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HeatSign looks forward to hearing from you! Our support team is available to assist you with all your marking machine related doubts or clarifications, whether it is about a specific marking machine model, an entire product line, your unique industry, Laser and Dot Peen marking technologies or something else. We have put together a number of online resources in the form of material and videos to guide you. We even offer free sample marking.

We know you’re busy, so we provide you with a number of options for you to contact us. From live chat, phone, email to online form submission, our friendly and knowledgeable team is awaiting your communication.  All contacts to our support are given top priority.

Customized Solutions 

At HeatSign, we thrive on providing turnkey solutions. We have unequated customization capabilities to deliver a perfect solution that fulfils the most challenging need and optimizes performance. Our customized solutions follow the specifications of the manufacturer based on the industry and product/material to be marked.

Unable to arrive at a perfect marking solution that meets your requirement?  Consult with us and allow us to help you define your need and specification.

Whether it is  Laser Marking or Dot Peen Marking, HeatSign goes the extra mile to ensure your marking satisfaction. Connect with HeatSign for support, service and professional advice.  We’re waiting for you on the Contact Us Page!

After-Sales Support & Service

HeatSign is committed to providing pro-active after-sales service and our skilled support staff is always available to provide the fastest resolution to your issues or needs.  We believe that success is in knowledge, experience and availability – it is no wonder HeatSign’s customer retention is among the best in the industry.

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Service Terms

  • Support and Service begin before the sale, continue during and after the sale
  • In-depth Documentation and Information of all HeatSign’s marking systems and parts
  • Our availability through Live Chat, Telephone and Email
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Video Gallery

  • Introduction to HeatSign marking machines
  • Elaboration on marking machine Functions and Performance
  • Comparison of various marking machines
  • Easy Identification of the marking machine based on requirement
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Enter HeatSign’s knowledge base for answers to the most-asked questions
  • Find the clarifications your seek and answers to all your questions
  • Don’t find your question in our database? Contact us!
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  • User Documentation for each machine model.
  • Catalogues with images and information
  • Individual driver software
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Warranty Policy

  • Product Warranty Policy details.
  • Limitations of Warranty
  • Warranty questions answered
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Marking Solutions

  • HeatSign’s range of industrial marking solutions

  • Large variety of materials marked

  • Numerous customization options