Electronic Industry Marking Solutions


Electronic and electrical equipment manufacturers mark their equipment for identification and traceability. Marking is also made mandatory to ensure compliance with safety regulations. These and other reasons such as branding, advertising, part replacement, repeat orders and eliminating counterfeiting, make marking necessary.

We at HeatSign fulfil this need of the electronic industry by providing marking solutions using the most modern Laser Marking Systems. They offer clear and accurate marking on parts of all sizes.

HeatSign Laser Marking Solutions are designed to mark all sorts of electronic equipment, including:

  • Electronic Devices
  • Electronic Sensors
  • Electronic Accessories
  • All Electronic Parts

What Our Marking Machine Can Do?

  • Deep and permanent marks using the latest Laser Markers
  • HeatSign software is programmed to mark everything, including Serial numbers, Logos, Graphics, Bar Codes, 2D Codes, Dates etc.

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