20W Mini Fiber Laser Marker for Metal Parts

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$1800 ~ $3500

High Performance

  • Max speed up to 6000mm/s
  • High-quality, long-lasting markings
  • Long work life 50000 hours

High Flexibility and Convenience

  • Compact, user-friendly design for flexible use
  • No maintenance, no consumables
  • Easy control via computer or mobile device


  • Lightweight and air-cooled
  • Engraving Depth ≤ 0.2mm (Depending on the material)
  • Marking area - 100mm x 100mm
  • Output laser power 20Watts
  • Marking speed of 0-6000mm/s

MACHINE Applications

  • Metal and Jewelry Engraving: Detailed, precision marking
  • Automotive and Aerospace Marking: Clear identifications
  • Electronics and Watch Engraving: Personalized detailing.
  • And more

Shipping: Air Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS). Also can arrange delivery by air or by sea.


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Guarantee: 1 Years Free Warranty

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Brief Introduction to the 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The HeatSign 20W fiber laser marker is a compact, but potent marking machine, perfect for creating accurate, long-lasting marks on a variety of materials.
Controlling the mini but versatile marking tool is through a computer or mobile device and it leverages high-quality fiber laser technology for detailed and rapid marking.
Its user-friendly and environmentally friendly operation, coupled with its capacity for enduring engravings, makes it a versatile choice for many industries and applications.
If you are seeking an affordable but powerful mini fiber laser engraver, we offer insights based on our extensive experience with this product.

20w mini laser marker detail

What the 20W Fiber Laser Marking Machine Can Bring to You

You can consider the mini 20W fiber laser for the following reasons:

  • High-Quality Markings: Precision and power ensure sharp, long-lasting markings.
  • Flexibility: Compact design allows for versatile use in various workspaces.
  • Easy Control: User-friendly interface enables control via computer or mobile device.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Operates without consumables, leading to significant cost savings.
  • Time-Saving: High marking speed and maintenance-free design save time.
  • Wide Applications: Suitable for a range of materials and industries, meeting diverse marking and engraving needs.
  • Eco-Friendly: Supports sustainability goals with its eco-friendly operation.
laser etching and engraving machine

HS-MFL20 Mini Fiber Laser Engraver 

The HS-MFL20 20w fiber laser engraver is a mini marking machine that offers versatility in both content and material marking. 

It can engrave numbers, dates, different types of codes, and logos, even on a wide variety of materials. These include several metals, rubber, certain plastics, electroplating materials, and epoxy resin. This makes it an ideal marking solution for a broad spectrum of industries.

Our compact mini 20w fiber laser marking machine is among the most affordable laser engravers on the market. It can create permanent marks on your metal product parts without the need for consumables. As a result, it saves you money on usage, and alongside its portable design and easy-to-operate system, there is an increase in productivity.

Our compact laser markers are among the most affordable laser engravers on the market, creating permanent marks on your metal product parts without the need for consumables, saving you money on usage, with a portable design and an easy-to-operate system that increases your productivity.

Laser Marking Machine Focusing

How to Use the HS-MFL20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Welcome to our step-by-step instructional video on how to operate the HeatSign 20 watt mini fiber laser marking machine. We have designed this guide to walk you through each stage, ensuring that you can use our machine with ease and precision. 

In this instructional video are the following steps:
Step 1: Connect the machine to the power supply and turn it on.
Step 2: Connect the machine to your computer or phone and open the software.
Step 3: Create the desired marking content in the software.
Step 4: Adjust the focus and position of the engraving within the software.
Step 5: Set the output power, speed, and other parameters before starting the marking process.

Why Choose Our 20W Mini Fiber Laser Marker?

Our 20 watt fiber laser marker for metal offers numerous advantages and benefits for businesses. Here are the reasons why it is a preferred choice:

  • Computer-Controlled & Mobile Connectivity 

The portable 20 watt fiber laser marking machine allows for precise and consistent marking results. It can be controlled remotely from a computer or even a cellphone through a Wi-Fi connection. This flexibility enables operators to work efficiently and conveniently, even from a distance.

