Iron is one of the strongest materials used for manufacturing. Over 90% of metal applications nowadays use this material or its alloys. No wonder iron marking is one of the most needed stages of manufacturing process.

From the tools used in the kitchen to machinery, everything is branded. All metal parts, including products and machines, are inscribed with the manufacturer’s identification information such as logos, designs, slogans, graphics or some other source indicators or service marks.

Application in Various Areas

As a pure substance this chemical element is not very suitable for product manufacturing. Thus, it is mostly completed with other elements like carbon, chromium, nickel and even silicon. This mixture results in different alloys well-known to manufacturers in many industries. Steel, stainless steel, galvanized and other alloys are in favor for making:

  • Parts of all sizes
  • Machine parts
  • Car Chassis
  • Nameplates
  • Furniture
  • Kitchen items
  • Fences
  • Tools
  • Flat, round, oval and other shaped metal products

Iron and Laser/ Dot Peening Systems

The best options for engraving the material undoubtedly are laser and dot peen technologies.

Before, metal marking was considered the domain of rotary engraving, ink and labeling. Today the area benefits hugely from pneumatic and laser technological advances. These last generation solutions provide quality and permanent inscribing on all parts from iron and alloys. Both technology types leave clear signs attractive for human eye and easily scannable by the machines. Even on the thinnest metal surfaces the machines provide a quality finish not damaging the part surface (like in nameplates). Yet, these technologies are quick and easy to use making them the number one choice for product line integration.

The HeatSign iron engraving machines constantly undergo upgrades. The latest dot peen pin systems and laser machines produce exceptionally clear and imperishable imprints on all metal materials and products.

One of the major concerns of manufacturers is the look of the catered metal product. HeatSign ensures the finished pieces look unique, adding value and improving the overall gross profit margin. Our permanent inscriptions are meant to make your brand memorable.

Both dot peen and laser technology provide portable versions of systems. These versions are very handy for large parts common for iron applications. Portable pin marker suppliers often use the name handheld for such devices.

Iron Pin Marking Methods

Iron pin engraving is a common method of dealing with metal surfaces. To cater different needs of the manufacturers, various types of pin markers are available.

Using electric systems is as easy as connecting the system to an electrical power supply. This enables the machine to make a high-precision and accurate imprints on material or alloy of any size or shape.

Pneumatic (dot peen) systems use an electrical power supply as well as an air power source, to create amazingly deep engravings on all sorts of metal products and materials.

Laser Systems

Laser is the newest technology on the market capable of creating the highest resolution engravings on metal. Not only the standard identification information, but the most detailed and sophisticated graphics can be created with this iron marker. The most advanced laser method for this material is fiber laser. Other laser types are also available, but the fiber type will definitely offer much more options and advantages for metals.

How to Buy Steel Marking/ Iron Engraving System by HeatSign

HeatSign is a reliable and acknowledged brand among laser and pneumatic pin marker manufacturers. If you want to buy marking system, but are hesitating on the right type, our consultants will be glad to help you. We will consider your application, material type or alloy, budget and many other factors influencing the solution choice. Contact us on any questions about our iron engraving systems!

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