Medical Instrument Marking Solutions

The most popular metal used by manufacturers in the making of medical/surgical instruments is stainless steel, nicknamed surgical stainless steel. Most of these instruments are small in size, making the production of clear and legible identification marks that much more challenging.

HeatSign uses advanced marking technologies to produce marks on tiny or even nano medical instruments. The engraved or etched marks are legible and accurate to the highest degree.

HeatSign’s Marking Solutions for Medical and Surgical Instruments:

  • HS-FL 10 Fiber Laser marker is the recommended marking system
  • Marks compact and minute instruments
  • Life span of around 50000 hours, which is much longer than regular
  • Produces wear-resistant and durable marks that can withstand intense wear and tear
  • Customized highly flexible working tables that make it easier to mark a wide-range of parts

Medical Instrument Industry

Recommended Laser Marking Systems