Handheld Laser Welding Machines LW series

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$5700 ~ $13000


  • Compact design suitable for industrial environment
  • High-speed welding
  • Easy to install and use
  • Easy-to-use software and powerful function

Good User friendly

  • Low maintenance
  • Energy Efficient
  • Customizable parameters for different applications


  • Laser Type: Fiber(CW Laser)
  • Output Laser Power:1000W /1500W /2000W /3000W
  • Central Wavelength: 1080 nm
  • Cooling: Built-in water cooling


  • For welding metals and some plastics.
  • Create a strong and consistent weld

Shipping: Air Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS). Also can arrange delivery by air or by sea.


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Guarantee: 1 Year Free Warranty

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Handheld Laser Welding Machine

HeatSign’s handheld laser machine is a fiber laser welding system that uses a high-intensity laser beam to melt and join two pieces of materials. It is a critical part of many industries that deal with the repair or need a joining mechanism and requires an ergonomic and easy-to-move option that welds without the process being time consuming. Check out below to see what we have to say about laser welding technology in light of our years of experience in dealing with the product.

laser welding

Application of HeatSign Handheld Laser Tool

HeatSign’s handheld laser welder’s major advantage is its portability, greatly improving its use and welding flexibility. Applications of the machine are visible in the manufacturing space such as the aerospace and automotive industries where manufacturers use it to weld large, small, and complex parts that have high tolerances.

HeatSign’s handheld laser welding tool is a capable repair tool that can be critical in sheet metal fabrication companies, automotive, aerospace and even the medical device industry. Its high level of precision and accuracy allows manufacturers and designers to repair delicate components.

Laser Welding Vs Conventional Welding

Why Choose HeatSign Handheld Laser Welder?


Our machine is an important addition to the workflow of many industries due to its immense benefits. As a handheld laser welder, you will get to enjoy flexibility and portability which improves its on-site application and in situations where the part to mark is immovable. Other reasons why you should choose HeatSign handheld laser welding machine include:

· Compact Design

HeatSign handheld laser welding tool has a compact design and is one of the lightest laser welding systems, which is responsible for its flexibility ease of transportation, and shipping. This is in contrast to welding processes such as MIG and TIG welding which have machines of immense sizes

· Built-in Water-Cooling System

Our handheld laser welders feature a built-in water-cooling system which helps in temperature control. As a result, you don’t need to rely on an external cooling mechanism and you will also enjoy increased productivity and a reduction in operation cost. Furthermore, the machine has a low heat input which reduces the heat generated during welding

· Welding of Dissimilar Metals

Our handheld laser welding device uses the fiber laser system which makes it suitable for welding similar and dissimilar metals while delivering dramatically faster welding. With knowledge of the material’s melting point, it is easier to join dissimilar materials which can be challenging for traditional welding techniques. Hence, we sell a versatile welding tool with low heat input and consistently high quality results, that is compatible with a wider range of materials.

· User Friendly and Cost Effective

The welding machine has integrated software that makes it user-friendly. With the machine, you can control the power of the laser beam and improve the welding process. Its accuracy, reduction of heat and labor costs, etc., also makes it a cost-effective welding machine

How can the Handheld Laser Welding Machine Grow Your Business?

If you are in search of a great laser welding solution, compatible with different metals such as titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, and gold, and of the highest quality, you are in the right place. Our handheld welding machine is suitable for joining similar and dissimilar materials together. Hence, it is an important material for the manufacturing and repair industries. As a manufacturing business, the HeatSign handheld machine will allow you to work with little regard for the complexity of the material. Furthermore, its versatility in terms of material compatibility can help you boost the number of clients you work for.

Handheld Laser Welding Machine Price

Generally, the HeatSign welding machine price depends on the specifications such as power and it ranges between USD 5500 – USD 14000. As choosing the right machine depends can be challenging due to features and the associated machine cost you can contact us for a free guide on selecting the best handheld welding machine.

