Zinc Marking Machine You Can Use for Your Project

Zinc products are hard, strong, and durable. Therefore, as a means of identification, you need a good marking process and machine for quality marking. There are many marking processes suitable for working with zinc materials. Consequently, there are many suitable marking machines.

Of the many processes suitable for marking zinc parts, engraving marking processes are the most common. There are many zinc engraving machines you can use for zinc marking. However, for quality markings, below are a few marking machines you could consider for your project.

Hand-Held Electric Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine HS-PE Series

Hand-Held Electric Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine HS-PE Series

The Hand Held Electric Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine HS-PE Series is an ideal marking machine for large metal parts such as your big zinc products. It packs in numerous features making it easy to operate without a drop in production efficiency.

  • Weight: around 4 kg
  • Marking area:  140mmx60mm (HS-PE01)/70mm x 20mm (HS-PE02)
  • Marking speed: 30-40mm/s
  • Power supply: AC 100V-240V

20W 30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine HS-FL20 / HS-FL30

HS-FL20 30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

HS-FL20 HS-FL30 20W or 30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine is a powerful laser zinc engraving machine you should include in your project plan. It is software-enabled and compatible with metals such as zinc.

  • High Speed: <9000mm/s
  • Output laser power: 20W or 30W
  • Engraving Depth: 0.25mm
  • Marking area: 110mm x 110mm (additional options available)
  • Power supply: AC220V or AC110V

Marking processes are important in industrial settings for non-disruptive identification and traceability. In industries working with zinc materials such as zinc plates, there is a need for high quality marking process. There are many processes you can use for zinc plates with each process considering the different properties of zinc, such as hardness and reaction towards chemicals.

The different marking processes are in two broad categories, which are: Engraving and Non-Engraving methods. Choosing the right method from these categories for zinc marking is not straightforward. To help you select the right method, this article will introduce the two categories and the factors that determine how to choose the right one.

Engraving Marking Processes

Engraving marking processes are the most common zinc marking processes you can use today. This is because they can easily mark even though zinc is a hard material.

The two engraving processes we will discuss are the scribing marking system and laser engraving. Below is an explanation of using the two methods.

Scribing Marking System

scribing marking system

Scribing is similar to dot peening, and it is a popular marking process used in different industrial settings. However, dot peening operates based on a vibrational mechanism against scribing that operates on engraving.

Scribing involves using a scribe to cut the required inscription on the zinc material. Depending on the scribing machine you use, you can have about 0.3mm engraving on many metals. Using the scribing process for zinc marking depends on the zinc material’s hardness.

Since zinc plates come in different thicknesses and hardness, you have to make sure that the scribe you are using has a harder property.

Why is Scribing Marking Machines Suitable for Engraving Zinc?

The scribing marking machines are ideal zinc engraving machines due to many reasons. Below are a few reasons why you should consider the scribing marking system:

· Highly Readable Markings

Using a scribing marking machine for engraving zinc plates will result in markings of high readability. However, do note that the type of stylus plays a huge role in how deep the marking plays a major role in readability. Common stylus materials are diamond and carbide.

· It Does Not Lead to Thermal and Chemical Stress

Using a scribing marking machine does not lead to the generation of heat. Therefore, the zinc material would not be subjected to thermal stress. Also, unlike chemical etching, the scribing marking system does not result in chemical stains

Limitations of Scribing Marking System

The scribing marking system has many advantages. However, it also has its limitation. The main limitation of using a scribing marking system for zinc material is that the process is not production efficient. Consequently, scribing marking machines are not ideal for marking large zinc plates. Even though there are handheld versions of the machines, they are only ideal for single or low volume zinc plate marking.

Laser Engraving Process

laser engraving process

Laser engraving is the more popular method of engraving zinc plates. It involves the use of a laser engraving machine to mark the zinc material. Laser engraving leads to an end product with markings that is highly readable and permanent – lending credence to its popularity.

Why is Laser Engraving Better for Zinc Engraving?

Laser engraving is a more suitable method for zinc engraving based on the different features and functions it can perform. Below are a few reasons why you should consider the method.

· Most Laser Zinc Engraving Machines are Computerized

The computerization of laser zinc engraving machines leads to a near-total avoidance of error on the machine parts. For example, the F10 laser marking machine uses software to store data and control the laser beam engraving the inscription.

As a result of the computerization associated with laser engraving machines, there is a near-total avoidance of error during the process.

· Highly Readable Markings

Laser engraving results in markings of very high readability. This is one of the most important reasons why it is compatible with zinc plates.

· It is Production Efficient

Due to the computerization associated with zinc engraving machines, marking multiple elements is efficient and effective. It is easy to use the method to work with different sizes of zinc plates. However, you must consider the type of laser marking machine before beginning the process.

Limitations of Laser Engraving

The main limitation of using laser engraving with zinc plates or products is that it opens the material to thermal stress. Also, laser engraving machines are costly. Therefore, your budget has a role to play in whether you choose the method or not.

