Fiber Laser Engraver With Rotary Attachment HS-FL60-R

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$6000 ~ $8000

Professional Marking

  • Precise engraving of text, numbers, logos, etc
  • Rotary Attachment, deal for cylindrical product marking
  • Fast Marking Speeds, Increases productivity
  • Advanced Fiber Laser Technology, Consistent quality with minimal maintenance

Simple Operation

  • Easy rotary marking with EZCAD software
  • Integrated Worktable, spacious table for diverse marking tasks
  • Can be used with any windows computer
  • Safety Features, ensure secure operation and operator protection
  • EZCAD Software, Works with CorelDRAW for easy custom designs and graphic

Machine Specifications

  • Laser Power Output - 60W
  • Rotary Clamp Range - 4mm to 200mm
  • Marking area - 110mm x 110mm (additional options available)
  • Power - AC220V or AC110V ±10%

Reliable Marking Solutions

  • Versatile for marking on flat and round surfaces of all metals and some plastics
  • Quality components reduce the need for maintenance
  • No consumables, no running costs
  • Equipped with a ring chuck for ring laser engraving.
  • And more

Shipping: Air Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS). Also can arrange delivery by air or by sea.


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Guarantee: 1 Years Free Warranty

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Brief Introduction to Fiber Laser With Rotary Machine

If you desire a fiber laser engraver with a rotary attachment, this could be a great choice for your business. The rotary attachment makes the fiber laser engraver more versatile, enabling it to easily mark round objects. This is particularly useful for industries where such shapes are common, like sanitary fittings, valves, flanges and pumps.

laser markingwith rotary

Why Choose Our Fiber Laser Marking Machine with Rotary?

Versatility: The rotary attachment enables the fiber laser engraver to handle products flat and circle surface markings.

Rotary Attachment Flexibility: Designed for marking on medium and large cylindrical products, such as flanges, with permanent markings.

Advanced Fiber Laser Technology: Incorporates cutting-edge laser technology for consistent, high-quality marking results with low maintenance needs.

Durability: Fiber laser engravings are permanent and resistant to fading, wear, and heat.

Efficient Operation: Designed for rapid metal parts flat surface or circle surface marking, significantly boosting productivity and operational throughput.

User-Centric Design: Includes user-friendly software and a strong worktable for stable and effortless marking in different tasks.

Improve Marking Precision: The laser machine improves your work quality and makes your products more noticeable with precise engraving.

Maximize Your Investment: The machine is strong and trustworthy, providing long-term benefits and value to your business.

What Can the Fiber Laser Rotary Marking Machine be Used for?

Manufacturing Industry: For marking components such as gears, bearings, flanges and tools. Ideal for serial numbers, Date, texts, Qr codes, and logos.

Automotive Industry: Useful for marking parts like engine components, VIN numbers on cylindrical surfaces, and customizing automotive parts.

Aerospace Industry: For marking aerospace components where precision and adherence to strict standards are crucial.

Promotional Items: Customizing pens, flasks, and other promotional merchandise.

Pipe and Tube Industry: Marking metal pipes and tubes for identification and traceability.

Tool Manufacturing: Engraving on drill bits, cutters, and other cylindrical tools.

laser marking rotary

Why Choose HeatSign Fiber Laser Marking Rotary Machine?

Superior Quality with JPT Laser Technology: HeatSign’s engraver uses the reliable JPT laser, known for stable output and lasting performance, ensuring precise and durable marking.

Superior Capacity for Large Workpieces: Outperforming competitors, HeatSign’s laser marker handles up to 200mm diameter workpieces, significantly more than the usual 80mm, offering unmatched flexibility for larger components.

Customized Solutions: Our team tailors each machine to meet your unique needs, enhancing your operational efficiency and product quality.

Prompt Customer Service: Our dedicated service staff will provide rapid responses within 24 hours, ensuring they address your queries and concerns swiftly.

Rigorous Quality Control: Every machine undergoes extensive testing with 48 hours of continuous operation, guaranteeing reliability and top performance from the outset.

Commitment to Excellence: Choosing HeatSign means partnering with a company dedicated to your satisfaction, offering quality, customization, and dependable support.

Technical Parameters



Laser Output Power


Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Cooling Method

Air Cooling

Wave Length


Laser Software


Mini Line Width


Engraving Area

110mm x110mm (we can customize bigger base on request)

Weight (KG)


Laser head

Sino-galvo Laser Head

Applicable Material

Metal Materials and Part Plastic

Marking Speed


Rotary Clamp Range

4mm ~ 200mm

Power Supply

AC220V±10% 50Hz or AC110V 60HZ

Marking Samples

laser marking rotary













































































Download sheet

Industrial laser engraving machine with monitor.


Fiber Laser Engraver with Rotary Attachment

Download file

Customer questions & answers

Can the machine mark on both flat and cylindrical surfaces? Yes, our fiber laser marking machine is versatile and can efficiently mark on both flat and cylindrical surfaces with precision. How does the JPT laser technology benefit my marking process? JPT laser technology provides stable laser output, ensuring consistent, high-quality markings with a long operational life, enhancing both precision and durability. How does HeatSign ensure the quality of its machines? Every machine undergoes rigorous testing, including 48 hours of continuous operation, to ensure reliability and top-notch performance right from the start. Can the machine be customized for specific applications? Yes, we offer customization options to tailor the machine to your specific marking needs and applications. How can I get support after purchasing/shipping? We offer online support in English through Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, and email, including remote troubleshooting via TeamViewer for software issues. For hardware concerns, we provide diagnostic assistance and part replacements.    

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Customer reviews

Steven Batista
Steven Batista

The rotary axis is a bit complicated to install and use, so it’s good that HeatSign provides a detailed instructional video.

Simone Gerhardt
Simone Gerhardt

The wait was a bit long, but it turned out to be good because this machine is very fast at marking and greatly improved my efficiency.