We at HeatSign (all rights reserved) have years of experience. As a result, we are in the position to guide you in choosing the right laser welder at the best price and machine for the job. You can check our blog section on how to choose the right welding machine or check our product page to gain access to the numerous options available. Furthermore, you can tell us your project requirement for a faster and more precise recommendation

Technical Parameters


HS-LW1000 (1000W)
HS-LW1500 (1500W)
HS-LW2000 (2000W)
HS-LW3000 (3000W)

Laser Type


Output Laser Power

1000W /1500W /2000W /3000W

Power Requirements

Single phase 220 VAC, 50/60Hz (1000W,1500W, 2000W)

Three phaser 380V, 50/60Hz (3000W)

Scanning width


Central Wavelength

1080 nm

Output power stability




Operation Mode




Cable Length

3 meters


1120 * 440 * 1090 mm


Built-in water cooling


1 Year

Laser Welding Samples

Laser welding steplaser welding sampleLaser metal welding sample

Download sheet

handheld laser welder
HS-LW series HandHeld Laser Welding Machin

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Customer questions & answers

You can find below the frequently asked questions part that will help you know more about the machine, company, and shipping and delivery system.

Are handheld laser welders any good?

Yes, handheld laser welders are effective tools in several industries due to several reasons. Ours uses a fiber laser system which makes it suitable for welding a wide range of metals with extreme, high precision accuracy and minimal heat input. It is also portable, which increases its flexibility during welding and its use for on-site welding tasks. In conclusion, if you desire a highly precise and efficient welding solution that guarantees minimized heat affected zone, HeatSign handheld laser welders are a good option

Is laser welding as strong as MIG?

Handheld laser welding machines can produce precise, strong, consistent, high-quality welds with low heat input compared to MIG welding technology. The low heat input will not allow it deforms thin materials and there is less scrap and a minimized heat affected zone. However, MIG welding and TIG Welding are stronger hence their application in welding thick materials

What is the best DIY welder?

The best DIY welder is the handheld laser welder. Due to its portability, welding becomes more flexible (a core part of DIY). Also, a handheld laser welder is powerful enough to achieve a consistent weld. Furthermore, it does not require any consumables or weld materials. You can also change the welding gun and nozzle to improve weld quality

What is a fiber laser welder?

A fiber welding machine makes use of a fiber laser delivery system for the welding process. The machine welds two materials using laser beams delivered through a fiber optic cable to the welding gun which weld two materials. The fiber laser welding system is powerful, fast, and compatible with a wider range of materials and does not lead to burn through due to the low heat input.

What is the package? Is that Safe?

We ensure the highest safety of the product during shipping with our 3 layers package layer divided into the outside, middle, and inside layers. The outside layer has a plywood case that keeps the product safe from damage during shipping. The middle layer has a foam that covers the handheld laser welder to protect the body from shaking. For the inside layer, we cover the device with a thick plastic bag for waterproofing. All packaging layers are well-labeled for easy product identification during shipping. Therefore, this will remove any issues during and usage after shipping. Also, we make use of a renowned shipping agent who has several years of experience in safe transportation.

What is the machine delivery time?

Normally the machine production time is 5 ~ 10 working days, then the machine will be sent by air or any other shipping method.  View our customer testimonials to know more about our product. At times the delivery time might be affected due to the shipping policy of the country or the situation in the country. You can contact us to find more information about the shipping details specific to your country.

How to install and run the machine?

Our engineers install and test the hand held laser welder before and we will send a detailed training video and user manual for some small parts installation and how to use the machine. Installation is easy and most customers can learn by themselves. However, if there are issues, we can assist with free online support.

How can I get support after purchase?

We offer free online support in English via Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Email, Video, etc., after shipping. If you experience hardware problems, we can guide you on which part to check and how to fix the problem free of any additional charges.

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Customer reviews

photo Noah Wright
Noah Wright, New York – USA

We are using this equipment to mark large spare parts of agricultural machinery. This is perhaps the only solution on the market when portability is perfectly combined with efficiency.

Nicholas Taylor, Ohio – USA

HS-PFL20 Portable Handheld Laser Engraver is very convenient and unpretentious. I liked the fact that it does not require consumables. The quality of the design and its execution do not require skills for its installation, even a schoolboy will be able to manage it. We purchased this printer and increased productivity. It was also a great surprise that we reduced the lead time for the orders of our customers with its help. Summing up, it’s a great tool for a business and it is worth investing in!

HeatSign - Dot Peen marking Machine & industrial marking systems
Carl Chance, Houston – USA

Manufacturing small hi-tech parts for the tech industry is a challenge because precision and smart design are the name of the game – not forgetting keeping every millimeter of the part in one piece, of course. We couldn’t be happier with what these laser etching machines allow us to do, including to mark and make sure that no one can copy and claim the unique quality that we strive to offer to our clients.