How Car Marking and Motorcycle Marking Can Protect Your Vehicle from Being Driven Away

Direct Part Marking is used by automotive manufacturers to ease identification and recognition of their parts. This can assist in:

  • Data logging for safety,
  • Warranty issues,
  • Part replacement and reordering,
  • Retrieving stolen vehicles,
  • Identification by treatment facilities,
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements.

Car and motorcycle suppliers rely on a unique and permanent, anti-wear physical identification mark. It can be a serial number on their tangible assets. This led to the popularity of such services as car marking and motorcycle marking.


Motorcycle and Car Engraving

Engraving car parts is the most common, economical and popular way of identifying a car to prevent theft. Printing the VIN number on various details makes the car not attractive to an intruder. It is difficult to sell details with serial number marking.


It is impossible to remove pin marking without affecting the surface mechanically. The statistics once again confirms the following. The autos protected with the help of custom car engraving return to their owners after theft by 35% more often.


Initially, the body number was applied by manufacturers to non-removable and integral details of autos, as well as a label. Now modern security marking solutions allow transferring the identification code to any auto details, which increases the level of safety.

Engraving of the engine, body parts and components is applied using a high-precision car marking system. It can be visible or barely noticeable depending on what the customer wants to achieve.


As for motorcycle parts marking,  it is a great option to make your bike unique. Motorcycle engraving chrome will give your iron friend a certain flavor and emphasize the stylistics and character of its owner.


Metal engraving motorcycle parts look great on large surfaces, as a large area gives an opportunity for imagination. Most often, engraving motorcycle parts are applied to engine and cylinder covers. The etching on the gas tank is very impressive, the area of which allows creating complete pictures. Engraving motorcycle parts are in great demand and are a whole direction of the biker culture.

Customer Requirement


Why Is It Worth to Use Dot Peen Marking to Protect Your Vehicle

  • Dot pin engraving scares a potential hijacker since the sale of a vehicle protected by it requires the replacement of all marked details, and this requires tangible financial investments.
  • The anti-theft marking can stop hooligans and rogues. If on your auto or motorcycle the VIN-number is in a prominent place, it will frighten a person who intends to damage your property.
  • The marking of individual details of your vehicle will also protect it from thieves who sell spare parts. If the glass, headlight or any other part of the vehicle is marked, the thief will not be able to sell it, and thus, will lose interest.
  • The marking of a vehicle not only protects it. It is also capable of decorating because this possibility is not limited to printing a VIN-number. You can engrave your personal initials, any other designations or anything you like in any detail.

Heatsign Marking solutions


  • Customization of Peen marking Head available for chassis number marking
  • Customization of Micro-Percussion markingPins (stylus) available for vehicle motor engraving
  • Portable marking machine with Electromagnetic Basement for better hold on a vehicle
  • Dot Pin Marking Machines for eye-catchy VIN numbers
  • Wide-collection of VIN number models to choose from
  • “V” fixture holder for motorcycle marking