Brass Engraving and Marking System

Artisans have been carving brass markings on their works for centuries. A mark is like a signature that helps identify and recognize an artist’s work and reputation while conveying the message of standard or quality. When it is necessary to determine the age and maker of antique pieces, it is the old markings that people turn to.


The need for brand recognition in the highly-competitive modern world is much more than ever before. Metals such as brass and aluminum are marked with the manufacturer’s logo, text, graphics or barcodes. It is a part of the identification and traceability process. Advances in the etching technology enable high-precision and durable engravings of all sizes.


Brass Engraving Machine for Business

In the recent years, the technology of direct product identification has been widely used. This implies laser engraving and marking on a product without the use of labels. This ensures the traceability of individual parts for the entire life of their operation. Standard labeling technologies do not ensure the durability of etching.


At the same time, high demands are placed on the labeling of products with the help of laser engraving marking systems. These include:

  • solvent resistance,
  • wear resistance,
  • the possibility of applying replaceable information,
  • etching in the stand-alone mode,
  • high contrast.


High efficiency and flexibility of the modern pin marking machine make it possible to mark large batches of products. It allows getting significant savings in resources and costs. Products laser marking allows engraving of high-quality contrast images on many types of materials. They can be widely used in the modern industry, in particular, it is possible to make brass laser etching.

Laser Marking for Brass material | HS-FL30 | HeatSign - laser marking machine

How to Engrave and Mark Brass

The process of laser engraving marking occurs under the influence of laser radiation. Focusing into a narrow beam, it acquires a high concentration of energy, causes heating and some evaporation of the material in the local area of the site of impact.

Managing radiation, dosing energy, frequency, high process efficiency is achieved. This is especially relevant in working with some kind of metals, for example, in military laser engraving brass.

There are the following advantages of this material. They allow using it in various directions, for example, in brass bolt markings or plate markings.

  • It is used for a variety of industrial applications, as it is easier to mark and engrave.
  • It is usually the first-choice material for many of the equipment components. The sphere of its usage include the electronic, automotive, electrical, plumbing and precision engineering industries.
  • It is used extensively in households in the form of locks, handles, valves, etc.
  • Pipes, tubes, weather stripping, architectural trim pieces, radiators, screws, musical instruments, sanitary ware, ornamental pieces, jewelry as well as cartridge casting in firearms are made of this material.
  • It offers a long and cost-effective service life, unlike any other metal.

HS-FL10 - Fiber Laser Marking Machine | HeatSign - laser marking machines

What Are the Advantages of the Brass Engraving and Marking Solution

Here is a list of benefits:

  • the absence of mechanical influence on the material;
  • the heat-affected material is widely adjustable;
  • the highest resistance of the applied image  to mechanical, chemical and thermal influences;
  • the high speed of brass vase markings;
  • the absence of consumables for rifle brass markings;
  • the possibility of applying complex images, barcodes, photo images, end-to-end numbering;
  • the possibility to change the task for brass bell markings within a few seconds;


The Best Brass Engraving Marking System to Use

At HeatSign, engraving and etching are done with the use of state of the art Fiber Laser Markers or Dot Peen Pin Machines. The choice of the process is based on the requirements of the specific industry and the products to be marked. For example, we recommend laser etching for contrast engraving.

The inbuilt dot peen marking system in our machines uses hard alloy tungsten pins that give deep and clear engraving, suitable for all industrial environments with the most demanding applications.

The robust modular construction of our etching marking machines ensures easy and uninterrupted operation on the toughest of products. Let our Brass Marking Machines do the talking!

Dot Peen Marking for Brass Parts

Dot Peen Marking for Brass Material | HeatSign - dot peen marking

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Laser Engraving Brass Parts

Laser Brass Marking | HeatSign - engraving machine for metal

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