Personalized and secure credit cards are now crucial in the evolving finance industry. This has led to the adoption of advanced marketing technologies. These technologies are used to promote and offer personalized credit card options to consumers.

The changing landscape of finance has made personalized and secure credit cards a top priority for financial institutions. Old methods are not enough for today’s complex design and strict security needs of consumers and financial institutions.

This has caused laser marking technology to become popular, providing precise and secure solutions. Laser marking is great for making detailed, secure designs on credit cards. It’s a big step forward in personalization and security for the industry.

metal credit card marking.

Why Choose Laser Engraving for Credit Cards?

Laser engraving is the superior choice for credit cards, offering unmatched benefits in aesthetics and security, tailored to exceed customer expectations.

  • Precision and Quality: Laser engraving achieves unmatched precision, capturing every detail for a standout, high-quality finish that maintains the card’s integrity.
  • Durability: Direct etching onto the card ensures long-lasting designs and security features, resisting wear and preserving the card’s identity.
  • Enhanced Security: Incorporates advanced security features like microtext and complex graphics, boosting fraud protection.
  • Customization: Offers unparalleled flexibility for creating custom metal credit cards tailored to individual tastes and preferences.
  • Eco-Friendly: Reduces waste by eliminating the need for inks and solvents, making it a greener choice for card production.

Two Top Affordable Metal Credit Card Marking Machines

100W MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver (HS-FL100M)

The 100W MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver is a powerhouse in the realm of credit card labeling, offering unparalleled precision and versatility. Its standout feature is the ability to mark stainless steel credit cards with vibrant, colorful results, a testament to its high power and advanced capabilities. Additionally, this machine can effortlessly cut through thin pieces of metal, expanding its utility beyond just engraving.

Colorful Marking on Stainless Steel: Achieves vivid, colorful engravings on stainless steel credit cards, making each card visually striking and unique.

High Power for Metal Cutting: With 100W of power, it can cut thin metal pieces, offering flexibility in card design and manufacturing.

Adjustable Pulse Width: Offers enhanced control over the engraving process, allowing for the customization of textures and finishes on various metal surfaces.

High-Contrast Markings: Excellently creates high-contrast markings for QR codes, barcodes, and logos, enhancing both the card’s security and aesthetic appeal.

100w mopa

Price Range: $5300 ~ $6800

30W Fiber Metal Credit Card Engraving Machine

The 30W Fiber Laser Engraver offers an ideal balance of power and cost-effectiveness, making it ideal for credit card labeling. It is designed for tasks that require extreme precision and finesse without the depth of engraving that higher power lasers can provide. It excels at creating intricate designs and fine fonts on credit cards, ensuring the clarity and precision of each mark.

High precision for fine work: Designed for engraving fine designs and delicate fonts, ensuring clear and crisp results.

Efficient and reliable: For example, the machine can support 24-hour continuous operation, and can be used for batch marking on production lines.

Enhanced Personalization and Security: The ability to add detailed personalization and advanced security features, including microtext and intricate patterns, enhances the visual appeal and security of credit cards.

Industrial heat press machine on white background.

Price Range: $3500 ~ $7000

Custom Metal Credit Card Solutions

We specialize in custom metal credit card solutions. For customers who need customized credit cards, they usually have the following needs.

1. Convenient to design personalized patterns.

2. The machine should support batch work, so as to greatly improve the efficiency of work.

3. Different power levels not only for marking, but also for deep engraving to a certain extent.


HeatSign’s solution:

1. For personalized patterns, our laser software such as EZCAD, Imark, etc. can be compatible with the well-known design coreldraw, support coreldraw output .plt format. 2. for batch work, our laser software such as EZCAD, Imark, etc. can be compatible with the famous design coreldraw, support coreldraw output .plt format.

2. For batch work, our machine can support a variety of customized solutions, such as customized 300mm x 300mm wide range of marking, you can mark multiple metal cards at a time, and also customized automated card conveyor, automated batch marking.

3. For deep engraving requirements, we provide 20W, 30W, 50W, 60W, 100W and other output power fiber laser engraving machine for customers to choose and buy.

What applications and industries can use a credit card marking machine ?


Our engraving machines, renowned for their precision and versatility, extend their utility far beyond credit card labeling. These advanced systems are adept at handling a wide array of materials and applications, making them invaluable assets across various sectors.


ID Cards: Our machines offer the precision required for creating high-security ID cards, engraving detailed personal information, and intricate security features that are tamper-proof and long-lasting.

Membership Cards: From exclusive clubs to loyalty programs, our engravers can produce membership cards that not only carry a unique aesthetic appeal but also maintain durability and security.

Other Financial Instruments: Beyond cards, our technology is capable of marking other financial instruments with the same level of precision and security, ensuring that they meet the stringent standards of the financial industry.


Industries That Can Benefit:

Banking and Finance: Our engraving solutions are ideal for banks and financial institutions looking to enhance the security and personalization of their credit and debit cards, ID badges, and other secure documents.

Retail: Retailers can leverage our machines for creating custom loyalty and gift cards, enhancing brand recognition and customer loyalty with high-quality, personalized cards.

Luxury Goods: The luxury sector can benefit from our engraving capabilities to personalize high-end products, adding exclusive details to luxury items, thereby increasing their value and appeal.

Corporate: Companies can use our engravers for creating custom employee ID cards, access badges, and promotional items, ensuring brand consistency and security.

Our engraving machines are designed to meet the diverse needs of these industries, offering solutions that combine aesthetic appeal with functional durability and enhanced security. Whether it’s for creating intricate designs on luxury goods or ensuring the integrity of financial instruments, our technology provides the precision and reliability that modern businesses demand.

Success Stories about Credit Card Engraving Machine


Our credit card engraving machines have empowered numerous businesses across various industries, enabling them to elevate their product offerings and enhance their brand identity. Below are a few success stories and testimonials from our satisfied customers, showcasing the impact of our technology.

Luxury Retail Brand Enhances Product Line

A well-known French luxury retail brand wanted to offer its VIP customers unique personalized metal credit cards. Utilizing our 100W MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver, they were able to create marked cards with beautiful graphics that reflect the sophistication and uniqueness of their brand. The durability of the engraving and the high quality of the finish have greatly increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.


“The precision and quality of the engravings have truly set our VIP credit cards apart. HeatSign’s machine was a game-changer for our brand.” – Marketing Director, Luxury Retail Brand.

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Membership Club Personalizes Member Cards

A membership club in the US wanted to offer its members personalized membership cards with detailed engraving of the member’s name and an exclusive design. Our engraving machine enabled them to create these high-quality, durable cards, increasing member engagement and satisfaction.


“Our members were thrilled with the personalized cards. The detail and quality of the engraving have truly made our membership cards something special.” – Club Manager

Smiling man in blue striped shirt, friendly expression.


Elevate your brand and secure your transactions with our cutting-edge credit card engraving machines, designed for unparalleled precision, versatility, and reliability. Our technology caters to a wide range of industries, enabling the creation of personalized and secure credit cards that stand out in the competitive market. Join the ranks of our satisfied clients who have transformed their offerings with our solutions. Contact us today to discover how we can tailor our engraving machines to meet your specific needs and help you achieve excellence. Let’s embark on this journey of innovation together and set new standards in your industry.