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Galvo Scanner Laser Head

Galvanometer scanner head for fiber laser, CO2 laser and UV laser

  • Input Aperture: 10mm
  • Marking Speed: up to 7000mm/s
  • High Position Accuracy
  • Low Drift
  • Easy to Install
  • Strong Anti-interference Ability
  • Different models are available for wavelength 10600nm/1064nm/355nm laser machine
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How does the Galvo Laser Head Work?

The working principle of galvo laser marking is that the laser beam is incident on two mirrors (scanning mirrors), and the reflection angle of the mirrors is controlled by a computer, and the two mirrors can be scanned along the X and Y axes respectively, so as to achieve the deflection of the laser beam and make the laser focus with a certain power density move on the marked material as required, thus leaving a permanent mark on the material surface.

We can see how the fiber laser galvo head works on the laser marking machine in the video below:

What Can the Galvo Scan Head Do for You?

Compared with the traditional laser engraving machine, the laser marking machine using the galvo scanning system is more effective, its marking speed is 3~4 times than the laser engraving machine, the high precision galvo head can also bring you more perfect and fine marking results.

fiber laser marking result

How to Replace the Laser Galvo Scanner?

Removal and installation of the galvo scanner is simple and requires only a few screws works, you can also install different angles of the head to suit your needs for different products and different positions of marking.

What is included in a set of Galvanometer Head?

galvo head package

What are the Details of Our Galvo Scanner Head?

Product Model RC7110 SG2206
Marking Speed(1) 5000mm/s 7000mm/s
Writing Speed(2) 450cps 516cps
Step Response Time(1% of full scale) 350us 288us
Step Response Time(10% of full scale) 750us 895us
Tracking Error Time ≤164us ≤164us
Precision and Error
Linearity 99.9%
Repeatability (RMS) <8μRad
Gain Error <5mRad
Zero Offset <5mRad
Long-term Drift Over 8 Hours <0.5mRad
Scale Drift <40PPM/℃
Zero Drift <15μRad/℃
Wavelength(3) 10600nm/1064nm/355nm
Power and Signal
Input Voltage ±15VDC
Rated Current 2A
Max Machinery Scan Angle(4) ±11° ±11°
Aperture 10mm
Galvanometer Scanner Dimension (LxWxH) 118.5×96.5×93.6mm 118.5×96.5x94mm
Galvanometer Scanner Weight ≈1.65Kg

How to Choose the Right Galvanometer Laser Head for Your Needs?

In laser processing equipment, as the core component of the galvo scanner, its selection is crucial.
When you choose a galvo laser head, its working accuracy and marking speed are the key points of your choice.

The lens, motor, and driver are the core components of the galvanometer laser head.

Whether the marking result is good or not depends on the key indicators of position accuracy, temperature drift, acceleration characteristics, uniformity, and jitter.

These are closely related to motor and drive controllers. In terms of the driver, it is necessary to choose good temperature drift and good acceleration characteristics, which can meet the needs of the laser head in different applications.

In terms of the galvo head lens(mirrors), it is necessary to choose those with high coating standards, which can effectively protect the lens and ensure that the reflected laser light from different angles of the lens is uniform.