Metal Marking Machines

Metal is complex. It’s conductive, reactive, and made up of chemicals and alloys.  The list of metals is extensive. There are rare-earth metals, transition metals, alkali metals and lanthanide metals, to name just a few. We depend heavily on metals in manufacturing, production and consumerism and that is why it is vitally important to have the ability to mark metal permanently when required.

Why mark metal? Tracking numbers, unit numbers, logos, graphics, directions – there are so many reasons to mark metal; for example, engraving keys, adding a product number to a valve, coding an iPad, branding a tool or putting a size on a pipe.

HeatSign has been in the metal marking industry for well over a decade, and uses technical training, industry knowledge and hands on experience to help you find the best metal engraving machine for your needs. There are many different types of metals, and we have a metal marking machine solution for each one. Our products are highly sought after in many different industries, as is our outstanding customer service and after-purchase customer care. We want to be a partner in your success by helping you discover the metal etching machine you need. With HeatSign, you can rest easy knowing our prices are affordable, our service is excellent and our products exceed expectations.

laser marking machine for metal

HeatSign has two lines of products. We offer laser etching machine options for metal, and dot peen marking machine solutions for metal or hard plastic. You can click the link to learn more about dot peen marking machines and the models we carry.

When looking for a laser marking machine for metal, the best solution will depend on the type of metal you will be engraving. Our metal marking machines are suitable for:

In fact, our machine also can support laser printing on metal parts production line, improving your working efficiency.

Just look at the advantages you get with a metal marking machine from HeatSign:

  • Deep, clear, easy to read engraving
  • Marks that stand up to heat, grit, wear and tear
  • Reliably with each use – quality does not decline as the machine is used
  • The ability to mark a variety of different metals quickly and efficiently

A laser etching machine for metal gives you control over the size and accuracy of your engraving. The precision of our laser metal marking machines is outstanding, and the low maintenance means you’ll enjoy your metal engraving machine for years to come.

We offer two lines of laser marking machines. Please click the links to learn more.

  • Fiber Laser Marking Systems: Perfect for hard metal surfaces, this series makes and leaves an impression. Models HS-FL10, HS-FL20 and HS-FL30 are quickly becoming the metal marking machines of choice for those using industrial fiber laser systems.
  • CO2 Laser Marking Systems: This system is designed specifically for non-metallic surfaces such as glass, plastic or wood. We offer the HS-CL20 and HS-CL30 in this series and both have excellent speed and stability that get the job done right each and every time.

Anybody looking for a laser marking machine on metal will be more than impressed with our metal marking solutions. You get clear, consistent, perfect markings each time, completely eliminating the need for you to transport your goods to another facility for marking. An investment in our affordable, reliable, metal engraving machine solutions saves you time and money and makes your company more productive.

Our client list is extensive and includes notable industries such as aerospace, manufacturing, oilfield production and promotional products. Now it’s time for you to join our list of satisfied metal marking machine owners. Are you ready to be impressed? Call today and let us help you find your best metal marking/engraving machine marking solution.