Cordless Dot Peen Marking Machine HS-PE02-BWF

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$1950 ~ $2850

Portable, Durable and Wireless Control

  • Portable: Ensures operation anywhere
  • Integrated Battery: Continuous marking sessions
  • Durable: Robust metal casing
  • Wireless Control: Enables distant operation

Fast, Multilingual Engraving Software

  • Fast Engraving: Quick, deep marking
  • Versatility: Texts, numbers, dates, logos
  • Auto-Content Change: Enhances efficiency
  • Multilingual: Usable in various languages

Machine Main Specifications

  • Engraving area - 3.54in x1.18in (HS-PE02-BWF)
  • Engraving speed – 1.18-1.57in/s
  • Charging power – AC 100V-240V

Product Applications

  • Permanent Marking: Guarantees lasting imprints on large metal parts
  • Versatile Applications: Excellently suits VIN marking, metal pipe labeling, aluminum duct engraving, and more

Shipping: Air Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS). Also can arrange delivery by air or by sea.


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Guarantee: One Years Free Warranty (We will send spare part for replace if any machine part broken)

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All-In-One Portable Marking Solution

Experience unmatched versatility with our cordless dot peen marking machine. Designed for portability and durability, the marking machine enables fast, permanent marking on large metals.
The machine supports various markings and wireless remote control, making it an optimal solution for diverse marking applications. Equipped with feature-rich software, it caters to a global user base. Experience efficiency on the move today.


What Can Our Portable Cordless Dot Peen Marker Do for You?

Our portable dot peen marker has a design that allows it to adapt to a variety of marking tasks. Here is how this dynamic machine shines in different applications:

dot pin marker specification
  • Automotive Industry

Our portable dot peen marking machine flawlessly engraves Vehicle Identification Numbers (VINs), engine numbers, and motorcycle frame numbers on cars, trucks, and motorcycles. This ensures accurate tracking, easy identification, and efficient management across the automotive industry.

  • Pipelines

Our cordless portable marking machine is perfect for labeling metal pipes used in gas, water, or oil transportation, guaranteeing clear, durable markings for effective tracking.

  • HVAC Sector

For precise engravings on aluminum ducts, our dot peen marking machine is the go-to tool, ensuring markings that last, irrespective of the environment.

  • Heavy Industries

For permanent markings on large metal parts, our portable dot peen marker is invaluable. It guarantees traceability and efficient inventory management.

  • Equipment Management

Our handheld dot peen marking machine can skillfully engrave frame numbers on large equipment or structures, aiding in their swift identification and record maintenance.

  • Sheet Metal Marking

Whether it is steel or aluminum sheets, our dot peen marking machine ensures robust markings, enhancing brand visibility, traceability, and regulatory adherence.

  • Aerospace Industry

Marking critical data on aircraft components is a breeze with our portable dot peen marking system, contributing to safety and traceability.

  • Industrial Tools

For marking industrial tools and equipment, our electric metal marking engraving machine offers engravings that are both deep and clear, withstanding heavy use and tough conditions.

  • Manufacturing Units

The machine excels in marking part numbers, batch numbers, and other details on manufacturing parts, improving inventory management and quality control.

  • Asset Management

Our portable marking machine effectively marks metal assets up to HRC60 hardness, streamlining inventory tracking and ensuring easy asset identification.

Our handheld cordless dot peen marking machine is your one-stop solution for all your marking needs. Catering to various industries, this machine is here to ensure you get precise, high-quality markings, whatever your requirements may be!

handheld dot peen marking samples

Why Should You Choose Our Cordless Dot Peen Marking Machine?

Here at HeatSign, we believe in bringing convenience, innovation, and efficiency together to help streamline your marking tasks. Our cordless dot peen marking machine stands out for many reasons:

  • No Need for Air Source

Unlike traditional handheld pneumatic marking machines that require an air source, our machine’s marking needle is driven electromagnetically. This means you save on costs for an air compressor and enjoy the convenience of a truly portable device.

  • User-Friendly Software

While touchscreen marking systems may seem fancy, our PC-based software is far more flexible. It allows easy importing of graphics and can be customized to your local language for enhanced usability.

  • True Cordless Experience

Bid farewell to tangled cords and limited movement. Our machine uses Wi-Fi for data transmission, providing a seamless and truly cordless experience, ready to adapt to different marking scenarios.

  • Tablet-PC Compatible

No need to lug around a heavy computer. Install our software on a Windows tablet PC for a lightweight, convenient marking solution!

In essence, choosing our Handheld Cordless Dot Peen Marking Machine means choosing a product that’s tailor-made to simplify and revolutionize your marking operations. So why wait? Transform your marking experience today!

dot pin marking machine size

How to Operate the Handheld Cordless Dot Peen Marking Machine?

Here is a quick guide:

  • Power Up: Install the batteries and start the cordless dot peen machine.
  • Connect: Plug in the WIFI receiver, connect to your computer, and open the ThoxX6 software.
  • Create & Mark: Input your desired content in the software, then start marking!

Refer to the attached instructional video for a more detailed walkthrough. Start marking with ease today!

Technical Parameters



Type of Handheld Metal Engraver

Portable Dot Marking & Engraving


Thor X6

Standard Marking Area

90mm x 30mm

Base support

Frame Bracket

Marking Speed

1~3 characters/s (5mm height)

Preciseon Repeatability


Marking Depth

0.05mm~0.5mm(per material)

Charging Power

AC 100V ~ 240V 50HZ/60HZ

Other Device Request

Computer or Tablet PC (Windows System)

Speical Technology

Computer software remote wireless control

Marking Samples

Cordless Dot Peen Marking MachineCordless Dot Peen Marking Samplehand-held dot peen markinglogo markingpin markingiron marking

Download Sheet

dot peen marking machine handheld
Cordless Dot Peen Marking Machine

Download file

Customer questions & answers

What about the battery life? Does the machine require frequent battery changes? A fully charged cordless dot peen marker can work for 3~4 hours, if you need to work for a long time without interruption, we recommend you buy an extra battery. Is the machine capable of marking curved product parts? HeatSign cordless dot peen marking machine has a design that enables precision marking on flat surfaces. While it ensures top-notch quality on flat surfaces, it is not suited for marking curved product parts. How quickly can I expect delivery of the machine? We ship via DHL, FedEx, UPS, and other couriers. Typically, you can expect to receive your machine within 7-10 business days after payment for your order, depending on your location. Is the machine software easy to use and available in multiple languages? Of course! The HS-PE02 BWF provides easy-to-use software and supports multiple languages, but the default is Chinese and English, if you need other languages, please contact us to customize it before placing an order. What is your after-sales policy? We are committed to customer satisfaction. If you encounter any issues with the machine, our dedicated after-sales team is available to assist. We offer a 1-year warranty on the machine, and any defects or malfunctions during this period will be addressed promptly.

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Customer reviews

Laura Olvera
Laura Olvera

I like the integrated touch screen design of the machine, which makes operation smooth and simple. Simplifies cumbersome processes and meets our metal working needs.

Smiling man with stubble against gray background.
Jack Sharp

We bought this machine to mark VINs and it’s not very heavy, I can easily label with it and I’m very happy with the results.