iphone back cover separator

Everything that you need to know about automatic laser back glass removal machine

Why does iPhone have glass backs?  For high-speed wireless charging  As we know, Wireless charging will become common in the future. While Apple has maintained its metal architecture and design for several years, it becomes a hindrance to wireless charging technology. In addition, the metal back can trigger phone fever that means it gets heats up…

laser marker with ccd camera for ultra small marking

CCD Vision integration with Fiber Laser marking system/machine for Auto identification, Positioning, and then marking: Ultra-small Alphanumeric Letter Laser marking

Taking laser marking to the next level, we want to offer you the simplest solution to the most complex and critical laser marking solution that makes the electronic industrial manufacturer’s life easy. Not only that, all those industries where it requires laser marking on ultra-small size parts.  We are combining the fiber laser with a…


How to choose the right portable marking machine for your business?

Introductions Portable machining: a unique perspective of machining Qualified Expert machinists, experienced fabricators, laser machine and tool shop operators, OEMs utilize those expertized skills and years of experience to mold and reshape the world around us. In any case, the challenge isn’t whether they can successfully machine complicated metal parts and components using Portable machines…

laser hallmarking on the curve circumferential area of ring

Hallmarking machine: All you need to know about the gold engraving machine

What is hallmarking? The hallmark is an official sign or label on the precious metal pieces of jewelry, often to certify the compositions of noble, precious metals – for example, Platinum, gold, silver, and palladium in some countries. The word “hallmark” can also be used in a more general way to refer to any distinctive property.  …

batch coding on fmcg products

Batch coding date printing machine – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Your top-quality pouch packaging requires a high standard coding and pouch printing. To grab sales on the shelves means to make the most out of your brand name. Brand marketing departments are obsessive about wrapping, printed graphics and artwork on pouches and packaging containers. The last thing they want is low-quality batch codes that are…

chain traceability

Part Traceability Solutions : Laser Marking/Engraving – Dot Pin – RFID Technology

Why product” traceability” is essential?   When a product quality issue occurs, corrective action must be taken immediately by the producer of the product.   A slow or inadequate response from the retailer can generate a feeling of mistrust between customers or business partners and jeopardize the brand’s survival.   In comparison, since consumer safety…

buy fume extraction system now

How to choose a Right Fume Extraction System For Your Laser Machines

Guidelines for Choose a Right Laser Fume Extractor Around the globe, governmental organizations like OSHA(Occupational Safety and Health Administration) in the USA, and even WHO have their Healthy Workplace Framework Model. All the above organizations have created and implemented safety regulations and standards that ensure employees’ health and safety. Hazardous materials must not enter the…