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raycus fiber laser
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raycus laser

Raycus Laser Source

Raycus fiber laser source for laser marking, engraving, cutting, etc.

  • High efficiency of electro-optic conversion
  • Resistance to high resistance
  • Output fiber length can be customized
  • Maintenance-free operation
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What can Raycus Laser Source Do for You?

The Q-switch pulsed fiber laser series developed by Raycus Laser is an industrial-grade marking and micro-processing laser. This series of pulsed lasers has the characteristics of high peak power, high single pulse energy, and optional spot diameter, which can be widely used in the marking, precision processing and graphic engraving of non-metal, gold, silver, copper, aluminum and non-high reflection material such as stainless steel, etc. Its cost is lower and performance is more stable than traditional lasers in the marking application process.

In addition, Raycus also has MOPA series, laser welding series, CW series products can be widely used in cutting, welding, laser cleaning and other applications.

Why Choose Raycus Laser?

  • Famous brand, strong R&D strength, stable production capacity
  • Affordable price in the mainstream brands, and launched multiple economic products for consumers to choose
  • Good warranty service system

How to Uninstall and Install the Raycus Fiber Laser Source?

In the laser marking machine, the laser source replacement method is basically the same. The following video is not a demonstration of the Raycus laser but also can give you a good reference.

1. First you have to confirm whether the laser size is suitable for installation to your control box, if it is ok, you can start installing.
2. Connect the software board and 24V switching power supply
3. Install the laser output head

What are the Details of Our Recommended Raycus Laser Source?

Optical Properties
Average output power 20W 30W 50W
Central wavelength 1064nm 1064nm 1064nm
Repetition frequency 10 -50kHz 30 -60kHz 50-100kHz
Output power stability <3% <3% <3%
Output Characteristics
Output Beam
7±1 7±1 7±1
<1.6 <1.6 <1.6
Polarization state random random random
Pulse Width Range(ns) 110-140 120-150 120-150
Max.Single Pulse
0.67 1 1
Electronic Control Characteristics
Input power (V DC ) 24 24 24
Power adjustment range
10 – 100 10 – 100 10 – 100
Other Characteristics
Dimensions (mm ) 260*120*340 260*340*120 260*120*340(handle included)
Working temperature (℃ ) 0 – 40 0 – 40 10 – 40
Coolingmethod Air-cooled Air-cooled Air-cooled

How to Choose the Right Raycus Laser Source for You?

Since HeatSign is focused on marking machines, and laser marking machines usually use 20W, 30W, and 50W pulsed fiber laser source, so let’s talk about how we choose the Raycus fiber laser source for laser marking machines.

The choice is mainly based on your applications. The main considerations are the following factors,

Power: The higher the output power of the laser you choose, the better the marking range or marking depth it can support. 20 watt and 30 watt are the mainstream output power of laser marking machines on the market, which meet most of the applications. If you have requirements for engraving depth and better marking efficiency, you can consider choosing a Raycus 50W fiber laser.


Price: Reasonable price, reasonable quality and service, and this is also true when choosing a Raycus laser source.

in the power range of 20W~50W, you’d better choose QE, Q, QB series, such as RFL-P20QE, RFL-P30Q, RFL-P50QB, and try not to choose the cheaper QS series, such as RFL-P20QS. Although QS series laser source output power is the same as QE,Q,QB series, the cheap price will inevitably lead to the quality and brand of the components used in the QS series are not as good as those of the QE, Q, and QB series.

Therefore, considering the quality and life of the laser, we recommend that you choose the more reasonable price rather than the cheapest one.


Adjustable Frequency: Generally, the adjustable frequency range of Raycus pulsed lasers is from 20kHz to 80kHz, which is sufficient for general marking applications. But if you want to achieve better results on materials such as plastics, then you can consider Ryacus high price laser source series such as the MOPA series, which can have more frequency or pulse width adjustment range to achieve finer marking.


Lifespan: Many laser marking machine suppliers advertise a laser life of 100,000 hours, but this is only a theoretical data, the actual life depends on your use environment and the use frequency and other factors to determine.

The output power of the laser will decay as you use it longer,  so we recommend that you try to choose a larger output power Raycus laser source. For example, choose Raycus 30W fiber laser source, even if the power decreases to 20W after several years, it will still not affect the use too much.


In short, according to the marking results you want to achieve, as well as the range of materials you want for the laser to be suitable for marking, and considering the service life of the raycus laser source, then choose the best laser source within your budget.