Energy Industry Marking Solutions

HeatSign brand understands the unique needs of the energy industry. With equipment that operates in harsh environments, energy products require a marking partner with a focus and commitment to high quality and durability. HeatSign has been providing top-of-class Direct Part Marking (DPM) solutions for the energy industry for over ten years. We have developed significant capabilities specially to support the unique requirements of this industry.

What are the Customer Requirements?

Energy Industry Marking Solutions

HeatSign Marking Solutions

HeatSign Marking Machines offer the perfect part identification solutions for manufacturers of the safety critical equipment in the Oil, Gas, Solar Power and other energy industries.  Our R&D team are experts in identifying the needs of the entire product life cycle for energy manufacturing.

HeatSign Marking Solutions come with many benefits:

  • Portable Dot Peen Marking Machine is HeatSign’s star performer for marking bigger parts
  • Several handy machines to mark big parts
  • Large diameter pins available for marking tougher metals
  • A special V-shaped fixture that holds the marking machine to the tube
  • Deep, durable and clear marking on carbon steel and other similar metals
  • Marking of dates, part and lot numbers on heavy parts
  • Number editing possible with the help of advanced software
  • Customized solutions for all equipment parts
  • Customer-centric solutions for special parts unique to your business

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