Available Dot Peen Marking Machines Series at HeatSign

Dot peen marking machines available at HeatSign belong to different series, e.g., HS-PE and HS-DC. Each series comes with unique features that determine their applications. For example, HS-PE dot peen markers are generally more suitable for marking flat surfaces.

Look through the different series of dot peen markers available at HeatSign to get the better one that works for you.

1. HS-PE Dot Peen Marking Machine Series

The HS-PE dot peen marking machines are handheld and use electricity. Furthermore, they do not require an air compressor or an external computing system to work with them. They are generally applicable in marking parts with some uneven and all-flat surfaces. Consequently, they are of wide importance in several industries.

Generally, they offer the following features and properties:

  • High convenience compared to other dot peen series
  • It comes with a 5-7″ touchscreen
  • Have high-speed software for an efficient marking process
  • Uses the latest HEF technology for better marking results

Among the several dot peen machines available under the series, below are our best HS-PE marking machines for sale that can guarantee fast and economical industrial marking solutions.

HS-PE01 dot peen marker features

HS-PE01 dot peen engraver
  • Material – Stainless steel shells
  • Marking Area – 140mm x 60mm
  • Marking Speed – 30-40mm/s
  • Power supply – AC 100V-240V
  • Integrated touch screen and software

HS-PE02 dot peen marker feature

HS-PE02 portable dot peen marker
  • Material – Stainless steel shells
  • Weight – 3.5kg
  • Marking Area – 90mm x 30mm
  • Marking Speed – 40-50mm/s
  • Power supply – AC 100V-240V
  • Integrated touch screen and software

HS-PE01 and HS-PE02 are portable dot peen marking machines more suitable for big and large-size metal parts marking. The main differences between the two models are their size and marking area. On the one hand, HS-PE01 has a better marking depth than HS-PE02. However, both have similar operations, i.e., you only need to connect an electric power source, and then you can use it.

2. HS-DE04 and HS-DE05 Portable Metal Tag Engraving Machine

The HS-DE04 & HS-DE05 series nameplate engraving machines are electrical devices for various metal plates or tag engraving and marking. The metal tag engraving machines for sale in our catalog are small, compact, and can do fast permanent marking on materials such as brass plates, stainless steel plates, and aluminum tags.

The HS-DE05 marking machine requires a computer for operation, unlike the HS-DE04 dot peen marker, which features a touch screen with built-in software.

HS-DE04 Metal Tag Engraving Machine

Metal Tag Engraving Machine
  • Marking Area – 160mm x 100mm
  • Marking Speed – 30-40mm/s
  • Power supply – AC 100V-240V
  • No air power is required
  • Plug and play

HS-DE05 Metal Tag Engraving Machine

nameplate engraving machine
  • Marking-Area – 160mm x 100mm
  • Touch screen – No (we will supply software)
  • Operation – Electric
  • Need you to connect to an external computer

dot pin marking machinesdot peen marking systemsHS-DP01 | Pipe / fitting / tube circle marking

3. HS-DP and HS-DP-R series Pneumatic Marking Machines

The HS-DP and HS-DP-R direct part marking machines are compact-design, desktop-pneumatic dot peen marking machines that require air compressors and a primary computer for operation. The HS-DP01 and HS-DP01-R are the common types for marking on medium and small-size metal products. On the one hand, the HS-DP01 marker is suitable only for flat surface marking. On the other hand, HS-DP01-R has a rotary fixture making it suitable for both flat and circular products.

HS-DP01 Dot Peen Marker Features

Dot-Peen-Marking-Machine | HeatSign - dot peen marking
  • Marking Area – 120mm x 80mm
  • Designed for flat-surface marking
  • Engraving speed: 30mm-40mm/s

HS-DP01-R Dot Peen Marker Features:

HS-DP01-R Rotary Pneumatic Dot Peen Marker For circle surface mark | HeatSign - dot peen marking
  • Engraving Area: 120mm x 80mm
  • Designed for marking on flat and some round surfaces
  • Marking Speed: 30mm-40mm/s

4. HS-PE02-B and HS-PE02-BWF Portable Electric Marking Machine

The HS-PE02-BWF and HS-PE02-B are efficient, portable dot peen marking machines known for their compact design and durable build.Both machines are equipped with pluggable batteries. The HS-PE02-BWF features wireless remote operation, deep marking capabilities, and multilingual customization, excelling in various marking operations. The HS-PE02-B offers a unique integrated touchscreen and broad versatility, compatible with various interfaces and industries.


HS-PE02-BWF Cordless Dot Peen Marking Machine

dot peen marking machine handheld
  • Embrace wireless control, no USB cable needed!
  • Unleash marking efficiency with our powerful software.
  • Mark in your language with our customizable language feature.
  • Simply connect to your computer or tablet (Windows)

HS-PE02-B Handheld Dot Peen Marker 

portable dot peen marking machine
  • Integrated touchscreen for the ultimate portable solution.
  • Mark anywhere – indoors, outdoors, or up high, no plug-in hassles.
  • Leave a permanent mark on metal products.
  • No need computer, no need air.

