Brass is shiny, strong and durable, and the question often arises: can you effectively laser engrave brass? This guide has been written to address that question. Laser engraving brass is indeed possible and very effective. Laser engravers can mark brass products with beautiful and long-lasting logos, graphics, QR codes, and more. Solving the problem of inefficiency and poor results of traditional brass marking, HeatSign’s state-of-the-art brass marking machine offers a solution that combines ease of use with intricate detail, ensuring that every engraving on brass is a clear, durable masterpiece.

HS-FL10 - Fiber Laser Marking Machine | HeatSign - laser marking machines

Stay tuned as we delve deeper into the world of brass laser engraving and uncover the secrets to getting perfect results.

What brass products can laser engraving machines be applied to?

Brass, durable and aesthetically, is a favored material in a myriad of industries, from decorative arts to high-precision manufacturing. The versatility of brass is further enhanced when paired with the right marking technology. Let’s explore the diverse array of brass products that can be transformed with laser marking:

Brass Tags for Industrial Identification:

Machinery Labeling: Brass tags are crucial in industrial environments for marking heavy machinery and equipment. Laser engraving ensures these identifiers resist wear and tear, remaining legible even in harsh conditions.

Brass Components in Precision Engineering:

Aerospace and Automotive Parts: Components made of brass in aerospace and automotive industries require precise and permanent marking for traceability and compliance. Laser marking meets these stringent standards, providing clear, indelible marks essential for quality control and safety.

Electrical Systems: Brass is often used in electrical systems for its conductivity. Laser-engraved markings on connectors, terminals, and switches offer clarity and durability, ensuring safety and functionality in complex electrical setups.

Brass Instruments in Technical Fields:

Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems: Brass fittings and valves in these systems require clear identification and specifications. Laser marking provides high-resolution engravings that withstand the mechanical stress and environmental exposure typical in these applications.

Marking of brass products for the civil sector:

Dog Tags:
Pet Identification: Brass dog tags are not only functional for pet identification but can also be a stylish accessory. Laser marking allows for precise and clear engraving of critical information, ensuring that it remains readable over time, even with active pets.

Brass Trophies and Awards:
Recognition and Prestige: Brass trophies and awards symbolize achievement and honor. Laser marking adds a touch of sophistication and personalization, engraving names, dates, and accolades with precision and clarity.

Engraved brass plates, brass pipe fitting, and gears.
Brass Shaft

Laser engraving brass machine are designed to cater to this wide array of applications, ensuring that whether you’re working on functional industrial tags or creating personalized decorative pieces, your brass products are marked with the utmost precision and care.

Top 3 laser engraver for brass

When it comes to brass marking, the choice of the right equipment is pivotal for achieving the perfect blend of precision and durability. HeatSign presents a selection of specialized brass marking machines, each tailored to cater to the unique demands of brass engraving. Let’s delve into three distinguished options, each designed to elevate the art of brass marking:

HS-FL20 Fiber Laser Marking Machine

20W  Fiber Brass Plate Engraving Machine

The 20W Mini Fiber Laser Marking Machine stands out for its precision in marking brass. Compact yet powerful, this machine is the ideal choice for intricate brass designs and detailed work. Suitable for engraving brass plates, brass labels, etc. It ensures high-speed marking without compromising on clarity, all within a space-efficient design.


Handheld Laser brass engraving machine

The Handheld Laser Engraver takes brass marking to a new level of versatility. This device changes the way large brass items are marked. It is portable and can be used to mark directly on an item, regardless of its size. Not only can you mark Brass Pumps and Turbines, but Large Brass Gears and Bearings can also be marked with Brass Valves and Fittings.The Handheld Laser Engraver is not only flexible, but it can also accurately mark brass items anywhere.

Industrial benchtop laser marking machine

Cylindrical Laser Etching Brass Machine

Brass items are often shaped differently, and for cylindrical brass items, the HS-FL30-R is the ultimate engraving solution. Not only can this machine mark flat surfaces, but it is also equipped with a rotary axis specifically designed to handle cylindrical brass marking, providing even and consistent engraving on cylindrical surfaces. Whether it’s a brass trophy, a metal part, or any round object, this machine will ensure that your markings are precise, crisp, and beautiful.

How to Use Brass Marking Machines to Produce High Quality Results?

Mastering the use of a brass marking machine is essential for achieving the highest quality in your engraving projects. While each HeatSign machine comes with its specific operational nuances, here are general steps and tips to ensure you get the best results when marking brass:

General Setup:

Preparation: Ensure the brass item is securely placed and the machine is correctly calibrated.

Software Configuration: Design your pattern with the software, and conduct test runs to fine-tune settings.

Monitoring: Closely observe the marking process, adjusting as needed for uniformity and clarity.

If you want to mark different marking effects but don’t know how to set up the parameters of your laser engraver, then understand the following to get started!

Making white markings on brass with a 30W laser marker.

If you want to use a 30W laser marker to make crisp white marks on brass items. Here’s how you can set up the parameters of your 30W laser engraver.

You can set the hatch to 1, the power to 100, the angle to 90, the speed to 1500mm/s, the frequency to 35, the loop to 25, and the Line Space to 0.02.

Of course, you can also choose this parameter: hatch is set to 2, power is set to 100, angle is set to 180, speed is set to 1500, frequency is set to 35, loop is set to 25, and Line Space is set to 0.02.


Deep engraving of brass using a 30W laser marker.

To engrave a textured deep pattern in brass, adjust it like this .


You can set hatch to 1, power to 90, angle to 90, speed to 150mm/s, frequency to 20, loop to 25 and Line Space to 0.02.


Engraving black marks on brass

If using a 50W laser marker to engrave a sharp black mark on brass, here is how to adjust the machine.

You can set the hatch to 1, the power to 60, the angle to 90, the speed to 300mm/s, the Pulse to 200ns, the frequency to 60 and the Line Space to 0.004.


Remember, these settings are just starting points. It often takes trial and error to make the perfect mark on brass. With practice, you’ll find the perfect balance of settings to achieve the accuracy and aesthetics you want in your brass marking projects.

Can a laser engraving machine cut brass?

Laser marking machines, especially fiber laser engravers, are renowned not just for their engraving prowess but also for their exceptional capability in precision cutting of brass products. These machines harness a concentrated, high-intensity laser beam, making them ideal for executing intricate cuts and designs on brass with remarkable precision and speed.

Take, for instance, the task of cutting a 0.5mm thick brass sheet using a 50W fiber laser engraving machine. To achieve optimal results, the settings should be finely tuned: power adjusted to 90%, cutting speed set to 70mm/s, and frequency dialed to 50. It’s crucial to maintain a Wobble Diameter/Distance at 0.01mm to ensure the precision and quality of the cut. These parameters underscore the machine’s adeptness in handling delicate cutting tasks, ensuring clean, precise, and efficient cuts every time