We know you have questions about HeatSign, and we love answering them!
Here are some of the questions we are asked most frequently:

What can a marking machine do?

A marking machine makes a ‘mark’ or ‘imprints’ or “engraves” on a metal or non-metal material or piece of equipment. Examples of metals: Stainless steel, aluminum, copper, brass, carbon steel, and others. Non-metals: Plastic, glass, ceramic, resin, wood, cardboard etc.

The marking machine used depends on the material and product to be marked.

Is the operation of a marking machine complicated? How does it work?

Using a marking machine is not difficult. You will find all the guidance you need in the operations manual and video.


HeatSign ensures that all marking systems are designed for easy use. The following are the basic steps:

• The first step is to keep the text, logos, codes or graphics that you want to mark ready on the computer. This is similar to how you keep the text or images ready before printing.
• The material or product to be marked or cut should be loaded into the machine.
• Simply click on the “mark’ command in the marking software – and the product gets marked.


What do we need for operating the machine?

• Computer, which generally comes with pre-loaded marking software.
• Graphics program (Popular programs are: Auto CAD and CoreDraw).
• Electrochemical marking machines come with a stencil.
• Pneumatic marking machines come with an air compressor for air power supply.


What kind of surfaces can be marked with HeatSign marking machines?

Our marking machines can produce marks on a range of surfaces: Flat, circular, cylindrical, concave, convex and others. We will suggest a marking machine based on your material.


How safe are the marking machines?

All our machines are completely risk-free and safe to use. They comply 100% with CE, ISO9001:2008 test. Each machine is designed with integration of superior quality, safety, low energy consumption and reduced maintenance.


Is the software free and is it in English?

Yes to both! The software is provided FREE of charge and it is in English.


What is the delivery time?

The time taken for delivery depends on the marking machine model and the quantity ordered. Standard product delivery time is anywhere between 5-15 days. Special and customized products are delivered upon fulfilling the order, which will be intimated to the customer at the time of placing the order.


What are the payment methods accepted?

For the convenience of our customers, a variety of payment methods are accepted.

Payment Methods: Paypal, Escrow, Telegraphic Transfer (T/T), Letter of Credit L/C, Western Union, Direct Payment.

For small amounts – 100% payment via T/T is sometimes required.
For large amounts – 50% advance payment and 50% payment after production via T/T.


What are the quality control measures followed?

Quality is always a priority.

1. We are proud owners Quality Control System certificate.
2. We have in place a Professional Quality Control Department that ensures all our machines not only complies but exceed all quality standards.
3. Machine Shells Hit Test is conducted on every piece of equipment produced by us.
4. 24-hour Machine Efficiency Test is conducted prior to delivery.
5. Compact Wooden Case Packaging for increased machine protection.


What is the warranty-period and after-sales support on your marking machines?

1. FREE 1-year Minimum Warranty on the Machine as well as the spare parts.
2. Free sample of the design and a free customer guide.
3. Free software updates.
4. Online customer service either through email or an alternative way, where our engineers respond and resolve all technical questions and issues.
5. Supply of spare parts immediately upon request.
6. Restore and repair old machine parts as and when needed.


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