UV Laser Marker


UV Laser Marking Machine

  • Long service life,degree of power instability less than 3%
  • Eable to achieve flow line marking
  • Laser source Modular design,could adapt long working time
  • Fiber laser marking frame,small size and compact
  • Supports continuous 24/hour workloads
  • Easy to use and maintenance free
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The UV Laser Marker Description

Laser is advanced technology, Our UV marking machine can etch all kinds of materials.The latest UV laser source is designed for the high accuracy marking, the marking result just like the print performance. The source does not only extend the machine service life, also make the degree of power instability reduce to less than 3%.Short pulse width, high peak power make the laser could achieve flow line standard.

Laser Marking Machine can be applied to almost all of the materials,include plastics (PE,PP,PVC,PS,ABS,etc.), Metal, Paper,etc.

Uv Laser Printing

An average output power is 3W, while the peak power can be up to 12kW. Could achieve fixed point and position marking as well as flow line.

The laser adopts the modular design, easy to install and operate.


What Is the Working Principle of UV Laser Marking System

The usage of UV machine implies the use of a special technology for applying various images to the surface by direct exposure to radiation.Thanks to special equipment, you can set the power and diameter of the processing beam. These settings determine the clarity of the image, as well as the thickness of its lines.  If you change the beam power settings, you can achieve a result when one part of the picture or the image element is on the surface, and the other part is deeply cut into the material.


How UV Based Laser Marking System Can Be Used in Practice

  • Exclusive advertising and souvenir products etching.
  • Engraving of various logos on corporate souvenirs (charms, frames, watches, pens, lighters, ashtrays, business cards.)
  • Engraving of various drawings on iron and glassware.
  • Industrial marking (on the instrument, engraving of printed circuit boards).
  • Etching on award boards and certificates.
  • Good etching on glass so sometimes are also called laser glass etching machine
  • And much more.


What Are the Benefits of This Machine and Why It Is Profitable to Buy UV Laser Marking Systems

  • UV marker technology is a method of obtaining a 100% indelible pattern. The image is built into the structure of the base material, so even the most active operation will not affect the safety of the lines.
  • There is no wearout of machine and damage of lasers , as the engraving occurs in a non-contact way.
  • UV based marking system means the use of automated technology, so decorating is fast. Both for the client and for the contractor, this saves considerable time.
  • This machine is the cost-saving. with the help of the modern equipment is rather cheap in comparison to other ways of engraving.

This is not all the advantages of this solution. The scope of the machine usage is very broad so if you are willing to buy a UV marker and use it in your business, you are on the right path and at the right place.


What About UV Laser Marker Price

It is worth saying that the price of the equipment can be different depending on its components and applicability in business.

Feel free to contact us if you want to discover what is the price for this solution!

CO2 Laser Marking Process
seal tags UV laser marking; Heat Sign; laser marking machines
plastic laser marking sample; heat sign;
UV laser barcode marking; heat sign; laser marking machine
Model HS-UV03/HS-UV05
Laser type UV laser
Power Output 3W (HS-UV03)/5W(HS-UV05)
Standard Marking Area 100mm x 100mm
Marking Speed ≤9000mm/s
Wave Length 355±10nm
Peak Power > 12kW
Degree of power instability <3%
Repetition Frequency 15kHz~20kHz
Pulse width 6ns
Mode Near TEM00
Spot Diameter 5mm
Cooling System Air cooling
Temperature 10-35°C
Cooling mode Air cooling
System compatible file formats Windows XP or 7 32bit/PLT, DXF, DST, BMP, JPG, JPEG, PNA, TIF etc

UV laser marking samples