Metal Tag Engraving for Quality Marking Process

metal tag engraving for quality marking process


For quality marking process, efficiency, and efficacy, it is important that you choose the right tag engraving machine. Tag engraving is an important process in the identification, traceability, and personalization of products. Currently, there are many types of marking machines you could use. However, choosing the right one depends on your knowledge of some factors that determine the quality and efficiency you get.

Instead of worrying about making a list and comparing different features, we made a list of recommended machines that deliver well in terms of metal tags engraving. Below are the machines to consider.

HS-FL20 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

HS-FL20 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Mechanism: Laser marking

Output laser power -20W/30W

Engraving Speed Max up to 7000mm /s

Marking area – 110mm x 110mm (additional options available)

Power supply – AC220V or AC110V

HS-DE04/05 Metal Tag Engraving Machine

metal tag engraving machine

Mechanism: Dot Peen Marking System

Marking area – 160mm x 100mm

Marking depth – 0.05mm – 0.5mm (per your material)

Power supply – AC 100V-240V

No air power required, just plug and play

Tags are objects used in many industries for identification and personalization purpose. They come in different forms, with the common ones being plastic, paper, and metals. Of the three types of tags, plastic and metal tags are the most popular due to their colorful design and stability in harsh environmental conditions, respectively. Consequently, they are important devices in many industries such as aeronautics, automobile, transportations, and plumbing.

tag engravingTags are currently employed in the military, aerospace, and commercial industries for identification purposes. Common materials used in manufacturing them are ABS, polycarbonate, stainless steel, aluminum, and brass, and it is important to know the right tag engraving machine to use. This article will introduce tags, the types, the best tag engraving machines for quality markings, and how to choose the right one.

What Are Tags?

what are tagsTags are objects used for the identification of pieces of equipment, machinery, and other valuables. They have holes (pre-drilled) through which they are chained to the object they are identifying. They also have properties that make them usable in different kinds of environmental conditions. For example, depending on the material used in making the tags, they are can be used in acids, radiation, and corrosives environmental conditions.

Types Of Tags

Based on the type of material, the two popular types of tags are plastic and metals. Below is an explanation of their structure, types, advantages, and how they make them:

Plastics Tags

plastics tagsPlastic bags are made from materials such as ABS, Polyethylene, and other plastic polymers. The material makes it easy to design and improves the tag’s versatility. Plastic tags are suitable for use in machine or equipment identification, legend plates, and control panels.

Advantages of Plastic Tags
  • They can be designed to any shape and dimension
  • They have a thickness ranging from 1/32” to 1/8”
  • There is a wide variety of colors available
  • Usable in outdoor or indoor
  • Abrasive resistant
  • Heat resistant
  • Electrically insulative properties

Metal Tags

metal tagsMetal tags are the most common type of tags used because of durability and stability in harsh environmental conditions. They are made from many materials, with the common ones being aluminum, brass, and stainless steel. Metals tags are used, including industrial, military, aerospace, and commercial uses.

Advantages of Metal Tags
  • High durability in harsh environmental conditions
  • Wide choice of material
  • High Choice of marking process.
  • Abrasive resistant
  • Heat resistant

Choosing Between a Plastic or Metal Tags

It is not ideal to simply decide that a plastic or metal tag is the right one for your project. You have to consider other factors such as color option, environment to be used, the marking processes available. In a bid to help, we made a list containing some rules that can help you in choosing the right tag:

  • Plastic tags are the most suitable for indoor use
  • Plastic tags have more color options
  • Plastic tags are more affordable
  • Metal tags are more durable
  • Both require little maintenance
  • Both have lots of design options

Do you still have a challenge choosing the right material for your tag and the right engraving process? Contact us, and our team will be made available to help you solve the problem.

What is Tag Engraving?

Tag engraving consists of different marking processes used in engraving tags made from different materials. Due to tags’ unique nature, you need to know about the right process for efficient and effective engraving. For example, the chosen engraving machine must be accurate enough and compatible with the metal tag properties (physical, chemical, and mechanical).

Although there are many methods (with their machines) for marking tags, dot peen marking and laser engraving are of interest when you think of using the engraving mechanism. Below are the tag engraving machines that fall under the two processes.

