Wood marking involves using various marking technologies to create contrasts in the surface of the wood. From product identification codes to graphical representations, there are many things one can do with wood laser etching machines.

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Furthermore, there are different wood types available. Not all types are suitable for marking and engraving, as softer ones have poor finishing. For this reason, it is important to use the right laser engraver for wood to avoid flaws. This article explains the different wood marking machines and how to choose the right one.

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Different Wood Marking Systems

There are many types of wood engraving machines available. Each one has unique advantages and working principles. Below are the most common types.

Laser Marking Technique

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The laser engraving system uses a focused beam of light to burn off the surface of the wood part. This leaves quality inscribing on furniture, inlays, decorations, and artworks. However, not all laser types are suitable for wood marking. A fiber laser has a shorter wavelength. Additionally, wood absorbs the laser beam in a poor and uncontrolled manner. Hence, this laser marker leaves uneven and charred marks on wood parts.

The CO2 laser is optimized for marking organic materials, including wood. This wood laser printing machine gives a nice result depending on the wood type. A CO2 laser provides a controlled burning process. This is because the wood material absorbs the CO2 machine-generated beam. For this reason, this wood engraving machine gives the operator full control over the entire marking process. Furthermore, the working speed is higher than other laser marking machines. This high speed helps to improve one’s efficiency and productivity.

The CO2 laser marker is preferred for wood marking because of the following reasons

  • The burn effect this wood marking machineproduces is eye-catching and exquisite. By adjusting the setting, different shades of brown, very dark brown, and even white elements are possible
  • CO2 laser engraver for woodis a fast and accurate process. It can create accurate etches quickly within the production process.
  • A CO2 wood laser printing machine is the solution for easy customization and branding. This machine can apply symbols and logos to meet business needs.

Wood Dot Peen Marking

Dot peen wood marking machine is a low-stress method that uses a carbide or diamond stylus. This stylus pin strikes the wood surface as it moves across it. The dot peen marking machine does not use much impact force. Hence, they can etch many types of wood materials.

Furthermore, dot peen is an excellent choice for many wood marking applications because of its many benefits. Firstly, it is an economical process. This implies that the cost of marking wood is low, which is good for a business. Additionally, this wood engraving machine is easy to use. You have access to what you are marking through the screen. It is important to consider the following before using a dot-peen wood engraving machine

  • Ensure you use a work-holding fixture for a high-quality mark. The type of fixture used will depend on the size of your wood part.
  • The hardness of the wood will influence the angle of the stylus tip. The stylus may wear out with time if the wood is very hard. Ensure to adjust the angle of the stylus tip to avoid the build-up of chips.
  • The wood part’s surface finish may influence the mark’s quality. Make sure that the surface is smooth and shiny before marking. Rough surfaces make the marking process tedious. Additionally, the marks on rough wood surfaces must be relatively deeper for easy readability. Very deep marks may affect the functionality of a part.
  • For round or contoured surfaces, it is important to increase the gap between the surface of the wood and the stylus pin. This leaves a deep mark without any damage to the workpiece.

Types of Dot Peen Marking Systems

Based on the size and application, there are three main types of dot peen wood engraving machine

Portable dot peen wood marking machine

This type of wood marking machine is used because of its versatility and lightweight. The operator can easily carry it to mark heavy and large wood parts

Benchtop dot peen wood marking machine

They are powerful and efficient wood marking machines. With benchtop dot peen markers, one can be sure of higher speed and greater depth.

Integrated dot peen wood marking machine

This wood engraving machine is part of the production line. It automatically marks wood parts with little or no human intervention.

Inkjet Marking System

The inkjet printer is a noncontact process that uses a print head to spray the ink onto a wood surface. This continuous stream of tiny ink droplets leaves marks, including bar codes, text, and logos. Inkjet markers are the most cost-effective way of marking wood. The machine requires low initial capital investment.

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Furthermore, their small size and lightweight ease cleaning and maintenance. However, the marking content size is smaller when compared with wood laser etching machines, and printer will need ink cartridge as Consumables. This will not be an issue if you only want to mark a few wood parts.

Types of Inkjet Wood Marking Systems

Thermal Inkjet Printer

This wood marking machine uses heat energy to push the ink down through the print head. Because there is no contact with the surface, it is suitable for all types of wood. Most inkjet heads come as the thermal type. You can change the software settings to meet the needs of your application.

Chemical Inkjet Printer

The chemical inkjet is less common than its thermal counterpart. With its special inks, it can mark irregularly shaped wood parts.

Manual Engraving

This is the least popular of all wood engraving methods. Here, no specialized wood marking machine is used. You manually inscribe logos, numbers, texts, and other symbols on the wood surface. This allows you to engrave more complex and detailed designs.


However, the marks are less accurate and precise than machine-engraved ones. Additionally, it requires considerable human labor, increasing a marked part’s cost.

How To Choose the Right Wood Marking System

Choosing the right system is an important aspect of wood marking. The right marking machine will not affect the functionality of your wood part while creating high-quality marks. It is important to consider the following factors before selecting a wood marker.


The ability to keep up with cycle times may determine the success of your wood marking operation. For this reason, it is important to consider the speed the wood engraving machine runs. The speed of operation at which the different wood markers are what differentiates them.

Here, the C02 wood laser printing machine tops the list. Additionally, you can further increase the laser power for faster wood marking. That is why most manufacturers use laser markers when marking must be as fast as possible.

Ease of Use

You also need to consider your expertise level for the marking operation. The inkjet marking system requires skilled operators to set up and maintain the marking variables. A laser marking machine may be the go-to if you are considering ease of use. It is relatively easy to set up and use laser markers. Additionally, you don’t have to adjust variables in between markings.

Durability of Marks

When it comes to the longevity of markings, wood laser etching machines are better. The process of laser marking involves directly etching into the wood surface. Hence, the marks produced can withstand harsh conditions without fading away with time.

On the other hand, dot peen markers have low contrast. Furthermore, the ink from inkjet printers may fade away under mechanical stress. The permanency of marks is a challenge to inkjet marking machines.


Your budget may also influence the wood engraving machine you would go for. Laser markers are the most expensive option. The dot peen markers and inkjet printers are the most affordable. However, they require the use of consumables that needs replacement. Laser markers do not need consumables. This makes them a most cost-effective investment in the long run.

Environmental Benefits

You should also consider the impact of your wood engraving machine on the environment. The ink used in inkjet printing is a waste and affects the environment. On the other hand, wood laser printing machine does not affect the environment detrimentally. Additionally, inkjet printers consume significantly more electrical power when compared to other wood marking technologies.

HeatSign CO2 Laser for A Perfect Wood Mark

HeatSign’s high-precision imprints of excellent clarity can transform and breathe life into any wooded material or product. They are efficient and fast wood engraving machines that mark information such as barcodes, 2D codes, logos, graphics, and more. All wood marking machine samples are created using HS-CL30 models. HeatSign’s CO2 wood laser etching machines offer the following advantages

  • The machines create clear marks with a high contrast
  • They can mark and engrave all types of wood based on the setting
  • These laser marking machines are the best choice for product customization. They can brand your product with logos, safety codes, production dates, and other distinctive inscriptions
  • CO2 laser etching machines do not lead to chipping or uncontrolled burning
  • All the wood marking solutions are environmentally friendly and user friendly

They have the best price/quality ratio among wood laser printing machine suppliers.

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Wood engraving is the most exquisite form of marking. With the right wood engraver for wood, you can create different logos, symbols, numbers, and many more. This article has explained the different wood marking machines and their work. Do you want to engrave and customize your wood part? Feel free to contact us for all your wood marking solutions.

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