sign engraving

The Role of Sign Engraving Machines in Industry

The advent of sign engraving machines has completely transformed how materials and products are marked and designed in manufacturing industries. The highly efficient technology provides cutting-edge precision marking, impeccable speed, and compatibility with different materials, including plastics, ceramics, and metals. Sign engraving machines’ versatility and efficiency have made them valuable and relevant to several industries,…

laser textured surface

What is Laser Texturing?

A common surface property many part manufacturers aim for is good texturing without compromising the material’s surface and mechanical properties. Achieving such texturing is possible via many processes. However, the use of laser introduced better texturing due to accuracy and versatile material compatibility. This article aims to give you an insight into laser texturing and…

laser tube how laser works

How a Laser Marking Machine Works

For many marking enthusiasts, having the right laser marking machine can separate a successful and quality marking from an unsuccessful one. Additionally, understanding how a laser marking machine works and its operation can help select the right machine. Laser marking is the commonest marking system due to its accuracy, precision, speed, and material compatibility. It…

household materials and products you can mark

7 Household Materials and Products You Can Mark

When people say marking systems, whether laser, dot peen, or inkjet, they think of more of their industrial applications. However, these marking systems are suitable for both commercial and industrial applications. In terms of the commercial applications of these marking systems, this article will talk about some household materials and products you should try to…

top mistake when using dot peen

Top Mistakes Made When Using Dot Peen and How to Avoid Them

Dot peening is one of the most common marking systems used industrially for projects that call for deep and permanent marks. For example, it is a favorite in the gas cylinder marking for product identification and traceability. Like any marking system, many people, whether operators or clients, make many mistakes regarding the process. Below are…

deep marking sample

How to Speed Up Part Marking Without Sacrificing Depth

Depth is an important property desired in part marking due to the need for clarity and readability. Not all marking systems can boast of depth. For example, inkjet marking and laser marking systems such as laser etching and annealing. Depth and speed are contrasting properties, as a desire to increase the depth will reduce the…

laser marking for cylindrical objects

How to Mark a Round or Cylindrical Product

There are many misconceptions about the use of marking systems in industrial settings, especially regarding the shapes of products to be marked. A common one is that marking systems are suitable for only flat products. This is not true. Many marking systems are suitable for several shapes and dimensions. This article will introduce the different…

inkjet food marking system

Marking in the Food Industry

Marking and coding in the food industry are crucial in traceability, identification, and efficient information dissemination. All these functions ensure that the food industry maintains food safety,  a stringent industry requirement. Markings and coding used in the food industry must have unique properties such as high readability and clarity. However, these properties depend on the…