Mold marking and engraving are vital for quality control and traceability in manufacturing. These processes create durable, precise markings on mold surfaces, ensuring accurate identification and compliance with industry standards.

This study examines the effectiveness of dot peen marking on molds with a hardness of up to HRC60. It also investigates the performance of fiber laser marking on molds that are even harder. We want to help you choose the best marking technology for your mold based on its hardness. We focus on mold marking, engraving, and machines.

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What Challenges in Mold Marking and Engraving?

Varying Hardness of Molds

Molds can have hardness levels up to HRC60 and beyond. Softer molds are easier to mark, but harder molds require advanced marking solutions to ensure effective results without damaging the mold.


Need for Deep, Permanent, and Wear-Resistant Markings

Markings must be deep, permanent, and wear-resistant to withstand high temperatures, abrasion, and chemicals. Durable markings ensure long-term traceability and compliance with industry standards.

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Ensuring Precision and Consistency in Markings

Precision and consistency are essential to avoid identification errors and production delays. Advanced technology is needed to maintain high accuracy in every marking, regardless of mold complexity or production volume.


Overcoming Limitations of Traditional Marking Methods

Traditional methods like manual engraving or stamping can be time-consuming and error-prone. Advanced technologies like dot peen and laser marking offer greater precision, efficiency, and reliability, overcoming these limitations.

What are Solutions for Mold Marking and Engraving?

Dot Peen Machine Marking

Dot peen marking is ideal for molds with hardness up to HRC60. It uses a carbide or diamond-tipped stylus to create deep, durable, and wear-resistant markings.

Electric Dot Peen Mold Engraving Machine (DE01)

Key Features:

  • Durability: Ideal for molds with hardness up to HRC60, creating deep, permanent, and wear-resistant markings.
  • Versatility: Capable of marking a wide range of materials and surface shapes.
  • Precision: Provides consistent, high-quality markings with excellent clarity.
  • Ease of Use: User-friendly interface and simple setup make it accessible for various industrial applications.
bechtop dot peen marking system

Fiber Laser Marking

Fiber laser marking is suitable for molds with a hardness exceeding HRC60. It uses high power such as 60W, 80W, 100W to engrave precise, detailed marks.

100W MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver (HS-FL100M)

Key Features:

  • High Precision: Delivers sharp, clear, and detailed markings suitable for molds with hardness exceeding HRC60.
  • Speed and Efficiency: Fast marking process ideal for high-volume production without compromising quality.
  • Non-Contact Process: Ensures no damage to the mold surface, maintaining its integrity and extending its lifespan.
  • Versatility: Capable of marking various materials, making it suitable for diverse industrial applications.
100w mopa

Case Study Example: Marking on Molds with HRC35 Hardness


A customer required precise and durable markings on their molds with a hardness of HRC35. These molds were used in an industrial setting, necessitating deep and wear-resistant markings to ensure long-term traceability and compliance with industry standards.



The primary challenge was to achieve deep, permanent markings that could withstand the rigors of industrial use without degrading over time. The solution needed to balance effectiveness with cost-efficiency.



The dot peen machine was identified as the best solution for this application due to its ability to create deep and durable markings on molds up to HRC60.

dot pin marking

Process Details

The molds were securely positioned on the dot peen machine.

A carbide-tipped stylus was used to create a series of precise dots forming the required markings.

The process was monitored to ensure consistent depth and quality across all molds.

Results and Customer Feedback

The dot peen machine successfully delivered deep and wear-resistant markings on the HRC55 molds. The customer reported that the markings remained clear and legible even after extended use in harsh industrial conditions. They appreciated the cost-effectiveness and efficiency of the dot peen solution.

Case Study Example: Marking on Molds with HRC65 Hardness


A customer needed precise and permanent markings on molds with a hardness of HRC65. These molds were used in high-stress environments, requiring markings that could maintain their integrity despite extreme conditions.



Marking molds with a hardness of HRC65 posed significant challenges due to the high hardness level, necessitating a technology that could deliver precise, permanent markings without damaging the mold.



Fiber laser marking technology was selected for its capability to create precise and permanent markings on tough materials without touching them.

Mopa deep engraving

Process Details

The molds were placed in the fiber laser marking machine.

A high-powered laser beam was used to engrave detailed and permanent markings on the mold surface.

The process parameters were carefully controlled to ensure optimal marking quality and consistency.

Results and Customer Feedback

The fiber laser marking machine achieved precise, permanent markings on the HRC65 molds. The customer was highly satisfied with the clarity and durability of the markings, noting that they withstood the harsh conditions of their application environment. They also appreciated the speed and efficiency of the fiber laser marking process, which minimized production downtime.

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