HeatSign uses Direct Part Marking (DPM) technology that makes it easier for manufacturers to trace their products from the beginning to the end of the supply chain. With more than 10-years experience in the industrial marking field, HeatSign is a technological leader for Dot Peen and Laser Marking machines and laser engravers.

Dot Peen Marking Machine: Also known as Point of Percussion technology, Dot Peening consists of a series of mechanical percussions done by a machine and a “peen” (needle.) The Dot Peen Marking Machine offers the most durable solution to the Automotive industry and many others.

Laser Marking Machine: Laser marking is widely used because it is applicable to a large number of materials and offers superior marking. This does not involve the use of any tool bits; however since the laser beam affects the characteristics of the material the laser beam is focused on, it has to be done by experienced professionals only, and we offer that expertise to our customers.

Perfect marking is a combination of many factors: Marking technology; Surface material; Surface shape; Marking Machine used.

Choose the material that you wish to mark with our marking system, such as metal, plastics, wood, acrylic, paper, glass, stone, leather etc. We will show you whether a specific material is best suited for Dot Peen or Laser marking technologies.

HS-DP01 | Pipe / fitting / tube circle marking | HeatSign - dot peen marking

Marking on Metal

HeatSign’s value-added metal marking services result in permanent and high-precision marks on a variety of metals. Our professional marking gives the marks the ability to withstand all temperatures and the harshest of environments.

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marking on camera | plastic engraving | HeatSign - marking machine

Marking on Plastic

Our fastest growing laser technology is the first choice for plastic marking and engraving. HeatSign offers Laser Marking machines that produce permanent marks at high speed for industrial traceability and coding. And laser markers are not maintenance mongers.

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Ceramic Marking | ceramic engraving | HeatSign - marking machine

Marking on Ceramic

HeatSign’s family of lasers offer high-quality permanent marks on a difficult to mark material like ceramic. Our ceramic marking machines are known for excellent laser beam quality and advanced control units, resulting in beautiful marks that enhance the value of ceramic products.

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laser engraving leather | HeatSign - marker machine

Marking on Leather

CO2 laser technology developed at HeatSign continues to rule the roost as far as permanent and damage-free leather marking is concerned. Long wavelengths and accuracy of our CO2 lasers ensures perfect marking results on expensive leather products and materials.

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wood engraving services | HeatSign - marking machine

Marking on Wood

HeatSign’s latest CO2 Laser Marking machine is the best solution for permanent laser marking on wood. It is the most cost-effective laser marking solution for industrial traceability on wood products, and applies perfectly even in high throughput production lines.

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Paper marking | HeatSign - marker machine

Marking on Paper and Cardboard

The variable speed and advanced start-stop systems make HeatSign’s Laser Marking machines sought after for a variety of Paper and Cardboard engraving that is highly legible and accurate.

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marking on glass | HeatSign - marking machine

Marking on Glass

Glass marking perfection is only achieved through the most advanced marking technology in the hands of experts. HeatSign meets both the conditions and produces beautiful Laser marking and engraving on glass that not only provides a clear identification of the product but also leaves the end buyers spellbound.

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gold marking and engraving

Marking on Gold

The marking and engraving of gold products need to take into account the wear and tear caused to the product during the process. HeatSign Dot Pin and laser marking equipment can create permanent marks quickly and clearly with almost no materials loss.

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silver ring engraving

Marking on Silver

There are many silver products that need to be marked and engraved, such as silver bar serial number marking, necklace logo engraving, ring text engraving, etc. Here you can find the right engraving and marking machines for your project.

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zinc engraving

Marking on Zinc

Zinc and galvanized products are very common in our lives. The laser marking machine can quickly form permanent marks on it. Would you like to know how to choose the correct zinc engraving machine? Click the button below.

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laser photo engraving marking

Engraving on Acrylic

CO2 laser engraving machine is the most suitable for marking, engraving, and cutting on acrylic sheets and acrylic products. Different power laser machines offer different marking efficiencies, so click the button below if you want to learn more.

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rubber marking

Engraving on Rubber

The engraving and marking of rubber products is also very important. For example, the engraving content on the tire allows consumers to understand the specifications of the tire. HeatSign’s CO2 laser marking machine can quickly mark permanent marks on rubber products.

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stone laser engraving marking

Marking on Stone

There are many types of stone, including marble and granite. Laser machines can engrave and mark on a variety of stones. You can engrave the graphics, text, numbers, dates, QR codes, bar codes, etc. you want.

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