HeatSign Mini Portable Inkjet Printer: Your Go-To Industrial

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$250 ~ $800

Lightweight and Durable Design

  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • User-friendly touchscreen interface
  • Durable ABS plastic construction

Machine Parameters

  • 25W power, fast-charging
  • Adjustable characters height (2mm~12.7mm)
  • High-quality ink cartridge, quick-drying ink
  • 600 DPI print precision

Suitable for Various Materials

  • Perfect for packaging industry: dates, lot numbers, barcodes, logos.
  • Prints on various materials: wood, metal, plastic, etc.

Features and Benefits

  • Versatile: Wide material compatibility.
  • User-friendly: Easy touchscreen, multilingual.
  • Efficient: Quick-dry ink, fast charging.
  • Portable: Easy to carry and use anywhere.

Shipping: Air Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS). Also can arrange delivery by air or by sea.


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Guarantee: 1 Years Free Warranty (We will send spare part for replace if any machine part broken)

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Brief Introduction to The Mini Handheld Inkjet Printer

The HeatSign mini handheld printer is an excellent choice for many reasons. One of its key advantages is its portability, which allows for flexibility and ease of use on site. Its compact yet powerful design doesn’t sacrifice performance. Despite its small size, it offers a wide range of printing capabilities, making it ideal for small businesses with limited space. This small, easy-to-use, and adaptable machine can print on a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic. Its high-quality, quick-drying ink ensures clean, smudge-free prints every time. Plus, it charges quickly, reducing downtime and helping your business operations run smoothly. Choose HeatSign for top-notch quality and efficiency.

Our Mini Printer: Your Key to Improved Manufacturing

  • Boost Efficiency: Fast-drying ink, quick charging—our printer keeps you productive.
  • Versatility Unleashed: Wood, metal, plastic—our printer handles them all.
  • Portable Production: Compact, lightweight—our printer is ready to go anywhere.
  • Easy Operation: User-friendly, multilingual—our printer simplifies your work.
  • Quality Prints: High resolution, quality ink—our printer delivers professional prints.

Interactive Video Guide: Setting Up Your HeatSign Mini Portable Inkjet Printer

Master the setup and operation of HeatSign Mini Portable Inkjet Printer with this concise video guide. In a few short minutes, you’ll learn how to:

  • Unbox the printer.
  • Install the ink cartridge and turn on the machine.
  • Adjust the font size.
  • Select the print option and start printing.
  • Clean the cartridge for longer life and optimal print quality.
  • Click below to watch our tutorial and get the most out of your HeatSign printer.

Why choose our mini inkjet batch coding machine?

HeatSign Mini Portable Inkjet Printer stands out from the competition. With features like a user-friendly touchscreen, true fast-drying ink cartridges, and a new, stable system chip for smooth operations, our printer offers superior efficiency and high-definition printing that saves you time and labor.

Compact and Powerful Design

Our mini handheld printer is a game-changer in many industries, offering flexibility, portability, and enhancing on-site operations. Its compact but potent design doesn’t skimp on performance, offering a full spectrum of printing capabilities. Regardless of your needs – be it labels, promotional materials, or documentation, this small but mighty printer has got you covered.

Intuitive Touch Screen

One of its standout features is an intuitive touch screen that simplifies your printing process. Just a few taps, and you can easily adjust settings, choose print options, and track your print jobs. It’s all about saving time and avoiding complex manual tweaks.

High quality ink and fast drying

When it comes to print quality, this printer excels. It uses top-notch ink and offers quick drying, ensuring vibrant colors without the risk of smudging. So, your professional-grade prints are ready to handle immediately without worrying about any compromise on quality.

Quick charging

In businesses where continuous printing is the norm, the printer’s quick charging feature is a boon. It minimizes downtime, maximizes productivity, and ensures a smooth workflow. Just swiftly recharge the printer and keep your operations running seamlessly.

Precision printing

Precision is another strength of this mini inkjet printer. Whether you’re dealing with intricate designs, small text, or fine lines, this printer guarantees precise and sharp prints, living up to the high standards expected across industries.

Multilingual operating system

And to top it all, the printer’s multilingual operating system caters to a diverse user base. With support for 25 languages, it breaks down language barriers, making it a truly user-friendly and global tool for businesses around the world.

HeatSign mini inkjet printer

Machine Applications

1.The HeatSign Mini Portable Inkjet Printer is designed for diverse applications, particularly beneficial for the packaging industry:

  • Date Printing: Ensures product traceability and freshness indication.
  • Lot Number Printing:Facilitates batch identification for quality control and safety.
  • Barcode Printing:Simplifies inventory management and product tracking.
  • Logo Printing:Boosts brand visibility directly on the product or packaging.
  • Serial Number Printing:Allows individual product tracking for warranty and anti-counterfeiting.

Its ability to print on a wide range of materials, including wood, metal, plastic, and more, makes it a flexible solution for businesses of all sizes.

2.The HeatSign mini inkjet printers are transforming small businesses with their compact yet versatile design. These printers have found a key role in areas like labeling and packaging, where they allow businesses to create custom labels on-demand, thus saving both time and costs associated with outsourcing or using pre-printed materials. They also adapt quickly to market changes. In the realm of marketing and advertising, these printers enable businesses to produce vibrant, tailored promotional materials such as flyers and posters in-house, enhancing brand visibility in a cost-effective manner. Furthermore, they’re invaluable for printing precise and clear documents like invoices and receipts, which helps streamline administrative tasks, ensures accurate record-keeping, and ultimately boosts efficiency and professionalism.

inkjet printing samples

Technical Parameters

Product Name

HeatSign Mini inkjet printer

Model Number


Outer Main Material

Blue ABS Plastic

Machine Weight


Print Sharpness

DPI 600

Language Choice

25 languages (including English, French, Spanish, etc.)

Printing Context Height


Printing Distance


Power Input


Product Size

81 (L) x 45 (W) x 70 (H)mm

Printing Content 

text, date, time, QR code, counting, barcode, logo, graphic, etc.

Applicable Materials

an array of materials, including wood, carton, pipe, wire & cable, metal, plastic, concave and convex surfaces, among others.

Marking samples

Download sheet

mini handheld printer
Mini HandHeld Inkjet Printer

Download file

Customer questions & answers

What does the one-year warranty for the HeatSign Mini Portable Inkjet Printer cover? Core components (motherboard, screen, driver board) warranty for one year, excluding ink cartridges and other consumables. What makes the ink of the HeatSign Mini Portable Inkjet Printer fast-drying? The HeatSign Mini Portable Inkjet Printer utilizes specially formulated ink designed to the printed results are durable and often cannot be easily erased. How can I get in touch with HeatSign's customer service for assistance with the Mini Portable Inkjet Printer? You can reach HeatSign's customer service through the contact information provided on our website. Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you. Is this machine easy to operate? Very easy to operate, we will provide you with instructional guidance. What steps should I follow to maintain the HeatSign Mini Portable Inkjet Printer for optimal performance? Wipe the nozzle with non-woven fabric dipped in alcohol to prevent the nozzle from clogging.Always use the recommended ink cartridges to avoid any damage.

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Customer reviews

Jane Lewis
Jane Lewis

It’s a pretty good machine with stable ink output and clear marking results.

Alex Paul
Alex Paul

This is a small machine at an affordable price. Small and portable, great for printing on cardboard boxes.