Non-Engraving Marking Processes

Engraving methods are not the only ways to mark zinc plates. There are also other methods such as laser etching, chemical etching, and dot peening marking systems that are suitable for the process. Below is a detailed note on how each of the three methods functions in marking zinc plates.

Laser Etching

Laser etching is a similar marking method to laser engraving. However, it has a different mechanism. It involves using a laser marking machine (in this contest, referred to as a laser etching machine) to melt and expand the zinc plate surface

To laser etch zinc plate, you need a laser marking of huge power rating. You can check through the recommended machines on the right machines to use.

Chemical Etching Method

chemical etching method

Chemical etching is another zinc marking process that involves using a chemical etchant to mark the zinc plates. The etchant (liquid or vapor) marks the zinc plate isotropically or through anisotropic etching. There are four steps involved in marking zinc plates using chemical etching.

· Cleaning

This stage is when you prepare the zinc plate surface for chemical etching. It involves removing the various contaminants that could be on the zinc plate surface.

· Lamination

At this stage, you cover the part of the zinc that you don’t want to be etched with a photoresist. The photoresist will ensure that the marking is only visible in places where it should be.

· Exposure

Here, you place the zinc plate in between two “masks.” These masks contain the negative image of markings. You then allow UV light to pass through the mask in other to crosslink the film in markable areas.

· Developing

Here, chemicals are used to dissolve the film. The zinc plate is then placed in the etch chambers and etchant sprinkled from top to bottom.

Dot Peen Marking Process

dot peen marking zinc

Another method you can use for marking zinc plates is the dot peening marking system. It is a non-engraving marking system that involves using a dot pin to inscribe the necessary codes on the zinc plates.

Dot peening is controlled pneumatically or electrically, and it produces a permanent marking. Consequently, it is a popular non-engraving method for zinc plate

Why is Dot Peening Method Suitable for Marking Zinc Materials?

Dot peening marking machines are an effective way of marking zinc materials based on a few advantages. Below are why you should consider the method.

· Thermal and Chemical Stress

Unlike the laser engraving process, dot peening does not subject the zinc plate to thermal and chemical stress. The marking machines used in the process do not generate or use any form of heat and chemicals.

· Software Inclusion

This function depends on the type of dot peening machine you choose. However, if you choose from the Hand-Held Electric Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine HS-PE Series or the HS-DP01-R Dot Peen Part Marking Machine, the computerization allows you to mark multiple products.

· Highly Readable Markings

Markings produced by the dot peening marking system are highly readable. Consequently, the method is also suitable for marking zinc plates.

How to Choose the Right Zinc Engraving Machine

There are many zinc engraving machines you can use industrially and domestically based on the chosen marking process. To choose the right method, you have to understand the different features of the zinc engraving machine before selection.

Below are a few factors that play huge roles in selecting the right zinc engraving machine and process.

Your Budget

Your budget will be an important factor that determines what type of zinc engraving machine you can get. However, while choosing the right one, you must balance efficiency, effectiveness, and cost. A sneak peeks into how cost affects the zinc engraving machine is that laser engraving and etching machines are very costly compared to other processes’ machines.

Power Rating and Other Features

The power rating of the laser engraving machine you want to use will play a huge role in whether they can deliver quality marking. Zinc has unique properties. Therefore, you should go with a powerful marking machine.

You can check through the list of laser marking machines recommended above. The machine must also be easy to operate and have features that support that.

Handheld or Cumbersome Machines

The type of zinc engraving machine or marking machine you choose also depends on whether they are portable or not. Both types of machines are suitable.

On the one hand, it is easy to operate handheld machines. On the other hand, traditional marking machines are more suitable for large volume applications. You should, however, select a marking machine that can function industrially and easily operated.

Get the Best in Terms of Zinc Engraving

Quality marking comes to be as a result of proper understanding of the marking processes suitable and their respective marking machines. For zinc plates and products, engraving methods are the most common method of marking. However, there are other methods suitable for the process. This article introduces the different marking processes you can use for quality marking.

Do you desire the best zinc engraving machine or non-engraving machine? Why not go through our product catalog and gain access to the best-marking machines ideal for engraving any trophy.


Can Zinc Be Engraved?

Yes, zinc products can be engraved. However, the processes applicable for zinc engraving depend on the zinc grade and operating features of the machines associated with such a process. Common engraving techniques include scribing marking and laser engraving.

What Machine Do You Engrave?

The machines you use to engrave zinc products depend on the processes you are using. You can make use of a scribe if you are using the scribe marking method. You can also use the laser zinc engraving machines if you are using the laser engraving process.

What is Zinc Etching?

Zinc etching is a laser etching method that involves the use of laser marking machines to melt and expand the surface of zinc products. The raised surface is the marking on the zinc. Zinc etching is a non-engraving method ideal for marking zinc products.