutions: Laser Marking vs Inkjet Printing

Introduction to portable marking solutions Portable marking solutions laser marking and portable inkjet printing machines are critical players among the plethora of devices available in the marking industry. This article will help its readers understand the working of both these devices and how their outputs differ. Understanding these aspects is critical to differentiate the usage…