What is Industry Marking Machine?

Since the addition of fiber and CO2 laser technologies, the industrial move toward laser marking, and this trend will continue. The industrial lasers are admirably suited for making principles than other technologies like dot peen marking, inkjet printing, and printed labels.

As marking lasers are continuously improved, laser engraving and laser etching marking methods are faster and creating more durable markings. You will need laser etching or laser engraving for most industrial marking applications.

What can Laser Marking Machines Do for You?

Laser markering machines are versatile to engrave, mark and cut on metals, non-metals, and plastics. The laser marking machines has many applications possibilities that allow obtaining satisfactory results.

  • Fiber Laser Marking Machine can work on metals and some plastics
  • CO2 Laser Marking Machine can work on non-metal materials
  • UV Laser Marking Machine can mark on a wide range of materials and are particularly suitable for fine marking on plastic parts



steel laser engraving sample

Why Choose Laser Marking Machine?

The laser marking system is widely adopted in multiple ways to attain desired outcomes in different industries. Here we include some advantages of the laser marking process.

Precise and High-quality Marking

  • The laser marking provides high-quality and precise marks and labeling on different materials that ensure the best-desired effects.
  • A powerful and controllable beam is used in the laser marking process. The mark is permanent and can easily trace.
  • The laser marking process can work with small measurements yet still provide high-quality results.

Laser Marking Process

High-Speed Laser Marking

  • Laser marking is the most durable and fast marking process that ensures high production and is cost-effective during manufacture.
  • Glavo laser markers are best to increase the marking speed of different materials.

laser marking show

Durable Laser Marking

  • Laser marking is durable and resistant to erosion, heat, and chemicals.
  • Furthermore, materials can mark without scratching or big damaging the surface.


How to Choose Laser Marking Machine?

Choosing the best laser marking machine for marking applications can be a challenge. The kind of material, quality of mark required, and speed are necessary factors to choose the perfect laser marking machine. The awareness of the laser characteristics and the material properties is crucial to making an optimal selection.

Here are some latest articles that provide an ultimate guide to choose the best laser marking machine for your business.


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How to Use the Laser Marking Machine?

HeatSign’s Machine Working Videos give you an instant insight into how each machine operates. We provide plenty of product documentation and material to guide you through the machine working process.

Go through all the textual guidance we provide, but take a few moments to watch our machine videos that will visually show you the entire machine working process. It will enable you to operate any HeatSign Marking Machine like a pro.


Fiber Laser Marking Machine

Co2 Laser Marking Machine

UV Laser Marking Mschine


What can Dot Peen Marking Machine Do for You?

For making permanent, low-cost, accurate markings on a variety of parts, dot peen marking machines are the option many manufacturers prefer. Diverse industries such as automotive, metalworking, and aerospace rely on them.

The engraving pin creates small dots on the part, which join to form symbols like numbers, letters, and graphics outline. Dot peen marking is necessary for many industries to mark different types of parts.

Dekstop Dot Pin Marking Machine is for small and medium-size products surface marking such as metal tag engraving. Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine is for big size product marking such as car chassis VIN number marking.

dot peen marking process

Why Choose Dot Peen Marking Machines?

Dot peen marking is well recommended for deep and permanent engraving. There are some additional considerations for businesses to use these powerful and efficient marking machines.

  • Durable marks
  • Portable design
  • High-speed performances
  • Marks metals and plastics

How to Choose Dot Peen Marking Machines?

One of the key processes in many manufacturing industries working with metals and hard plastics is engraving, where a product’s parts are marked with logos, numbers, or barcodes for identification.

Whether you are using the technology to mark metallic parts of larger equipment, watches, rulers, plates, logos, or signs, this technology has proven to be quite reliable.

But choosing which machine to buy can be challenging. China boasts quite a several companies making dot peen markers. Most models from China are consistently cheaper and more versatile than other choices.

However, you want to make sure that you are selecting the best option for your kind of operation to get value and consistent quality of marking work. Here are some latest articles that provide an ultimate guide to choose the best dot peen marking machine for your business.


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How to Use the Dot Peen Marking Machine?


Dot peen engraving machines work by electromechanically striking a carbide or diamond stylus assembly against the surface of a part to be marked. The result is a succession of dots to create digits, text, logos, and 2D data matrix codes.

Each such dot is the result of a pulsed current that runs through a solenoid, punches a magnet toward the surface, and subsequently returns the stylus to its starting position, awaiting the next pulse. Because each pulse occurs in only a fraction of a second, an entire 2D data matrix code, for example, can be completed in seconds.

Desktop Dot Pin Marking Machine

Take a few moments to watch our machine videos that will visually show you the entire machine working process. It will enable you to operate HeatSign Dot Peen Marking Machine like a pro.


What can TIJ Industrial Inkjet Printer Do For You?

Thermal inkjet printers are a low-cost option for printing offering the advantages of a fast speed with a high-quality finish.

TIJ printers are usable on a wide array of material surfaces such as regular and specialty papers, plastics, metals, and cartons. The first inks used water as the primary drying agent. Consequently, these units have been the best-suited option for printing on porous paper surfaces for many years.

Currently, usage of alcohol or other solvent makes TIJ units suitable for printing on a wide range of materials including PVC, PET, blister foils, and varnish-coated cartons. Development in recent times in the domain of ink and printheads technology is rapidly expanding the range of compatible materials that a user can print on.

HeatSign TIJ Industrial Inkjet Printer

  • Portale Handheld Inkjet Printer
  • Automatic Industrial Inkjet Printer for production line

Handheld inkjet printer

Why ChooseTIJ Inkjet Printers?

There are several reasons for the success of thermal inkjet printers. A primary aspect is that of ease of use. Moreover, a quick change of an ink cartridge implies a new ink supply and printhead are available for use.

Moreover, ink is stored in sealed cartridges. This means no risks of spills or leaks. Also, as written above, they are affordable in comparison to machines that offer the same capabilities but use different technologies.

Furthermore, TIJ printing provides excellent print results with high resolution and its growing ability of users on various surfaces due to new ink developments offers great flexibility.

How to Choose Thermal Inkjet Printers?

Are you thinking about purchasing a thermal inkjet printer? It can be challenging to choose an ideal printer for your organization.

When buying a thermal inkjet printer, you should have a deep knowledge of the production line speed of the factory. The printing speed of the Thermal Inkjet machine will not slow down with the increase in the number of lines, which requires our extra attention.

Here are some considerations that you should keep in mind when choosing a thermal inkjet printer.

  • Printing speed
  • Size and design
  • Power supply
  • Printing color

Before you start your search, you need to know the printer’s features and buying guide. Here are some latest articles that provide an ultimate guide to choose the best thermal inkjet printer for your business.


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How to Use the HeatSign Inkjet Printer?

Thermal inkjet technology principle: the use of thin-film resistors. The ink in the ink ejection zone will be instantly heated to form numerous tiny bubbles. These ink bubbles travel at a very high speed and expand into large bubbles, forcing the ink droplets from the nozzle to eject to form the desired text, numbers, barcodes.

The surface tension will generate suction, and then draw new ink to replenish the ink ejection area to prepare for the next cycle of printers.

These printers have become very popular in everyday use. There is wide popularity of this form of the printer in the market and in use in almost all industries of the world.

Take a few moments to watch our machine videos that will visually show you the entire machine working process. It will enable you to perfectly operate HeatSign Thermal Inkjet Printer.

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