100W Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine

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  • Special design for laser cleaning
  • Easy to use
  • Suitcase design making it well portable
  • Low maintenance cost


  • Portable and handheld
  • Compact structure
  • Wireless Control
  • Anti-reflection protection


  • Customizable Output Beam Diameter – 4.0mm±0.5mm
  • Output Method: Pulsed/CW
  • Power supply - 220V or 110V
  • Weight – 28kg


  • Specially made for laser cleaning
  • Metal surface paint or rust removal
  • offline mode is available
  • Suitable Various Metal Surface

Shipping: Air Express (DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS). Also can arrange delivery by air or by sea.


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Guarantee: 1 Year Free Warranty

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100W Laser Cleaning Machine

100w fiber laser cleaning machine

There are many techniques ideal for cleaning metallic and non-metallic appliances. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. However, the advent of laser cleaning has made other methods look strenuous and unreasonable.

While the laser cleaning process is less strenuous, its efficiency and effectiveness depend on the laser cleaning machine you are using. For effective and efficient laser cleaning, the laser cleaner is the perfect laser cleaning machine. Check out below the unique features, applications, and benefits you can enjoy by using the Our handheld laser cleaning machine.

What Can the 100W Laser Cleaning Machine Do For You?

The 100W laser cleaning machine is a popular laser cleaning machine used in different capabilities. Do you have a project and you are unsure whether it will be a suitable cleaning machine? Check out a list of applications of the HeatSign handheld laser cleaning machine.

laser cleaning samples

Surface cleaning is the most basic application of any laser cleaning machine. However, the laser cleaner makes it easier. It is suitable for any cleaning activities, whether such as rust removal, paint removal, degreasing, and material restoration.

· Metal Surface Rust Removal

If you operate under a heavy metal manufacturing company, the HeatSign 100W laser cleaning machine is your perfect laser rust removal machine. It is a perfect and ideal choice for companies dealing with de-rusting or deoxidation that is common in the heavy metal manufacturing industry.

· Spot Repair

HeatSign handheld laser cleaning machine being a handheld machine makes it the perfect handheld laser cleaning machine for cleaning spots of impurities on a material. It has a 4.0mm±0.5mm laser beam diameter which you can manipulate easily for on-the-spot repair

· Paint Cleaning

HeatSign 100W laser cleaning machine is also suitable for paint removal. This makes it an ideal choice if you work where paint can stain metallic objects.

· Oil Contamination Removal

With the 100W laser cleaning machine, you also have a machine perfect for clearing oil, grease, or other products from metallic and non-metallic materials. Therefore, it is an important laser cleaning machine if you work in the manufacturing and repair industry, where an accumulation of moisture, dirt, and grease is common.



The laser cleaner is subtribe for cleaning metallic materials. It is a low-power laser cleaning machine that does not produce much heat while performing an impeccable cleaning process. Depending on the power of the laser beam, the handheld laser cleaning machine is suitable for working with aluminum alloys, stainless steel, hard plastics, etc. Thus, you can easily clean the weld spots from the surface of the materials at great speed.

Benefits of Using the 100W Laser Cleaning Machine

Why is the HeatSign 100W laser cleaning machine the perfect laser clearing machine for your project? The machine displays the advantages of laser cleaning, such as it is a non-contact process, it avoids chemicals, no production of secondary waste, non-degradative, etc. However, these are not its only advantages. The handheld laser cleaning machine is better than other laser cleaning machines of its specs based on its features, designs, etc. Below are a few benefits of using our handheld laser cleaning machine

· It has an Ergonomic Design

One of the things that set the HeatSign handheld laser cleaning machine apart is its ergonomic design. It has a trolley design, the handheld part weighs 0.62kg, and is connected to the main control box by a 5m long delivery cable. Therefore, it is easy to clean easily. Also, the whole laser cleaning machine weighs 28kg, something unlike most competitors. Therefore, you can easily carry it from one point to another.

· It Does Not Produce Secondary Waste

With other methods of removing waste, secondary waste is produced. However, using HeatSign laser cleaning machine is a cleaner process. The machine leaves no evidence of the impurities on cleaning. It either vaporizes it or turns it into plasma

· It has High Precision

The HeatSign handheld laser cleaning machine ranks top amongst its contemporary. The focused laser beam has an output beam diameter of 4.0mm±0.5mm. This makes the laser rust removing machine capable of working in tight and free space altogether. For example, the beam can be adjusted to clean around bolts and rails of different sizes. Also, the output power and the output laser beam, and operator doggedness will allow you to focus the handheld on a specific area for deep cleaning.

