Titanium marking is an important process in aerospace and automotive industries that use the material and require part traceability. The process occurs via several techniques, with titanium laser marking the most common. Get access to the different titanium part marking techniques and machines you can use for your project.

Titanium Part Marking Machines Available at HeatSign

Depending on the titanium marking process, several marking machines for titanium parts are available at HeatSign. Each machine has unique features you need to take note of to get the better one that works for you.

HS-PE Dot Peen Titanium Marking Machine

portable dot peen machine

The HS-PE dot peen marking machines are handheld and use electricity. They are considered for flat surface medium and large sized titanium part marking where high convenience is necessary. They offer the following features and properties:

  • High convenience compared to other dot peen series
  • It comes with a 5-7″ touchscreen
  • Have high-speed software for an efficient marking process
  • Uses the latest HEF technology

which include the HS-PE01 and HS-PE02, guaranteeing fast and economical industrial marking solutions.

HS-FL30A Titanium Laser Marking Machine

30w auto focus fiber laser marking machine marking machine

The HS-FL30A fiber laser engraver can act as a titanium part marking machine due to its ease of use and functional capability. It has an autofocus design and an output laser power of 30W, which makes it a top titanium laser marker in several industries.

A summary of the features of the marking machine include:

  • Output laser power – 30W
  • Marking Area – 110mm x 110mm (additional options available)
  • Marking Speed – up to 8000mm/s
  • Marking Depth – ≤0.3 mm (per material)

HS-FL50 Titanium Laser Marking Machine

50W JPT Fiber Laser Engraver with Rotary Axis

The HS-FL50 is a 50W JPT Fiber Laser Engraver with Rotary Axis suitable for deep engraving or big area marking. Features of the machine include:

  • Output laser power – 50W
  • Engraving Area – 110mm x 110mm (additional options available)
  • Engraving Speeds – up to 9000mm/s
  • Marking Depth – ≤0.5 mm (per engraver materials)
Titanium marking | HeatSign - marking machine

How to Choose the Right Titanium Marking Machine  

Choosing the right titanium marking machine depends on several factors, the most important being price. At HeatSign, we offer the best marking machine at competitive prices. Other factors you need are:

· Deep marking

Dot peen machines are the recommended machine for creating depth marking. Aside from that, they create permanent results and are cheaper than the laser marking system.

· Speed

In terms of speed, laser marking machines are the best option. While the dot peen markers are fairly fast, compared to the lasers, they are very slow.

· Size of Titanium parts

Handheld part marking machines are suitable for medium and large products. However, for small parts, you need a benchtop marking machine.

· Types of markings

Laser marking machines are recommended for making complicated markings, including graphics, complicated fonts, or something on titanium parts.

Although there are other marking techniques, such as inkjet, the permanency of marks is very important in titanium part markings. As a result, most people consider only dot peen and laser markers.

Quick Introduction to Titanium and its Use in Part Manufacturing

Titanium is as strong as steel but less dense, making it the perfect alloying agent with several metals like aluminum and iron. It has a low density, can withstand extreme temperatures and is extensively applicable in the aerospace industry.

Lightweight parts made from titanium reduce fuel consumption. Aside from the aviation industry, the material is applicable in making high-end sports gear, bicycles, crutches, etc.

Titanium is also anti-corrosive. As a result, it is applicable in desalination plants and pipes. Furthermore, its stability in different mediums makes it a favorite for several surgical applications, such as tooth implants and joint replacements, and it is also used in several other industries.

Titanium Part Marking Techniques 

Titanium has a wide use industrially. As a result, there is a huge demand for titanium marking machines for easier identification and traceability of titanium parts. This section highlights the different titanium part marking processes you can incorporate into your business.

· Titanium Laser Marking Process

Laser marking is the most popular titanium part marking system. Its mechanism of action consists of removing the top layer on any surface with a focused laser beam. The laser marking process comprises techniques such as engraving, annealing, ablation, etc.

The laser marking process is carried out with the help of specialized equipment, which allows for varying the laser beam’s power. The laser beam removes matter layer by layer, which allows you to obtain a different depth and image relief. As a result, images applied using laser engraving technology are not erased or washed away. This greatly increases their longevity and permanent marking.

HeatSign’s Fiber Laser Marker machines help achieve deep, clear, and permanent marks. An excellent air-cooling technology helps use this machine without needing maintenance

· Titanium Dot Peen Marking Process

Although not commonly used for titanium, it is also possible to use dot peen markers for titanium marking. The dot peen marking process involves using an electric or pneumatically-powered metal pin or still to create small indentations on the part. When choosing a dot peen marker, you must choose from the three main types: portable, benchtop, and integrated.

· Titanium Inkjet Marking Process

Inkjet marking is the least popular titanium part marking process due to its temporary marking. However, when the permanency of the markings does not matter, they are an effective method. Nevertheless, it would be best to consider factors such as compatibility with the base metal and the price of the adjoining consumables.

What Are the Possibilities of Titanium Etching Machine

Laser marking titanium has great advantages, such as being durable and resistant to the influence of an aggressive environment. Furthermore, it allows you to perform a wide range of works, such as creating high-quality logos and patterns of any complexity. It applies practically in instrument making, microelectronics, engineering, aviation, nuclear, medical industry, etc.

With an HeatSign engraving laser marking system, you can mark a large variety of content:

  • All English Letters
  • All Characters
  • All Numbers
  • Time & Date
  • Graphics & Bar Codes
  • And many more…

Other benefits of using HeatSign titanium marking solution are:

  • minimum application time;
  • low cost;
  • the absence of mechanical and physical loads on the surface;
  • use of computer control (almost complete absence of errors);
  • durability and resistance to wear of drawings and inscriptions;
  • great detail and complexity.

How to Get a Laser Titanium Part Marking Machine

As we have already said, metal engraving is a demanded service, which was popular even in ancient times. Now, this statement has not lost its relevance. Moreover, engraving titanium and other metals is a beneficial business idea, for the launch of which you only need a small room and equipment. It is believed that laser engraving has a very high payback due to the wide range of its application.

Low requirements compensate for the cost of the equipment for the premises. The area for machines is minimal, simplifying the start of the business.

If this sounds interesting, pay attention to our titanium laser etching machine to start developing your business even today!                                                                                                             

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