Military Defence Industry Marking Solutions

The defence industry has mandatory and specific permanent marking requirements for identification of military property, due to the heavy and harsh usage of the machines/tools. HeatSign marking caters to, and meets, all high standards set for the military and defence industry.

Military Defence Marking Requirements

  • High levels of accuracy and clarity
  • Permanent usage and environment resistant marks
  • Crystal clear 2D bar codes
  • Effective direct part marking of unique IDs
  • Easy operation and problem-free maintenance


HeatSign Marking Solutions

  • Fiber Laser Marking System is our offering for perfect Bar Code, 2D and Data Matrix Code creation, as it produces permanent marks (0.001m) of greater accuracy and superior quality
  • Dot Peen Marking Machine can be fitted with a rotary axis device that promises high-precision direct part marking on various surfaces – flat, circular and others
  • Four different marking pins fulfill a variety of marking needs
  • Marking machines and accessories are powerful and strong, offering high-speed, accurate and deeper permanent marks on the toughest of equipment or parts
  • Flexible Marking Solutions customizable to individual marking needs in various industries

Recommended Laser and Dot Peen Marking Machine