Laser Marking Machine for Titanium

Many objects were found by archaeologists during the excavation of cities where images, drawings, and inscriptions were painted. In ancient times engraving was applied on gold ornaments, on armor and helmets of knights. Such work on metal objects required the master to be very diligent, experienced and skillful. It was rather time-consuming since everything was done by hand.  Now the titanium etching process is carried out on modern laser equipment.


Why You May Need Laser Etching Titanium Solution

If you’re among laser marking titanium manufacturers of embossed jewelry, art, key chains or even products related to surgical implants or plane equipment, you may be in need of titanium marking. HeatSign marking systems use Advanced Marking Technology that ensures reliable precision in creating incredibly accurate and clear marks, for branding or serializing your products.


How to Mark Titanium

Titanium is as strong as steel but less dense, making it the perfect alloying agent with several metals like aluminum and iron. Because of the low density (lightweight) and its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, it is used extensively in the aerospace industry. Lightweight parts used in the plane also reduce fuel consumption. It is also used in high-end sports gear, bicycles, crutches etc. Because of its anti-corrosion properties, this metal is used in desalination plants and pipes are used in power plant condensers. Since this amazing metal connects so well with our bones, this material is a favorite for several surgical applications such as tooth implants and joint replacements and is also used in several other industries.

Such a wide use results in a huge demand for engraving on a variety of titanium materials for identification and traceability. But how can it be done in practice?

Laser marking engraving is a special technology which consists of removing the top layer on any type of surface with a focused laser beam. Laser marking process is carried out with the help of specialized equipment, which allows varying the power of the beam. This allows working with equal success both with relatively “soft” surfaces and to perform engraving metal. The laser beam removes matter layer by layer, which allows you to obtain a different depth and image relief. Images applied using laser engraving technology are not erased or washed away. They are one with the material to be applied. This greatly increases their longevity, and the image will exist as long as the material on which it is applied.

HeatSign’s Fibre Laser Marker machines help achieve deep, clear and permanent marks. An excellent air cooling technology helps use this machine no need maintance.


What Are the Possibilities of Titanium Etching Machine

Сolor laser marking titanium machine is able to make impulse welding of metal products. This is used in practically all known industries, such as instrument making, microelectronics, engineering, aviation, nuclear, medical industry, etc.

Laser marking titanium is a technology with great advantages. It is durable, resistant to the influence of an aggressive environment and allows you to perform a wide range of works, such as creating high-quality logos and patterns of any complexity. HeatSign engraving Systems are able to mark a large variety of content:

  • All English Letters
  • All Characters
  • All Numbers
  • Time & Date
  • Graphics & Bar Codes
  • And many more…

Pay attention to another benefit of this titanium etching solution:

  • minimum application time;
  • low cost;
  • the absence of mechanical and physical loads on the surface;
  • use of computer control (almost complete absence of errors);
  • durability and resistance to wear of drawings and inscriptions;
  • great detail and any complexity.


How to Get Laser Engraving Titanium Equipment

As we have already said, metal engraving is a demanded service, and it was popular even in ancient times. Now, this statement has not lost its relevance. Moreover, engraving titanium and other metals is a beneficial business idea, for the launch of which you only need a small room and equipment. It is believed that laser engraving has a very high payback, due to a wide range of its application. The cost of the equipment is compensated by low requirements for the premises. In fact, the area for machines is minimal, which simplifies the start of the business. If this sounds interesting to you, pay attention to our titanium laser etching machine in order to start developing your business even today!



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