Dot Peen Marking Machine

How they make your business more efficient.

When you need to mark any part or product that you produce, you’re looking to have marks that:

  • are clear and durable

  • make any characters or signs look good on your product – including logo outline

  • respect the integrity of your product

  • are efficient to produce in terms of time and cost

This is where our top-quality Dot Peen Marking Machines of well-respected brands can help you, by offering you these features, and allowing you to mark your items in a way that:

  • uses a stylus or marking pin to engrave (peen) a series of dots – to represent any number, code, or graphic sign you need – into a Metal Parts surface.

  • leaves a visually pleasing, clean and lasting mark.

  • produces deep outstandingly accurate symbols – without requiring any special effort or concern from you

  • can be semi-automated, generating important, improving work efficiency. Savings in labor time.

  •  covers your marking needs, in such different areas as aerospace parts manufacturing, metal pipes, fittings production, nameplate engraving, and metal working, among so many others

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HeatSign Dot Peen Marking Machines

Ask yourself: why waste time and money outsourcing your marking needs when you can have it simply and swiftly done in-house – in a low-cost way that provides high-quality results? For simpler needs such as adding tracking numbers, or for more complex requirements, such as engraving as engraving large graphic outlines, we have the dot peen marking machine for you.

In order to meet your specific requirements, we offer you four different categories of dot peen marking machines:

HS-DP Dot Peen Marking Machine

  • Enjoy a compact desktop dot peen marking machine experience

  • Engrave and mark smalls parts – metallic or plastic

  • Easily mark parts of different sizes – with 300mm

  • are efficient to produce in terms of time and cost

  • Fix and hold parts with a sturdy basement that comes with a screw option

  • Have a swift experience with advanced software with one-click functions

table-top-dot-peen-marking-machine | HeatSign | dot peen marking system

HS-DE Dot Peen Direct Part Marking Machine

  • Use a CNC controller with a touch screen and integrated software – without needing a PC

  • Easily mark parts of different sizes , part height max 300mm

  • Enjoy the convenience of a electric marking system designed for clear and deep marking

  • No need connect air compressor like othersr

  • Ensure stable and efficient direct part marking

desktop-dot-peen-marking-process; heat sign; dot peen marking

HS-PE HandHeld Dot Peen Marking Machine

  • Use a compact and portable marking machine for bigger parts such as a car chassis

  • Enjoy the convenience of an advanced vibro peen marking system offering deep, clear and permanent marking

  • Have a portable marking head with several marking options

  • Rely on pins with a long working life due to hardened alloy tungsten marking pins

hand-held-marking | HeatSign | Industrial marking systems

HS-PC CNC HandHeld Dot Pin Marking Machine

  • Have one of the easiest and most efficient dot peen marking systems

  • Rely on the convenience of a portable, compact and handheld marker

  • Use a CNC controller with a touch screen and integrated software – no need for a PC

  • Perfectly mark a variety of parts in different dimensions

  • Enjoy an Imported Guide Rail Support that offers superior marking


We are happy to provide to you extensive information on our website about our selected Dot Pin Marking Machines, and we’d sure be delighted to answer any questions you may have on this technology, and on any specific questions you may have about our dot peen marking machines and their features.

Marking Samples

CNC portable dot peen marker | HeatSign | laser marking machine | dot peen marking
dot pin marking machines | HeatSign - dot peen marking
Dot peen marking technology | HeatSign - dot peen marking | fiber laser engraver
dot peen marking Data Matrix Codes | HeatSign | dot peen marking
Portable Hand Held Dot Peen machine | HeatSign - | hand engraving machine
serial number circle marking | HeatSign - engraving machine for metal


Benchtop Metal Marking Machine

Portable Dot Pin Marking Machine

What our Customers have to say:

It’s a great thing to mark any info you need on any materials you need. It provides the widest opportunities for business so it’s worth trying it!

photo Lucas Rodriguez
Lucas Rodriguez, Sacramento – USA

Having an in-house Dot Peen Marking Machine has definitely made my life easier at my business. There’s no need for outsourcing the service, so I’m saving on costs, and I can make sure everything is properly marked. When it comes to producing efficient marks, I couldn’t ask for more.

Video Review - 2
Diane Frank, Brighton – United Kingdom

Small parts require small marks, but accuracy and looks are very important in the tech products that I offer. Having such an efficient and versatile dot pin marking machine at our headquarters really makes a big difference.

Robert Baron; heat sign; executive
Robert Baron, San Francisco – USA