Plastic Engraving and Marking Solutions

Plastic is a basic material on par with glass, wood, metals and paper. It is a multi-billion dollar business that continues to grow at a rate faster than most other industries in the world. In matters of part inscribing, this means plastic laser marking machine is on the list of key equipment for businesses working with this material.


Applications Plastics Engraving Machine Suppliers Provide For

Plastic markings are used in every major manufacturer including automotive parts, pipe and fittings, packaging, construction, electronics, household appliances and consumer goods, to mention just a few. Some applications are considered classic examples of inscribing on this material, like etching on keyboards and buttons, sensors, identification tags for animals or toys.


How Plastic Laser Engraving Machine Works

The high-energy light beam used in the device is absorbed into the material and its energy is converted into heating, providing the treatment necessary for different types of plastics. The imprints left are accomplished by etching, foaming, color changing or engraving, or the combination of those methods. The choice of the method depends on the peculiarities of the material and the desired result.

Laser marking

Challenges for Plastic Laser Marking Machine Manufacturers

Laser engraving plastic demands both scientific and creative approach. Different material types behave differently while progressing with laser marking plastic, and there are lots of them: polypropylene, polyethylene, polyamide, acrylic, nylon, silicone and many more. Moreover, various additives and fillers are used in to improve the qualities of the material resulting in even bigger range of types. This means not any solution can ensure quality result on your product.
If you have decided to buy laser etching machine for plastic, make sure the chosen one handles all material sorts, natural, colored or transparent, with different additives, like HeatSign’s solutions do. And before you buy the marking machine, it’s better to test the device against the sample of your material.


Choosing Laser over InkJet

Before, inkjet used to be the most preferred marking machine for plastics. As of today, inkjet has long lost the competition to laser method (with the exception of several very specific applications) due to some uncomfortable disadvantages:
● Needs post-production
● Requires consumables and disposing of wasted resources
● Easily wears off in time or upon exposure
Laser marking technology offers easy and comfortable inscribing process requiring only the power supply and producing zero waste and emission. The imprints are very precise and permanent, and the part processed is ready to be used at once.

Some of the Fiber Laser marking samples:

plastic marking_system

Some of the CO2 Laser marking plastic samples:

Marking For Wood

Why Buy Laser Engraving and Marking Solutions from HeatSign?

The benefits of our equipment for etching in general and processing different materials in particular are acknowledged by our many customers in the industry.
● Expertise. Experts at HeatSign understand material science, thus ensuring the best results
● Reliability. HeatSign is listed among the most respectable etching machine suppliers
● Client-oriented. HeatSign always aims to exceed customers’ expectations, maximizing the value of end-products
● User-friendly. Our machines are easy to use and offer speed, flexibility and comfort for the operator
● Eco-friendly. Our equipment eliminates any potential threat to nature and human health
● The best quality. Our solutions guarantee unprecedented quality, speed, contrast, accuracy and durability of the imprints