Cylindrical Laser Engraving Machine HS-FL30-R

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$3500 ~ $5500

High-Tech and Precise

  • Integrates advanced components for space efficiency
  • 0.001mm repeatability for intricate and precise part marking
  • 7000mm/s laser head for enhanced engraving efficiency

Durable and Long-Lasting

  • Low Maintenance, No wear parts, free maintenance
  • Over 100,000 hours of operational life
  • IP64 rated, suitable for challenging environments

Machine Parameter

  • Laser Output: 30W power
  • Standard Clamp Capacity: 2mm ~ 80mm (larger swivel option available)
  • Marking Area: Standard 110mm x 110mm, with more options available
  • Power Supply Compatibility: Supports both AC220V and AC110V (±10%)

Diverse applications

  • Cylindrical marking, equipped with a rotating accessory specialised in marking cylindrical items.
  • Customizable Marking, Suitable for engraving text, logos, serial numbers, and patterns, and so on

Shipping: Air Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS). Also can arrange delivery by air or by sea.


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Guarantee: 1 Years Free Warranty

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Advanced Cylindrical Laser Engraving Machine

HeatSign’s laser markers with rotating accessories are ideal for marking cylindrical items. The laser beam is highly accurate and minimally damages the material. The laser beam is precise and causes minimal damage to the material.

It can mark intricate designs on flat surfaces. Additionally, it can engrave graphics, text, dates, and numbers on cylindrical objects such as stainless steel cups. Non-touch operation guarantees no harm to products or tools, offering excellent marking quality. Ideal for businesses that value accuracy and adaptability in their marking processes.

Industrial laser marking machine with dimensions.
Industrial laser cutter machine with labeled parts.

What are the benefits of cylinder engraving machine ?

Effortless cylindricity Surface Marking: Tailored to seamlessly engrave on cylindrical surfaces, enhancing your product’s aesthetic and value.

Flexible Size Adaptability: The large table is suitable for flat marking of a wide range of workpiece sizes, as well as circumferential metal marking with the optional rotary axis, including stainless steel cups, jugs, valve parts and cylindrical items.

Adaptable Marking Space: Standard 110mm x 110mm marking range, customizable for diverse product engraving needs.

Streamlined Operation:  USB cable for PC connection, EZCAD software, intuitive and easy to use.

Built to Last: Engineered for durability, it stands strong in demanding industrial environments, ensuring long-term reliability.

Energy Conscious: Balances high performance with energy efficiency, reducing operational costs.

Multi-Material Capability: Can mark all metals, as well as some plastics, rubbers, ceramics and other products.

Why Choose Cylinder Engraving Machine ?

Sino Galvanometer

Sino Galvanometer

The Sino Galvo laser scanning head is renowned for its rapid marking capabilities, digital precision, and high accuracy.

Rotary Axis

The rotary axis is capable of marking on items like tumbler cups, bottles, and cylindrical tubes.

Rotary Axis


The machine comes standard with a 110mm x 110mm F-theta Lens and you can choose different F-theta Lens for different engraving ranges.

Working Bench

The workbench, crafted from an entire aluminum plate, features precise scales and a standard card hole design for effortless product fixation.

Laser beam on precision perforated optical breadboard.

What Industries Can Cylinder Laser Engraver  Be Used In?

Manufacturing Industry: Ideal for engraving serial numbers and branding on automotive parts, electronic components, and machinery.

Promotional Products: marking painted metal kettles, stainless steel cups with logos, patterns, etc. for promotional purposes.

Medical Equipment: Marks surgical tools and medical devices for identification and traceability.

Aerospace Sector: Used for precise marking on aerospace components, ensuring compliance with stringent industry standards.

Tool Engraving: Ideal for marking hand tools and industrial equipment with identification tags or usage instructions.

Industrial Machinery Parts: You can engrave valves, pumps and other industrial machinery parts with serial numbers, logos and more.

Research and Lab Equipment: Marks laboratory equipment with barcodes or labels for easy tracking and inventory management.

This machine’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of industries, offering precision, efficiency, and customization capabilities.

Technical Parameters



Laser Output Power


Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Cooling Method

Air Cooling

Wave Length


Laser Software


Mini Line Width


Engraving Area

110mm x110mm (we can customize bigger base on request)

Weight (KG)


Laser head

Sino-galvo Laser Head

Applicable Material

Metal Materials and Part Plastic

Marking Speed


Rotary Clamp Range

2mm ~ 80mm (larger swivel option available)

Power Supply

AC220V±10% 50Hz or AC110V 60HZ

Marking samples

laser marking rotary













































































Download sheet

cylinder engraving machine


Cylindrical Laser Engraving Machine HS-FL30-R

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Customer questions & answers

Can Both Flat and Cylindrical Surfaces Be Marked? Yes, our fiber laser marking machine is versatile and can efficiently mark on both flat and cylindrical surfaces with precision. Can the Machine Be Customized for Specific Requirements? Certainly, we offer customization options to cater to your unique engraving needs. What Kind of Support and Warranty is Provided? We offer comprehensive after-sales support and a robust warranty to ensure your peace of mind. What Post-Purchase Support Options Are Available? After your purchase, we provide comprehensive support in English via platforms like Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, and email. For software-related issues, we offer remote troubleshooting through TeamViewer. In case of hardware problems, we assist with diagnostics and facilitate part replacements as needed.    

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Customer reviews

Andy Mustin
Andy Mustin

I was worried if the machine would be damaged during transportation. The facts told me that my worries were unwarranted, the machine was well packed and arrived to me in perfect condition.

Carl Garcia
Carl Garcia

Overall, I’m very happy with it, it takes some time to install the machine and accessories, but it was easy for me. The engraving turned out perfect as well.

Chris Meyer
Chris Meyer

A very nice machine that can not only mark flat surfaces but also on cylindrical products.