The Right Laser Wire Marker You Can Use for Quality Marking

For traceability and identification purpose, there is a need to mark wire cable. To achieve this, there is a need to understand the use of the right marking processes and machines. There are many processes suitable for wire marking. However, laser marking processes are the most common methods.

While this article will introduce the theory surrounding laser wire markers, you need to get the right laser wire marker for quality marking. Below is the best laser wire marker you can use for the quality marking process.

HS-FLY30 30W Online Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

hs fly30 30w online flying fiber laser marking machine

The HS-FLY30 30W Online Flying Fiber Laser Marking Machine is an ideal laser wire marker specially designed for the production line. It can mark continuously for 24 hours at a very high speed. Therefore, it is a very suitable marking machine for wire cables.

  • Output laser power – 30W / 50W
  • Marking speed – up to 7000mm/s
  • Marking area – 110mm x 110mm (additional options available)
  • Power supply – AC 110 V or AC 220V

Laser wire markers are important in marking wire cables as a means of traceability and identification. They operate using the laser marking technique and are suitable based on different features and functions. However, choosing the right laser marker for your project might be a tad challenging as there are many laser marking machines present in the market.

laser wire marking

To make selecting the ideal laser wire marker for your project smooth, this article introduces wire marking. It will discuss the different factors to consider when choosing a laser wire marker—looking for a perfect laser wire marker? This article shows you how to get the right one.

What is Laser Wire Marking?

Laser wire marking is a process that involves inscribing on wires information such as codes, numbers, etc., using a laser marking machine before installation. These pieces of information inscribe on wires are important in identification, installation, and post-installation.

Laser wire marking is better than other conventional marking methods as it does not alter the wire properties, produces permanent markings, and includes inks, masks, or other consumables. Also, the marking method is very precision which is important as the wire has a very small area.

Why You Need Laser Wire Marking?

why you need laser wire marking?

Using a laser wire marker might be the right step due to many reasons. Below are a few reasons why you need laser wire marking.

· Safety

Many facilities need many wires and most of these wires carry high voltage currents. Improper handling of such wire potentiated by incorrect labeling can lead to dire scenarios. For example, electricians can accidentally cut or unplug the wrong wire. This can lead to electrocution or fire. However, with a laser wire marking that provides the appropriate labeling, you can easily address these issues and prevent dire scenarios.

· Reliability

Wires are important in any part of daily life e.g.; they are crucial in electricity and data which keeps devices running. In some scenarios, there might be a need to unplug the wire and if not done well, it can result in the wrong machine going down. However, with correct laser wire marking, you can avoid such scenarios and improve the reliability of all the systems in a facility.

· Troubleshooting

Finding out the wire causing a problem can be very tasking. However, wires with proper markings are easier to identify. Therefore, you can easily trace the fault and correct them.

Wire Cables That Are Compatible with Laser Wire Marking

Laser wire marking is compatible with many wire cables. Below are a few ones it is fully compatible with.

· Ribbon Electric Cables

These cables comprise multiple parallel insulated wires, and they are suitable for transmitting multiple data simultaneously. For example, they apply hard drive to mortarboard connection and other networking devices.

· Shielded Cables

These cables comprise about two insulated wires covered by a woven braided shield or aluminum Mylar foil. The covering makes it better in signal transmission. It also removes interference in

· Twisted Pair Cables

The twisted-pair cables are applicable in the telephone industry. They comprise two or more insulated color-coded copper twisted with each other.

· Fibre Optics Cable

Fiber optics cables are applicable in transporting optical data from a light source to the receiving device. They are common in the modern world and has a wide application industrially

What Makes Laser Wire Marking Better?

wire marking

There are other methods you can use in wire marking. Popular methods include embossing, hot foil stamping, and inkjet marking. What then makes laser wire marking better? Below are a few reasons why you should consider the method.

· Accuracy

Laser wire markers have immense accuracy and precision. Wire cables have small dimensions and as a result of the accuracy of laser wire markers, they are more suitable than conventional methods. Only a laser wire marker can mark such thin wires effectively and efficiently without damaging the insulating materials.

· Versatile And Less Damaging

Laser wire marker does not damage wire seen in the other methods. For example, hot stamping which is the oldest marking method for wires presses a hot mold coated with pigment into the wire’s insulation. However, this mechanism brings mechanical stress to the insulating material. This can lead to the breakdown of the insulating material, allowing fluids and other contaminating materials to enter.

Laser wire markers can also work with many materials. For example, hot stamping cannot effectively mark materials such as Teflon, whereas a laser wire marker can.

· High Operational Speed

Laser wire markers are production efficient. Unlike methods such as hot stamping, using the recommended laser wire marking machine is very efficient.

Also, there is no human operational need when using a laser wire marker. Therefore, there is a reduction in the chance of getting an error that can damage the wire itself.

· The Cost of Markings

Laser wire markers do not require other things for an efficient marking process. For example, inkjet marking requires you to use inks. However, laser wire markers do not use any of such materials relying on their laser beam. Nevertheless, do not forget that acquiring a laser wire marker and maintaining it might cost you a little.

How to Choose the Right Laser Wire Marker?

cable marking

Choosing the right laser wire marker comes with understanding the different features associated with each device. There are many laser wire markers in the market. Consequently, it is undoubtedly going to be challenging choosing one. However, below are factors that are important when choosing a laser wire marker.

· Stable And Flexible Design

The laser wire marker you should use must be stable and has a very flexible design. Wire cables do not have an outright shape. Therefore, the laser wire marker must be flexible enough to adapt and deliver an efficient marking.

· High-Speed marking

Speed is also another factor to look at during laser wire marking. The laser wire marker must be able to mark at a very large speed to be efficient while effective. A recommended speed you should aim for is about 150~200 meters/min. However, do not compromise speed for other quality.

· Support 24 Hours Continuous Work

The laser wire marker you should choose must have a high marking speed. However, another feature you should watch out for is its ability to mark continuously. This can give you an edge during marking as it increases productivity.

· Easy Use Software

The incorporation of software into the marking process means a reduction in the interference of human operators. Therefore, you do not have to worry about encountering errors generated based on human involvement. Most laser wire markers especially the one recommended, have integrated software.

· Industrial Use

Can the laser wire marker be used industrially, or does it not have such a capability? The features of the laser wire marker will determine whether it is suitable for a large volume of work or a low volume of work.

· Power and Marking Area

This is an important feature to look at when choosing a laser wire marker. Too much laser power can destroy the laser cable rendering it ineffective in performing its task. Therefore, you should carefully select the right laser wire marker with the best laser power output. Also, the marking area is important and you should check that to improve efficiency

· Materials

The laser wire marker must be compatible with any insulating materials you choose. This should not be a problem since most laser marking machines are compatible with different kinds of materials

· Cost

This is the deciding factor in your choice of laser wire marker. The right laser wire marker must deliver quality work while itself is not costly. However, do note that most laser marking machines have a high cost.

Get the Best in Terms Laser Wire Marking

Laser wire marking must be efficient and effective. Therefore, you must choose the right laser wire marker to get the best quality markings on your wire cables. This article introduced laser wire marking. It talked about the importance of the process. More importantly, it talks about the laser wire markers and how to choose the right one. Are you looking for the right laser wire marker amidst the uncertainty in the market? We at HeatSign are your best best for effectiveness, efficiency, and quality marking machine