Marking System for Metal Processing Industry

HeatSign is in the business of providing marking systems to every possible metal producing and metal processing industry including iron, steel, aluminium and brass. Our highly productive traceability systems offer efficient and speedy functionality, resulting in marks that are permanent and stress-resistive.

Dot Peen Marking Machines for Metal Processing and Metal Production


  • HS-DP01 and HS-PM01 are inflatable dot peen marking machines that we highly recommend for metal processing
  • Dot peen marking technology offers permanent, low-stress and economical direct part marking (DPM) on metal
  • They have the capacity to make continuous dot or line marks on a variety of metal products and material
  • Dot Peen marking technique efficiently marks all types of surfaces – straight,flat and circle.
  • Both hard and soft metals are permanently marked with the same intricacy and accuracy
  • Advanced Thor X6 software enables marking of a variety of uniquely shaped numbers and letters such as bar codes, graphics, 2D codes and VIN numbers
  • Tungsten alloy pins are used for etching perfect marks on hard metal surfaces with HRC60 hardness

Laser Marking Machines for Metal Processing and Metal Production


  • HeatSign recommends Fiber Laser Marking Machine HS-LF20, due to the level of clarity and accuracy it offers the metal processing industry
  • This fiber laser marking machine creates exceptional forms on all types of metal such as silver, gold, brass, steel, titanium and is considered outstanding for stainless steel
  • It offers high speed, amazing accuracy and precision
  • Maintenance is low, operation is easy and it is economical. The machine offers excellent control even to a first-time user
  • Marking is quick, clean, accurate, legible and easily reproducible