5.Rotary Dot Peen Marking Machine HS-DP200-R

The HS-DP200-R is a highly efficient desktop dot-matrix marking machine equipped with a sturdy fixture for marking not only flat surfaces but also cylindrical metal workpieces such as flanges, pipes, etc. It is designed for compactness and durability. The HS-DP200-R is connected to an air compressor to mark metal permanently.


HS-DP200-R Rotary Marking Machine 

flange marking machine
  • Marks cylindrical parts from 4mm to 200mm diameters.
  • High-strength cabinet ensures reliable, consistent markings.
  • Supports rotary marking of parts up to 200 kg.
  • Deep marking is possible, ensuring permanent engraving results.

Why Choose HeatSign Dot Peen Marking Systems | Dot Peen Marker?

The dot-peen marking device/dot-peen marker/dot pin marker is a fast and efficient direct part marking machine applicable for marking metal and a restricted list of hard materials such as plastics. They deliver permanent marks and have applications in nameplate engraving, logo marking, metal part serial numbers, etc. Furthermore, they are sometimes chosen over laser marking machines because of their low-cost investment and easier operation.

At HeatSign, we meet customers’ needs for durability in industrial manufacturing. Hence, our dot peen systems use top-quality components to perform well and provide the best marking solution for automotive, aerospace, and oil and gas businesses.

Here are some of the features of our dot peen marking technology:

  • Our machines offer a higher and speedier marking process than traditional CNC metal-engraving machines so that you can improve your work efficiency.
  • Compact and stable, they can support 24 hours of continuous work.
  • Our dot peen marking systems support integrated solutions so that you can set up your production lines for automatic engraving and labeling.
  • The marking pin stylus on the marking head can last a long time. As a result, there are low maintenance and consumable costs, helping you save money.
  • The built-in software helps you imprint several data matrix codes onto your production parts.

Best-Selling Types of Dot Pin Marking Machine

We are a professional dot-pen engraver supplier that offers a wide variety of dot-pin markers for sale. Here is a summary of some of our most popular and cost-effective machines:

Electromagnetic dot peen marking machines

Also called the vibropeen or vibrapeen (HS-DE-series / HS-PE-series), this high-performance pin-marking device provides a great labeling solution to your industry. Moreover, it can adapt to a variety of industrial marking applications. Its main features are as follows:

  • The tool is integrated and stable.
  • It consistently engraves clear and deep marks on metallic parts.
  • It’s easy to use (plug it in and get started). In contrast, many Chinese dot-peen machines need computer connections and air compressors.

Pneumatical dot peen marking machine

Pneumatic dot peen machines include the HS-DP-seriesHS-PM-seriesHS-DC-series, and HS-PC-series. They are applicable in making high-frequency and visible dot markings on your product surface.

Here are the main features of the pneumatic models:

  • They tend to be more affordable than other machines. However, you should not order higher-end machines if you don’t need a mark or engrave large quantity metallic parts. For most simple jobs, the recommended models are a good choice.
  • Unlike other types of dot-peen engraving machines, you will need an air compressor to supply air pressure power for the equipment.
  • The software code in these devices helps you completely automate the labeling tasks’ setting-up.

Other HeatSign Dot Peen Markers You Can Try

Other HeatSign dot peen marker series you can try include:

1. HS-PM and HS-PC Portable Dot Peen Marking Device

The HS-PM & HS-PC series comprise portable devices applicable in labeling large and heavy parts. They are sturdy, lightweight, and capable of producing profound and clear labeling while operating continuously.

The HS-PM dot peen markers for sale in our catalog require an air compressor and computer for operation. On the other hand, HS-PC dot peen machines only require an air compressor because they feature a touch screen with built-in software. As a result, the latter allows you to print characters, numbers, 2D data matrix, and other markings on your product.

Common machines include the HS-PM01, HS-PM02, HS-PC01, and HS-PC02. There are also other dot peen marking machines under the series that might apply to your project. You can read more about HS-PM dot peen machines and HS-PC dot peen machines to see the best one for sale.

2. HS-DC/HS-DE-series Vibro Peen Marking Device

The HS-DC and HS-DE series are CNC direct-part engraving machines with a similar mechanism to CNC metal-engraving machines. HS-DC dot peen markers work using compressed air, while the HS-DE dot peen marker is operatable by plugging into a power supply.

Nevertheless, both models (HS-DC and HS-DE) are applicable for engraving industrial-grade metals and hard plastic parts.

Two important features of the dot peen marker series are:

  • Integrated touchscreens remove the need for an external computer.
  • State-of-the-art software helps achieve the identification tasks in no time.

Dot Peen Marking Systems can permanently mark any metallic body with a hardness of up to 60 HRC. Some of our dot peen part labeling machines use a CNC-integrated touch screen, so you don’t need a separate computer. Due to their powerful integrated software, you can program them with ease. Furthermore, they can engrave on uneven surfaces, such as tubes or rods, even under demanding work floor environments.

A wide range of dot peen marking technology is available from HeatSign. These machines can mark content like characters, text, numbers, graphics outlines such as logos, 2D data matrix codes, etc. Furthermore, our expert team can help you choose the right marking solution based on your specific requirements. They also perform remote setup and installation. Finally, our after-sales service team takes care of all your service needs.

So don’t hesitate to Contact Us if you need any support!