Are you looking for some laser marking and laser engraving accessories for your machine?

Here you can see some industrial marking machine accessories such as laser engraving accessories in China and even the international mainstream brands.

As we all know, every important part of the marking machine affects the life and experience of the machine, so it is important to choose a good accessory.The following recommended brands and components are the mainstream brands we often use, hope you can find the one you are satisfied with.

F – Theta Lens

f theta lens

The F theta lens is mainly used in the laser head of your laser marking machine, we have different specifications of the lens that can support different marking ranges, usually in the range of 100mm ~ 300mm.

Galvo Laser Head

sino galvo laser head

The Galvo Head determines the marking speed of your fiber laser or CO2 laser marker and the fineness of the output laser line. we recommend the Sino Galvo as the best brand.

Laser Fume Extractor

CO2 Laser Fume Extractor

CO2 laser engraving generates a lot of fumes. Our Laser Fume Extractor can help you absorb and purify these harmful gases to protect the operator’s health.

JPT Laser Source

50w jpt fiber laser

JPT laser source is the core component of fiber laser marking, laser engraving, laser cutting, and other machines.

The JPT laser source of a fiber laser engraver has its advanced MOPA technology which makes you achieve better marking results.

Raycus Laser Source

raycus laser

20W, 30W, 50W Raycus lasers are mainly used in fiber laser marking machines, the higher power of the laser source you choose, the higher marking efficiency you will get.

Raycus Q-Switch Technology brings you more affordable prices.

Max Laser Source

max laser

Maxphotonics fiber laser source is cost-effective, and its fiber laser engraving and marking machine usually uses a 20W-70W laser source.
Max photonics also uses Q-switch technology. This brand can be chosen from a wide range of options and configurations, with flexible after-sales service.