· Wide Surface Supports

The Heatsign handheld laser cleaning machine for a low-power laser cleaning machine can remove rust and other impurities from many materials. It has been used and accepted to remove the following:

  • Cleaning the verdigris on the copper alloy surface
  • Cleaning the oxides and pollutants on steel tubes surface
  • De-rusting on track

· It is a Long Term Solution

The HeatSign handheld laser cleaning machine does not cause product wear and tear. Therefore, you can use and reuse it over its lifetime.


How Can the Heatsign handheld laser cleaner Grow Your Business?

The Heatsign handheld laser cleaning machine is the ideal low-power laser cleaning machine ideal for different cleaning operations. Do you work in a metal-related industry or do you deal with paint and oil and you experience issues with cleaning contaminants? Then this laser cleaning machine can make cleaning efficient and effective.

Why Choose Our Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine?

We understand that there are many laser cleaning machines out there. However, what makes our machine unique from the competition. Do you desire quality? Then check the reasons below why you should choose our laser rust removal machine.

Other Suppliers’ Machines

Traditional laser cleaning machine design that reduces portability. Therefore, you will not find it easy to carry the laser cleaning machine from one point to another.

Grosses about >48kg making it less portable.

No anti-reflection protection mostly does not exist.

The laser cleaning machines do not support wireless control.

Comes with a few packaging items such as manipulator, inbuilt optical system.

Larger than 10mm which reduces their compatibility with many materials in terms of size.

Our Laser Cleaning Machines

A trolley type chassis design that makes it easy for you to carry it one point to another. This makes it a traditional laser cleaning machine with a modern portable approach.

Weighs 28kg and the handheld part excluding the wire weight 0.62Kg. This further improves its portability.

It has anti reflection properties which improves performance, damage resistance, and stability.

HeatSign laser cleaning machine supports wireless control. It can realize parameter setting, emission control and update parameters.

Comes with Laser Safety Goggle, F-theta lens: f=163mm, F-theta lens: f=254mm, Remote control card, Power cord, USB Type-C.

Output laser beam diameter of 4.0mm±0.5mm. Therefore, it is ideal for marking small and laser cleaning metal surface efficiently and effectively.

Price of the handheld laser cleaning machine

An important factor when searching for a good product is the price. For the handheld laser cleaning machine, the price ranges are diverse depending on your need. You should get in touch with us so we can guide you in selecting the best one as we have years of experience in the field. You can visit our website to get to know several options you could use.

Technical Parameters




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Laser Cleaning Samples

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100W Laser Cleaner

100W laser cleaning machine

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Customer questions & answers

What is laser cleaning? Laser cleaning is a process that involves using a laser beam to remove rust, paint, oxide, and other contaminants from a metal surface. It is highly efficient and effective than other methods such as scraping.   How much does a laser rust removal machine cost? The cost of a laser rust removal machine depends on the quality, features, effectiveness, and efficiency it delivers. The HeatSign 100W handheld laser cleaning machine costs are varied, with different configurations depending on your needs, and delivers in terms of the above qualifications.   Does laser rust removal really work? Yes, laser rust removal is an effective way to remove rust on your metal surfaces. Unlike methods such as scraping, washing, etc., the method is effective and efficient. Among the other methods, laser rust removal ranks top.   How does the handheld laser cleaning machine work? The handheld laser cleaning machine uses a laser beam to ablate the surface of the metal. The laser beam converts the rust, impurities, or other forms of contamination to plasma.   How much does a cleaning laser cost? The cost of a laser rust removal machine depends on the output power, quality, features, effectiveness, and efficiency it delivers. The HeatSign handheld laser cleaning machine costs and delivers in terms of the above qualifications.   Is this machine suitable for cleaning engine blocks? Yes, the HeatSign handheld laser cleaning machine can clean engine blocks. The output laser beam diameter of 4.0mm±0.5mm makes it easy to clean intricate parts while the power makes it ideal for working with different thicknesses of rust and materials Therefore, it is important to use the right power range, laser beam output diameter, and repeat frequency.

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Customer reviews

antony; heat sign; executive
John Waterford, Lincolnshire – United Kingdom

HeatSign has definitely offered me the peace of mind I was looking for. Producing for, and supplying, the medical industry as I do, I can only offer precision and reliability with a clean and robust aspect, when it comes to the equipment my clients get from me. And these fiber laser machines deliver nothing less than amazing results.

HeatSign - Dot Peen marking Machine & industrial marking systems
Carl Chance, Houston – USA

Manufacturing small hi-tech parts for the tech industry is a challenge because precision and smart design are the name of the game – not forgetting keeping every millimeter of the part in one piece, of course. We couldn’t be happier with what these laser etching machines allow us to do, including to mark and make sure that no one can copy and claim the unique quality that we strive to offer to our clients.