Low hardness and high conductivity are the two characteristics of copper, making it perfect for extensive use in several industries. HeatSign copper marking solutions allow manufacturers to deep mark all big and small copper products, for the purpose of providing traceable identification. With counterfeiters becoming highly sophisticated, your high-value items need high-end marking technologies that provide deep and permanent marks. Our copper marking is permanent, highly readable and economic.
Several industries can benefit from HeatSign Copper Marking Solutions:

  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Electronics
  • Automobile
  • Semiconductors
  • Metal components
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Precision tools
  • Plastics

HeatSign uses the following technologies for copper marking:

  • Fiber Laser Marking Machines
  • Dot Peen Pin Marking Machines

Due to the high reflectivity and low absorption rate of copper, we use Laser Markers with high peak power and ultra-short pulse width. The frequency and the scan speed of the laser are reduced, giving way to high energy laser that marks copper products with great precision. Our Dot-Peen marking machines enable copper surfaces to be marked with equal precision as the laser.

HeatSign copper marking services include:

  • High-precision specialized Marking, Engraving and Etching
  • Marking on flat and circular surfaces
  • Customization available to convert the standard working area of 100mm x 100mm to a maximum of 300mm x 300mm

The decision whether your copper products need a Laser Marker or a Dot Peen Pin Marker is dependent on various factors, including the industry you’re in and the type of copper products used. Get in touch with us to find the perfect marking for your copper products!

Dot Peen Marking Machine for Copper

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Laser Marking Systems for Cooper

Copper Laser Marking | HeatSign - laser marking machine

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