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Max Laser Source

Max photonics fiber laser source for laser marking, engraving, cutting, etc.

  • The core device is self-produced, and the price is competitive.
  • It can do Intelligent customization.
  • Beam quality is good.
  • Strong research and development capabilities, a variety of series products are widely used in laser marking, laser cutting, laser welding and laser cleaning.
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What can Maxphotonics Laser Source Do for You?

Max laser developed Q-switch pulsed fiber laser source, providing a variety of output power models from 5W to 70W, using isolator output, operating parameters set through the 25Pin control interface, can be directly integrated into the user’s equipment, suitable for many industrial and scientific research applications, can meet most of the plastic marking and all metal materials marking, etching, deep engraving, surface cleaning, high-precision thin plate cutting, drilling and other applications.

It can also be used for fine marking, fine cutting, laser punching, laser scribing, etc.

It is widely used in home appliances, 3C electronics, chips, packaging and other industries.

Why Choose Max Fiber Laser?

  • High reliability: full-optical fiber, no space optical device, less fault
  • The marking is fine: the beam quality is good, the pulse is small, the marking graph is more delicate
  • Easy to integrate: new design is small and sturdy, more suitable for integration into your device
  • Intelligent manipulation: Built-in cooling fan can intelligently adjust the wind speed, convenient energy saving and no maintenance.
  • Sealing structure: using a full sealing structure, dust-proof moisture, to ensure the machine for a long time
  • After sales: MaxPhotonics fiber laser warranty time is usually at least 2 years

How to Uninstall and Install the Maxphotonics Fiber Laser Source?

In the laser marking machine, the laser source replacement method is almost same. The following video is not a demonstration of the max laser but also can give you a good reference.

1. Check if the size of the max photonics laser source and the installation hole are matched with your installation location, if there is no problem, install the Max laser source to the suitable position.
2. Check if the laser interface and the cable match your software board interface, if there is no problem, connect the laser software motherboard.
3. The laser source also needs to power on, so you need to connect to the 24V switching power supply.
4. Install the laser head output part on the optical path.

What are the Details of Our Recommended Max Laser Source?

Model MFP-10W MFP-20W MFP-30W MFP-50W MFP-70W
Nominal Power 10W 20W 30W 50W 70W
Mode of Operation Pulsed
Polarization Random
Power Tunability 10 to 100%
Wavelength 1064 ± 5 nm
Power Stability ≤3 %
Laser Beam Quality M² 1.2~1.5 1.3~1.8
Pulse Energy 0.45 mJ 0.68 mJ 1 mJ 1.45 mJ
Pulse Duration 0.67 80~120 ns 100~140 ns
Repetition Rate 20~60 kHz 30~60 kHz 50~80 kHz 50~170 kHz
Length 1.9~3m standard, other lengths optional 3m standard, other lengths optional
Beam Diameter 6~8 mm
Beam Ellipticity 90%
Supply Voltage 24 VDC
Operating Temperature +10 to +42℃
Storage Temperature -10 to +60℃
Humidity 10 to 95%
Cooling Method Air Cooling
Dimension 345×266.2×120 mm
Weight 10 kg 12 kg

How to Choose the Right Max Photonics Laser Source for You?

Since HeatSign specializes in industrial marking, let’s talk about the low-power pulsed laser source which is used in laser marking machines.

The choice is mainly based on your applications. The main considerations are the following factors,

Power: Usually maxphotonics laser hot sale fiber laser source is  20W, 30W, 50W and 70W lasers, if you have higher requirements for marking depth and efficiency, then choose a higher output power laser as possible, let me give you an example, suppose you mark 0.1mm depth on aluminum, maybe 20W takes 30 seconds, 30W only takes 23 seconds. We have done a test for the efficiency of different power engraving depth, you can see the video below.


Price: We recommend the MFP-XXW series here, for example, the MFP-20W means that the output power is at least 20W standard, of course, if you have a limited budget you can also consider some lite versions, such as the MFP-30L, this version is much cheaper than the MFP-30W, and the performance will not be reduced a lot, for example, the MFP-30W actual output power is at least 30W, the MFP-30L output power can reach 27W or 28W, and the peak power can reach 30W.


Adjustable Frequency: Usually maxphotonics pulsed lasers are adjustable from 20kHz to 80kHz, which is sufficient for general metal marking, but if you want to cover more applications, such as black marking on aluminum, color marking on stainless steel, and smooth etching on plastic, then consider purchasing maxphotonics’ MOPA series lasers, which can be adjusted for a wider range of frequencies and pulse widths to help you cover a wider range of marking applications.


Laser Source Life: Usually the fiber laser source life can reach 50000 to 100,000 hours, but this is only theoretical data, and the actual life is determined according to the factors such as your use environment and the frequency of use.

The laser source output power will decrease as you use it for a long time, so we recommend trying to select a laser source with high output power, such as a 50W MAX laser, even if the power decays to 40W after you use a few years, which still will not affect too much for your application.


In short, according to the marking results you want to achieve, as well as the range of materials you want to engrave and mark, and considering the service life of the max laser source, then choose the best laser source within your budget.