Copper is a popular material with wide applications in several industries due to its low hardness and high conductivity. Its extensive use in several industries ties the material with identification and traceability, hence, the need for a high-quality copper marking solution.

Copper’s innate characteristics limit the compatible marking solutions suitable for copper parts and restrict the different techniques applied to the metal. For example, laser markers with high peak power and ultra short pulse width are used for laser engraving copper due to copper’s high reflectivity and low absorption rate. This article talks about the different system for marking copper parts used in any industry and several factors that can help in choosing the right marking solution.

Available Copper Marking Solutions 

If you want to invest in technologies for marking copper parts, below are the two marking solution you should focus on.

copper plate marking | HeatSign - engraving machine for metal

Dot Peen Marking System for Copper

Dot peen marking system is the most common method for marking copper parts thereby allowing several industries to establish traceability and ensure the identification and tracking of copper parts and component throughout their life cycle. This technology uses a stylus to create small dots and arrange them in a pattern to create the desired imprints and is notable for its speed, durability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Laser Marking Solutions for Copper

Copper Laser Marking | HeatSign - laser marking machine

Laser marking technology is arguably the most prevalent for marking copper parts due to its ability to produce durable and high-quality marks. It is a non-contact technique that uses a laser beam to remove the surface of materials using various techniques including laser annealing, etching, engraving and so on. Furthermore, by being non-contact, the integrity of the copper material is protected.

Laser marking technology comes in different types and is designed for specific purposes when working with copper. The commonest type of laser engraving solution for copper, no matter the industry, is the fiber laser technology.

Fiber laser technology differentiated into Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machines and Portable Fiber Laser Engraver is versatile, fast and highly precise. The technology uses fiber lasers to create permanent marks on copper used in electrical panels and transformers with high-quality, precise, complex, durable, highly detailed imprints on materials.

Copper Engraving Solutions: Factors That Aid in Choosing the Right Solution

Whether your copper products need a laser marker or a dot peen pin marker depends on various factors, including the industry you’re in and the type of copper products used. Contact us to find the perfect imprint for your copper products! However, before then, below are a couple of things that can help you choose the right copper engraving solution:

· Environmental Factors

Extreme weather, exposure to chemicals, UV light, and more are common happenstances in some industries that use copper, such as the automotive and energy industry. Hence, the durability of the engraving is an essential factor to consider before choosing any copper engraving solution. Ensure your preferred marking solution can produce markings that withstand varied weather conditions and environmental factors. A common choice of marking is dot peening due to its being able to do deep engraving

· Clarity

One of the main reasons for using any copper engraving solution is to achieve traceability; hence, the marking solution should provide easy identification and tracking of components, assets, and equipment. This is crucial for repair, maintenance, replacement, and anti-counterfeit measures. The choice of marking solution should produce clear markings which is essential serial numbers, model numbers, date of manufacture, and other details that enable easy tracking and identification. Based on clarity, laser etching copper parts is the more suitable method.

· Size of Components

Different industry makes use of copper in different sizes. Since the size of the part plays a huge role in the copper engraving machine, you can use whether laser or dot peen marker. You should ensure you choose the right one, as this can affect productivity, ease of operation, and engraving quality. In terms of size, the large copper part should be marked with portable marking machines as it makes operating, navigating, and reaching hard-to-reach parts easier. For small parts, benchtop marking machines are more suitable. HeatSign copper marking services can perform specialized marking, engraving and etching on flat and circular copper surfaces. Furthermore, there is customization available to convert the standard working area of  the copper etching machine from 100mm x 100mm to a maximum of 300mm x 300mm

· Other Factors

Other factors you need to consider when choosing the right copper engraving solution for your industry include the following:

  • Cost: If there is a limitation on capital available, you can use a dot peen marking machine as they are less costly than copper laser marker
  • Production volume: Both copper engraving solutions are suitable for large production volumes. However, laser engraving machines are more efficient due to the marking speed. Nevertheless, you can also introduce batch coding when working with many parts.
  • Safety standards: Unlike laser etching or engraving, the dot peen marking system has a higher operator safety.

Recommended Copper Marking Solution

HeatSign copper marking solutions allow manufacturers to deep mark all big and small copper products to provide traceable identification. With counterfeiters becoming highly sophisticated, your high-value items need high-end marking technologies that provide deep and permanent marks. Our copper engraving is permanent, highly readable and economic.

HS-DE01 Dot Peen Marking Machine

Suitable Copper parts deep marking

fiber laser marking machine
HS-FL Metal Laser Marking Machine

Suitable Copper Parts Laser Engraving and Marking

Portable Fiber Laser Engraver HS-PFL20S / 30S
HS-PFL30S Portable Laser Marker

Suitable Big and Heavy Copper Parts Marking

Several industries can benefit from HeatSign Copper Marking Solutions:






Metal components



Precision tools



Copper is a unique material with characteristics such as high reflectivity and low absorbance rate. As a result, this affects the choice of marking solution, which helps the industry use the material to ensure traceability, safety, efficiency, compliance, and equipment compatibility.

Of the many marking systems available, laser marking and dot peen marking are the only copper marking solutions in many industries. However, the choice of marking solution will depend on the specific application requirements. This article talked about copper marking solutions. Are you looking for a marking machine for copper parts? Contact us.

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