Fast Wood Laser Engraving Machine For Sale

Wood engraving is one of the most exquisite forms of marking. Product identification codes or graphics such as logos or pieces of art provide the really unique look on this versatile organic material. Choosing HeatSign’s laser wood engraver, you can quick get quality inscribings on either the most precious types or the widely spread MDF.
Corporate branding, gifts, furniture, inlays, decorations and artworks are among the most popular applications. Etching equipment can provide product identification and branding, become a tool for an inspired artist or offer perfect finish for a gift or decoration.

The Specifics of Laser Etching Wood

As any organics, wood is a rather specific material for etching and engraving.  Not all types of this material are suitable for etching. Soft types are very hard to finish clearly. Naturals are not homogeneous, can be “embroidered” with grains and growth signs resulting in different coloration of the imprint parts. With some methods, engravings can end up uneven, unclear or blurred. This means for quality results the engraving device has to be chosen and set properly.

The optimal choice for both etching and engraving is laser wood engraving machines.

Marking Wood



Laser Etching Machine For Wood

Laser wood etching and marking are basically controlled burning of the surface. The device capable to provide such controlled process is wood CO2 laser marking machine. This device has longer wavelength as compared to fiber machine. And so if the fiber device can indeed burn the surface too intensively, the CO2 machine-generated beam is absorbed by the material and provides full control over marking process.Main advantage is working speed is much higher than other wood laser machine,highly improve your efficiency.

Some materials available for etching are:

  • Natural
  • MDF
  • Veneer
  • Cork
  • Chipboard
  • Precious

Burnt effect produced by laser is eye-catching and thus very favored by the manufactures. Yet, they are not the only effects available with an etching machine. With certain settings, different shades of brown, very dark brown and even white elements are possible.

Different goals can be achieved with laser marking on wood:

  • create accurate etches quickly within the production process
  • apply symbols or logos for branding and manufacturer identification
  • engrave sophisticated graphics like photos or painting reproductions

If the manufacturer has some specific needs, customized laser wood engraving machine is the solution that can be adapted to any business needs and conditions.

HeatSign CO2 Laser For A Perfect Woodmark

High-precision imprints of amazing clarity created by HeatSign solutions transform and breathe life into any wooden material or product. They can efficiently high speed engraving all types of information such as bar codes, 2D codes, logos, graphics etc on all types of the material.

All samples are created using machine models HS-CL20 and HS-CL30.


The acknowledged CO2 laser marking systems vendor, HeatSign offers the following advantages:

  • The machines produce high-precision and crystal clear result
  • They can mark or engrave depending on the setting
  • They brand your product/material with logos, safety codes, production dates and other distinctive inscriptions
  • No chips of the material or uncontrolled burning
  • High productivity and no machine wear
  • All solutions are environmentally friendly and user-friendly
  • The best price/quality ratio among laser wood engraver machine suppliers

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