HeatSign Ring Laser Engraver HS-FL50-R

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$3000 ~ $4500

Advanced and Professional

  • High-precision for detailed designs on rings
  • Chuck for ring clamping, inner and outer engraving
  • Versatile for various metals and materials
  • Fast Operation, Efficient, high-speed engraving

Easy to Operate

  • Easy to operate software, easy for beginners
  • Durable and Compact, Robust build, space-efficient design
  • EZCAD Software, Works with CorelDRAW for easy custom designs and graphic


  • Output laser power -50W
  • Rotary Axis Clamp Range: 2mm ~ 80mm
  • Marking area - 110mm x 110mm (additional options available)
  • Power supply - AC220V or AC110V

MACHINE Applications

  • Engraving on various metals such as gold, silver, platinum etc.
  • Equipped with a ring chuck for ring laser engraving.
  • And more

Shipping: Air Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS). Also can arrange delivery by air or by sea.


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Guarantee: 1 Years Free Warranty

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Brief Introduction to the Jewelry Laser Engraving Machine

The HeatSign Ring Laser Marking Machine is a new way to engrave jewelry. It uses laser beams to mark rings and other jewelry without touching them. Ideal for creating long-lasting, intricate designs, it efficiently engraves patterns and text without damaging the piece.

Jewelry shops highly value this machine for enhancing the appearance of precious metals and performing detailed work. It uses computer control technology for different designs, making it great for branding and personalized jewelry. This appeals to high-end brands and customers who want unique and long-lasting markings.

Industrial laser engraving machine with measurements.
Industrial laser engraving machine with labeled components.

Why Choose Our Ring Laser Engraving Machine?

HeatSign’s ring marking machine is a precise tool for professional jewellers and enthusiasts who value accuracy. Its user-friendly design simplifies the engraving process, making complex tasks easy and efficient. It is important for jewelry makers or sellers who provide personalized rings to have this equipment.

Internal and external marking function: It can engrave both inside and outside, making it versatile for any design preference.

Specialised ring tooling: Has a special tool that makes marking and engraving rings faster and more efficient.

High-quality laser components: Using popular laser brands like Max and JPT guarantees durability and enables extended usage.

Stable power supply: Mean well and other famous brands’ power supplies enhance machine stability and reliability.

Fast-response customer support: HeatSign promises quick customer service, providing solutions within 24 hours to minimize downtime.

Fully stocked with accessories: Machines have all the extras for quick and effective help after purchase.

HeatSign’s ring laser engraving machine is a complete solution for engraving rings, metal signs, electronic components, and more. It is efficient and can handle complex tasks.

laser ring engraving

What Can Laser Ring Engraving Machine Do For You?

The HeatSign Ring Laser machine can do more than just engrave rings. It is versatile and useful in many industries. Here are some of the key applications:

Jewelry Customization: Ideal for engraving intricate designs on rings, necklaces, bracelets, and other jewelry items, offering personalized and unique pieces to customers.

Signage and Branding: Perfect for creating custom signage and branding materials. It can be used to mark logos, barcodes, serial numbers, and other identification marks on various materials.

Industrial Marking: Suitable for marking tools, parts, and equipment in industrial settings. You can use it for traceability, compliance, and quality control purposes.

Promotional Items: Customize keychains, pens, and trophies with engravings to boost brand recognition and value.

Gift Personalization: Great for personalizing gifts like photo frames, watches, and custom awards, making them extra special and unforgettable.

Electronic Component Marking: Useful in the electronics industry for marking circuit boards, casings, and connectors for identification and branding.

Automotive Parts Marking: Can mark car parts for ID, customization, or branding, useful in manufacturing and aftermarket changes.

Medical Equipment Marking: Suitable for marking medical instruments and devices, ensuring traceability and adherence to health standards.

The HeatSign Ring Laser Engraving Machine’s multifaceted capabilities make it an indispensable tool across various sectors, not just limited to jewelry making. Perfect for many uses, from industry to art, because it is precise, versatile, and easy to use.

How to Use Laser Engraver for Rings to Mark Rings?

Explore the capabilities of the HeatSign Ring Laser Engraving Machine in this quick guide. Learn how to expertly engrave both the outside and inside of rings, accommodating various sizes with ease.

Watch our instructional video to realise your ring engraving!

Marking the Outside of Rings:

Set Up and Secure the Ring: Position the ring in the chuck, adjusting for size.

Set up and customize preferences. Send your design to the software and customize it for the ring’s material and complexity.

Start the Engraving Process: Ensure everything is aligned correctly and begin engraving.

Adjusting for laser engraving inside ring:

Reposition for Interior Engraving: Switch the ring in the chuck to expose the inside.

Modify Settings as Needed: Adjust machine settings for interior engraving.

Engage Interior Engraving: Check alignment and start the interior engraving.

Key Tips:

Double-check positioning and settings before each engraving.

Experiment with designs and materials to maximize the machine’s potential.

This guide helps you use your HeatSign Ring Laser Engraving Machine to engrave rings accurately and effectively.

Technical Parameters



Laser Power Output


Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Cooling Mode

Air Cooling

Wave Length


Control Software


Mini Line Width


Marking Area

110mm x110mm (we can customize bigger base on request)

Weight (KG)


Laser head

Sino-galvo Laser Head

Applicable Material

Metal Materials

Marking Speed


Rotary Axis Clamp Range

2mm ~ 80mm

Power supply

AC220V±10% 50Hz or AC110V 60HZ

Marking samples

Custom engraved rings montage













































































Download sheet

Industrial marking machine with control unit on orange background.


HeatSign Ring Laser Engraver

Download file

Customer questions & answers

How long does the engraving process take for a typical ring? The duration varies based on the design's complexity, but generally, a simple engraving takes just a few minutes. How durable are the engravings? Will they fade over time? The engravings are highly durable and resistant to fading, ensuring long-lasting designs. What is the warranty period for the machine? Our machines come with a standard warranty of 1 year on the core components of the machine. What is the setup process for the engraving machine? The machine arrives mostly pre-assembled. You'll receive an instructional video and manual via email for any minor setup required. For additional help, our team is available for guidance. How can I get support after purchasing/shipping?   We offer online support in English through Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, and email, including remote troubleshooting via TeamViewer for software issues. For hardware concerns, we provide diagnostic assistance and part replacements.    

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Customer reviews

Carl Bigham
Carl Bigham

Great service, prompt response, taught me how to import and engrave logos!

Irene Hulse
Irene Hulse

The ring chuck on this machine is very stable and works well for holding rings.

Bruce Burton
Bruce Burton

We need to engrave rings, bracelets and other jewelry for our design studio, so I wanted to buy a good quality machine. heatsign responded promptly, asked for the dimensions of the jewelry to be engraved, recommended this machine, and the engraving speed and quality are very consistent, and the engraving results are beautiful.