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CNC Engraving Machine

Engraving area: 1300mm x 2500mm

The HeatSign’s 1325 CNC Engraving Machine was designed for different purposes – it can mark, mill, engrave, and even cut shapes(3D-cutting). Considered as very high-quality equipment, it features the high-speed three-axis motion controller that creates the most difficult shapes and geometric forms fast. The high precision servo drive is able to produce complicated designs of the highest quality.

The 1325 Wood Engraving Machine is solidly built, which allows you to use it with a great number of various products and materials, starting with metal items and up to wooden wardrobes. This machine also has options for the Vacuum Combined T-Slot to clamp the piece during work.

The 1325 CNC Router has the following important features:

Working area – 1300mmx2500mm (XY-axis) and 200mm and more (Z-axis).

Position accuracy – 0.03mm and Max travelling speed – 30,000 mm/min.

Working voltage – C220v3 Phase / 220v1 phase/380v 3 phase

Can be used for – Wood, wax/resin, foam, plastic, glass, stone, and metal.

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Having the steel construction, this equipment is sturdy enough to engrave objects and parts quicker and with little vibration. Compared to its competitors, this machine can boast of longer lifespan and higher reliability. It has minimal downtime, meaning more objects and parts can be processed in a shorter time.

Other important features of this model are:

It comes with a high-frequency 4HP/6HP spindle that allows for little vibration and noise

  • High-Speed Three-Axis Motion Controller for more accurate results
  • DSP remote controller that allows even the personnel with no special qualifications to use the equipment
  • Precision servo drive to engrave complex designs
  • It may be used for marking of combined materials (plywood or concrete), interior decorations (engraving window and door patterns), creating marketing signboards, etc.

Where you can apply the 1325 model:

  • Advertising (acrylic cutting, numerical and alphabetical cutouts, etc.)
  • Architecture (facades and columns of buildings, etc.)
  • Creating prototypes and models
  • Plastics & composites marking
  • Non-ferrous metals and marine equipment
  • and so on

The HeatSign team members are proud to say that we are among the best CNC metal engraving machine suppliers. We can promise the superb quality of this system. Our in-house team consists of experts and customer service representatives who can help you on every step of the way: from selecting the product to installing and setting it up. We can guarantee that using this CNC router (which combines the CNC acrylic engraving, the CNC marking ) will be more economically advantageous in regard of long-term savings, as it will allow you to save on hiring independent contractors.

The 1325 model is the most popular CNC router machine in China, which proves its efficiency and versatility. This equipment is so popular among manufacturers of different fields and industries thanks to its CNC integrated technology. It allows the users to eliminate the separate computer employment and it features its own powerful software, making it possible to engrave even on challenging uneven spaces like rods and tubes.

To make an inquiry about the CNC router machine price in China, the peculiarities of use, or the benefits it can provide you with, contact us at info@heatsign.com . If you are interested in other products, we at HeatSign offer other models and metal engraving equipment.

Model 1325 CNC Router
Standard engraving area 1300mm x 2500mm
Optional engraving areas 1500mm x1300mm/2000mm x 3000mm
Woking area(Z) 200mm or others
Position Accuracy 0.03mm
Precise Repeatability ±0.05mm
3 Axis Control Motor Stepper/Servo
Controller DSP Remote Controller/ NC studio/ Syntec
Interface USB /PCIMC
Output 3kw,4.5kw.6kw / air cooling or water cooling
Collet ER20/ER25
Material Hold Down Vacuum Combined T slot
Drive System X and Y axis Helical Rack & gear transmission,Hiwin 20MMrail linear bearing (HGR20)
Drive System Z axis TBI 2505 ballscrew,Hiwin 20MM rail linear bearing (HGR20)
Max Traveling Speed 30,000mm/min
Working voltage C220v3phase / 220v1 phase/380v3phase
Vacuum System Manual vacuum valve switch
Command languages G code
aluminum parts engraving
engraving wood
wood engraving
Acrylic engraving
stone engraving
wood cameo