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5w jpt uv5W uv laser marking machine

5W JPT UV Laser Marking Machine HS-UV05

$6800 ~ $7500

1.How is the machine packaged to prevent damage during transit?

We take utmost care in packaging your investment. The machine is first secured in custom-fitted foam or padding, then placed in a sturdy, wooden crate or a corrugated box with shock-absorbing material. This robust packaging is designed to withstand rough handling and long journeys.

2.Is there a warranty on the UV Laser Marking Machine?

Absolutely. The machine comes with a one-year warranty that covers any quality issue and any defects.

3.Are there anrograms available for new users?

Yes, we want to ensure you feel confident using your new machine. We provide instructional videos, detailed manuals, and even offer remote control support to guide, ensuring your team can fully leverage the machine’s capabilities.

4. How do I order replacement parts or accessories for the machine?

Ordering replacements is a breeze. You can order directly through our website or contact customer service. We maintain a comprehensive stock of parts and accessories, and we can guide you through installation or provide a technician if needed.

5. Can the UV Laser Marking Machine be integrated into my existing production line?

Certainly. Please talk to our technical team about your needs before you buy. Our technical support team will customise the right machine for you to integrate into your production line according to your production needs.