60W Mopa Fiber Laser Marking Machine HS-FL60M

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$4300 ~ $5300

Highly Efficient

  • High-Speed Marking: Efficient and fast for high-volume needs.
  • Stable Performance: Offers consistent, reliable marking.
  • Flexible Marking Range: Standard with options for broader applications.

Long Life Span

  • Efficient Power: Minimal power loss.
  • 24/7 Operation: Supports uninterrupted work.
  • Durability: Life of up to 100,000 hours.
  • Safety First: Equipped with essential safety features.


  • Pulse Duration 2 ~ 350ns
  • Engraving Depth ≤ 0.2mm (Depending on the material)
  • Marking area - 150mm x 150mm(Customizable for larger marking zones)
  • Output laser power 30Watts
  • Marking speed of 0-8000mm/s

MACHINE Applications

  • Enhanced Power: Handles more materials than standard markers.
  • Material Versatility: Marks metals to resilient composites.
  • Unmatched Adaptability: Broad application spectrum.
  • And more

Shipping: Air Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS). Also can arrange delivery by air or by sea.


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Guarantee: 1 Years Free Warranty

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Brief introduction to the 50W 60W Mopa Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The 60W MOPA laser marker might be pricier than the 30W version, but it’s worth the cost. It lasts longer, works faster, and can mark a broader range of materials. Simply put, you get more bang for your buck. This machine’s strong power pushes it ahead of most standard markers, allowing it to handle all sorts of materials with ease.

Think of it this way: whether you’re working with metals or tougher materials, the 60 watt mopa fiber laser version is up to the task. It doesn’t just mark; it does so with top-notch quality and offers a variety of styles. For anyone looking for a reliable and versatile marking tool, this is the one.

mopa fiber laser engraver

Applications of the MOPA Laser Marker:

Our 50w and 60w mopa fiber laser markers are versatile tools. Not only can they mark on metal, but they also excel in specific tasks like creating black marks on aluminum or adding color to stainless steel. In fact, they do these jobs even better than the 30w version. For a list of other ways you can use our laser markers, check out the reference below.

  • Deep Engraving on Metals: Due to its enhanced power, the jpt 50w 60w mopa fiber laser marker can engrave deeper into metals, making it ideal for industries that require durable and long-lasting marks, such as tooling or automotive parts.
  • Marking on Ceramics: While fiber lasers are often associated with metals, the 50w 60w jpt fiber laser machine can efficiently mark ceramics , offering applications in decor, kitchenware, and more.
  • High-Speed Line Marking: For industries that prioritize speed, such as packaging or manufacturing lines, the 60W power ensures faster line marking without compromising quality.
  • PCB Board Marking: Efficiently replaces traditional stickers and prints with laser-engraved barcodes and 2D codes on delicate epoxy resin surfaces, ensuring precise and easily scannable results.
  • Chip and IC Marking: Employs laser precision to create a 2×2 mm 2D code on electronic chips without damaging the substrate. Additionally, it offers clear and efficient font marking on IC chips, eliminating the need for older printing methods.
  • Crystal Engraving: Perfectly suited for single line marking on crystals, providing consistently uniform lines and high precision for digital text engravings.

Why Choose the 60W MOPA Fiber Laser Marking Machine ?

JPT MOPA fiber lasers are a worthwhile choice for many businesses due to their:

1.Enhanced Efficiency: The 50w 60w mopa fiber laser fiber laser marking machine consistently outperforms its 30W counterpart, particularly when marking specific materials such as black on aluminum and producing vibrant colors on stainless steel.

2.Versatile Material Compatibility: Its higher power ensures that the jpt 50W 60W machine can mark a broader spectrum of materials, handling everything from metals to specific resilient composites that might challenge traditional marking machines.

3. Faster and Deeper Marking: Owing to its higher power output, the 60W machine can achieve deeper and faster markings, ensuring high-quality results in less time.

4. Greater Longevity and Stability: Typically, the 60W MOPA laser marker offers a longer operational lifespan. It doesn’t always have to run at peak, reducing wear and tear. Additionally, many 60W models come equipped with features like isolators to protect the fiber laser window, further improving stability and durability.

Given these advantages, investing in the 60W MOPA fiber laser marking machine clearly promises a combination of speed, versatility, and lasting performance, making it a superior choice for diverse marking needs.

Technical Parameters



Graphic Format Supported:


Laser Type:

Fiber Laser, JPT MOPA M7

Cooling Mode:

Air Cooling

Control Software:


Marking Area:


Output power

50W or 60W

Minimum Character:


Working Accuracy:


Mode of Operation:


Applicable Material:

Metal Materials

Marking Speed:


Electrical Requirements:


Pulse Repetition Rate Range:

1~4000 kHz

Pulse Duration:


Marking samples

mopa laser markingmopa marking for stainess steelmopa marking mopa marking for metalmopa engraving for metal30w mopa engraver










































































Download sheet

60 watt mopa fiber laser

60W Mopa Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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Customer questions & answers

Is it user-friendly for beginners? Yes, the 60 Watt MOPA Laser Printer has been designed with user-friendliness in mind. However, for best results, we still recommend that you read the user manual carefully or receive proper training before using it for the first time. What makes the 60W version stand out from standard markers? This machine offers excellent value for money, with its advanced power performance and versatility allowing it to meet most marking requirements. Not only does it mark accurately, but it also offers a wide range of marking styles and effects. When will my 60W MOPA laser marker be ready for despatch after I have placed my order? Normally, once an order has been confirmed, the 60W MOPA laser marker will be dispatched to you within three days.. Is there a warranty or support service? Our 60W MOPA laser marking machines come with our one year warranty. Support services such as troubleshooting and technical instruction are also usually available. For specific warranty and service details, please consult our professional staff.  

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Customer reviews

photo Noah Wright
Noah Wright, New York – USA

We are using this equipment to mark large spare parts of agricultural machinery. This is perhaps the only solution on the market when portability is perfectly combined with efficiency.

Nicholas Taylor, Ohio – USA

HS-PFL20 Portable Handheld Laser Engraver is very convenient and unpretentious. I liked the fact that it does not require consumables. The quality of the design and its execution do not require skills for its installation, even a schoolboy will be able to manage it. We purchased this printer and increased productivity. It was also a great surprise that we reduced the lead time for the orders of our customers with its help. Summing up, it’s a great tool for a business and it is worth investing in!

HeatSign - Dot Peen marking Machine & industrial marking systems
Carl Chance, Houston – USA

Manufacturing small hi-tech parts for the tech industry is a challenge because precision and smart design are the name of the game – not forgetting keeping every millimeter of the part in one piece, of course. We couldn’t be happier with what these laser etching machines allow us to do, including to mark and make sure that no one can copy and claim the unique quality that we strive to offer to our clients.