Dot Peen Tag Engraving Machine

dot peen tag engraving machineDot peen marking machines are suitable machines for marking tags, whether plastic or metal. They are suitable since the materials used in making tags are hardened plastics or metals. The machine works based on the dot peen marking system principle in which a stylus electromechanically or pneumatically marks the tag by forming successive and precise dots that create the required design.

An example of a good dot peen metal engraver you could use for your engraving needs is the electrically driven HS-DE04/05. The HS-DE04/05 is a high-speed metal tag engraving machine that is similar to a laser engraving machine in terms of quality marking. Consequently, it is the ideal dog tag engraving machine and can engrave deep markings into metallic plates and machines.


Marking area – 160mm x 100mm

Marking speed – 30-40mm/s

Power supply – AC 100V-240V

No air power required, just plug and play

You can watch how the high-speed metal tag engraving marking machine works here.

Laser Tag Engraving Machines

Laser tag engraving machines are the most efficient engraving machines compatible with many plastic and metal tags. They operate based on the laser engraving process and involve removing part of the material to create the required images on the metal tag.

Applications of Tag Engraving Machines

The two tag engraving machines discussed have many applications in different industries. Below are a few applications of the machines:

· Marking Dog Tags

marking dog tagsDog tags are used in the military and domestic uses as a basis of identifications. Dot peen tag engraver and laser tag engraving machines are ideal dog tag engraving machines. They are better than manual tools as they are easy to use and they deliver quality marking.

· Metals and their Alloy Engraving

metals and their alloy engravingIt is difficult to deep engrave alloys of aluminum, steel, etc., using laser engraving machines. However, with a dot peen engraver discussed above, you have an easy machine that provides a hassle-free solution. Other alloys include aluminum and its alloys.

How to Choose a Tag Engraving Machine

You already have an idea of the two tag engraving machines to use. However, choosing a tag engraving machine is not about suddenly saying a dot peen tag engraving machine is the best, or a laser tag engraving machine is better. It is all about considering different factors fully illustrated below.

· Material

Tags are made from plastic or metals, and this plays an important role in choosing the tag engraving machine. Laser marking is compatible with plastic and metal tags. However, you must be careful about the properties of the material. For example, metals with reflective surfaces should be engraved using the dot peen tag engraving machines. Or with a UV laser machine. Also, avoid engraving thermoplastic materials using laser marking machines

· Production Efficiency

Also, the right marking machine must be production efficient. From the two tag engraving machines, the laser markers are the most production efficient.

· Cost

Cost is the most important factor when you want to choose a tag engraving machine. On comparing the two, it is noticeable that laser tag engraving machines are the costlier ones. However, when choosing, consider all the factors above before choosing the right one. Always choose a marking machine that delivers quality at an optimum cost.

Get the Best Tag Engraving Machine at HeatSign

Tags are important devices used in identification, personalization, and traceability in many industries. To ensure that identification is foolproof, there is a need for quality and permanent markings. Therefore, you need to get the best tag engraving machine.

There are two marking processes related to engraving you can use, and at HeatSign, we aim for quality, efficient, and effective marking processes brought about by the right machine. You can check through our recommended tag engraving machines or do better by contacting us on how to engrave your tags.


How much do engraving machines cost?

The price of an engraving machine depends on the marking processes. Laser engraving machines cost between $2300 to over $50,000. For a dot penning engraving machine, you need at least $1500 to get one that delivers in terms of equipment quality, functionality, and performance.

How do you engrave tags?

You need a good tag engraving machine for quality marking on tags. Two machines running on two processes are used. There are laser tag engraving machines that remove materials from the surface of the tag using laser beams. There are also dot peening tag engravers that use the dot peening mechanism. The one you choose depends on factors such as type of material, cost, production efficiency, and complexity, and dimensions.

What machine do you use to engrave?

You can use a laser tag engraving machine that works using the laser marking system or dot peening tag engravers that use the dot peening mechanism.

How do you print metal dog tags?

You can print using surface finishing processes such as CNC machining, Injection molding. This can help in improving the durability and stability of the metal tags in harsh environmental conditions.