Leather Engraving and Marking System

Leather is traditionally admired both for its unique features and magnificent looks. This is the kind of material that makes any item made of it special and outstanding. Especially if it is finished with leather laser engraving machine.
Clothes, shoes, accessories, furniture and gifts are traditional applications of this material. With a leather laser marker at service, one can engrave and cut it to personalize the item, decorate or apply inscriptions to provide identification and traceability.
The most popular types are:
● natural
● suede
● napped
● nubuck
● synthetic
● alcantara


What Can Be Marked with Leather Engraving Machine?

The most popular engravings are usually done on customization and decoration purposes.
● Personalized notebook covers with initials on them;
● embellished purses, wallets or belts;
● designer’s clothes, shoes, bracelets;
● cut artworks and souvenirs and many others.

But decoration is not the only reason to mark this material. Leather products carry with them several marking requirements, based on the country they are manufactured in. Some countries require that naturals be marked as “genuine” and synthetics as “manmade.” The fiber content, country of origin, manufacturer and care instructions are just a few of the permanent markings done by manufacturers, for identification purposes.

leather laser engraving machine | HeatSign - fiber laser engraver

Decorating and Finishing Options

As many other organic elements, leather is the most effectively marked by CO2 technology. Laser machine gently melts the upper layer of the surface, providing the attractive and accurate burnt marks. The thicker the material is, the more opportunities there are to regulate the depth of engraving and provide the detailed look.
Color is added by the burnt effect of the engravings. But the necessary intensity and contrast are only available on light colors, whereas on a dark surface only the classic carved look is possible.
Another option is to cut the material, leaving neat sealed edges. Some devices are not powerful enough to cut the necessary depth at once, resulting in damaged product and messy edges. Laser is the only engraving technology causing no wear and tear to this tough material. This contributes to the classy looks and longer product lifetime.


Laser Machine for Leather Engraving

The efficient CO2 laser engraving leather solution by HeatSign is one of the best tools in the industry.

The device handles the tough and highly resistant material gently, so as not to damage it.  It produces optimal results when branding the products or applying other information. This laser marking machine for leather has the ability to produce all sorts of signs including logos, graphics, serial numbers, codes etc. It can be used for creating true artworks on any leather type.


Benefits of the CO2 High Speed Leather Laser Engraving Machine by HeatSign

● HeatSign is one of the most trusted CO2 laser marking systems manufacturers
● The updated CO2 technology is capable of imprinting marks with greater accuracy and clarity
● Compact, flexible and adjustable aluminium working table for adjusting height and direction, allows easier beam focusing
● High-end digital scanning head offers complete stability of the device
● High-speed cooling system keeps amazingly cool air
● Clear cuts and deep, contrast engravings with no material damage
● Suited for industrial and individual use
● Requires no post-processing like some other engraving technologies
● Handling products of all sizes and forms

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