  • Portable design

The compact and portable design of our 20w laser marking machine makes it suitable for various workspaces. It can be easily carried and used in different locations, allowing businesses to bring the marking capabilities to wherever they are needed. This portability enhances flexibility and expands the range of applications.

  • Non-Contact Processing

Like any laser system, the handheld mini laser engraving machine 20W capability utilizes non-contact processing, which means it does not physically touch the surface being marked. This non-contact method ensures high-quality markings without causing any damage or deformation to the material. It is particularly important for delicate or sensitive objects that require precise and non-intrusive marking.

  • Abrasion-Resistant Marking

The laser marking system provided by our small fiber laser engraver is abrasion-resistant. This means the markings are permanent and remain clear over time, even in challenging environments. Enhanced traceability is achieved, as the markings can withstand harsh conditions and maintain legibility, ensuring reliable identification and tracking.

  • No Consumables

Unlike other marking methods, the 20 watt fiber laser machine does not require any consumables such as ink or cartridges. It operates solely based on laser technology, eliminating the need for ongoing material or ink replacements. This results in lower running costs for businesses and contributes to an eco-friendly approach by reducing waste generation.

  • Easy Operating System

Our portable 20w laser marking machine is equipped with a user-friendly operating system that facilitates quick learning and minimizes downtime. Operators can easily navigate through the interface, set parameters, and initiate marking tasks efficiently. This intuitive system enables businesses to streamline their operations and maximize productivity.

  • No Maintenance

The portable mini laser marking machine’s design makes it maintenance-free. It eliminates the need for regular servicing or component replacements, saving time and money in the long run. The absence of maintenance requirements ensures continuous operation and minimizes disruptions to business activities.

mini laser advantage

How can I get support after purchase?

We offer free online support in English via Skype, WhatsApp, WeChat, Email, Video, etc., after shipping. You can also request our TeamViewer software if you have a remote operation. If you experience hardware problems with our portable 20w fiber laser marking machine, we can guide you on which part to check and how to fix the problem free of any additional charges.

Technical Parameters



Laser Power Output


Laser Type

Fiber Laser

Cooling Mode

Air Cooling

Wave Length


Control Software


Laser Source Brand


Marking Area

110mm x110mm (we can customize bigger base on request)

Weight (KG)


Laser head

Sino-galvo Laser Head

Applicable Material

Metal Materials

Marking Speed


Marking Depth

0.01-0.2mm(Depends on your material)

Power supply

110V or 220V +/-10% 50Hz/60Hz

Marking samples

code markGear Laser Markingvice marking switch boxstainless steel markplastic mark













































































Download sheet

20w mini fiber laser marker for metal parts
20W Mini Laser Marking Machine

Download file

Customer questions & answers

Can I control the machine using a mobile phone? Yes, you can control our small fiber laser engraver using a mobile phone. The HS-MFL20 is designed to connect with your mobile device via Wi-Fi for added convenience and accessibility. What maintenance does the machine require? One of the key advantages of the HeatSign 20W fiber laser is its maintenance-free design. Thanks to its air-cooled system, there is no need for regular upkeep. However, it is advisable to keep the machine clean and dust-free for optimal performance. What types of symbols and codes can the HS-MFL20 machine mark? The HS-MFL20 can mark all texts, numbers, time & date, barcodes, 2D codes, QR codes, graphics, logos, and special symbols. How portable is the HS-MFL20 machine, and what is its weight? The HeatSign mini fiber laser 20W is portable and easy to move. It weighs only 15kg, offering flexibility and convenience for various workspace configurations. What is the warranty period for the core components of the HS-MFL20 machine? The core components of the HS-MFL20 machine come with a warranty period of 1 year. What industries would find the HS-MFL20 machine most useful? The 20 watt HS-MFL20 laser machine is versatile and caters to diverse marking and engraving needs across industries including electronics, automotive, telecom, jewelry engraving, sanitary ware, plastic key buttons, integrated circuits (IC), and instruments.  

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Scott Capo
Scott Capo

This small machine is a space saver, great for marking metal parts, and can quickly mark beautiful results.