HeatSign Industrial Marking Systems For Sale

Industrial Marking Systems are also called direct part marking machines. These devices can create permanent marks, such as:

  • Serial numbers
  • Part numbers
  • Logos
  • Graphics
  • Date
  • 2D codes
  • DataMatrix codes
  • Other marks

New industrial marking systems are faster and more efficient than traditional CNC engraving machines.

Part marking systems provide traceability and identification. This makes them useful for industrial product parts. You can also carry out nameplate engraving, tooling identification, car engine number marking, etc.

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Certainly, laser marking machines and dot peen marking devices are the most popular among our engraving machines. We also take pride in having the best industrial-strength, high-speed, thermal inkjet printers that are temperature-controlled to print on various materials.

HeatSign main objective is to design and develop innovative, high-speed, cost-effective marking systems, which enable us to answer our customers’ needs. When you are looking for an engraving machine, you need a strategic partner who understands the process, can advise on the best solution for you and will support you for the life of the machine.

We are China’s leading marking and printing system supplier who offers a complete range of marking systems, including individual accessories such as the marking tool, marking heads, and software. Contact HeatSign for all your marking machine requirements.

We have solutions for all industries, materials, and surfaces. Due to our marking expertise and reliability, we can find the best tools for each client. We are the go-to marking solution providers for industry because we can meet the diverse marking needs of our industrial customers.

To get you started, here are some short descriptions of these two technologies.

Laser Marking Machine | HeatSign - best laser engraving machine

HeatSign specialized Laser Marking solutions use the most advanced laser science on the market. First of all, this technology lets you make permanent marks. Furthermore, it is quick and precise on all types of materials. Because of this, laser marking suits many kinds of work. You can also integrate the tech into your production line. Thus, as a manufacturer, you can get fast results and brings value to your product marks.

The laser machine is stable and durable, with a long work life. As a result, you don’t need to worry about maintenance or consumables. While the laser machine costs a little more than a dot peen machine, you can save on usage costs.

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dot peen marking

High-quality Dot Peen Marking Machines from HeatSign are simple and effective. Like laser machines, they are useful for many types of modern industries. With direct part marking, these machines produce thick and clear text that lasts. They can mark data or symbols in even the harshest of manufacturing conditions.

The main purpose of our Portable Dot Pin Markers is marking big or heavy parts. In contrast, the Bench Top Dot Peen Markers are better for making medium and small pieces.

Dot peen machine marks looks like engraving. They are well suited to deep marking applications. However, dot peen machines tend to make less precise marks than lasers. The prices for these machines are affordable.

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Inkjet Printing

Our inkjet printers use TIJ printing technology, mainly divided into two major categories: handheld printer and in-line coding equipment.

The handheld printing machine is mainly portable, can be carried around at any time to print text, expiry date, serial number, etc. on a variety of medium and large products

The online or inline coding inkjet printer is mainly used for batch printing logo, 2D code, expiration date, numbers, text and so you, mostly used in the packaging industry.

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More about HeatSign

Do you need to mark metal, glass, paper, wood, stone, textiles or even something else?

No matter what it is, we have the answer.

Take a look at HeatSign’s product range…

HeatSign industrial marking machines and systems are popular around the world. Our product series features marking tools made with cutting-edge tech. We apply the latest techniques for etching marks on different materials. Our versatile tools can mark parts of any shape or size.

At HeatSign, we don’t believe in universal solutions. Every marking machine in our product line is unique and built for a purpose. We incorporate the best hardware and software components into our systems. Try our machines today and see the difference in marking speed, quality, contrast, and ease of use.