Anodized aluminum offers durability, colorfastness and resistance to rust, making it popular in the aerospace, automobile and electronics sectors. It is unique because of its anodizing process which makes it possible to create vibrant colors that can last for many years with different functional values as well as attractive appearances. Nevertheless, marking anodized aluminum is difficult due to the hardening of its surface that might be compromised by conventional techniques.

With its precision, productivity, and ability to engrave complex details onto anodized surfaces; laser marking is perceived as a more optimal solution. This way, it would be possible to maintain all the advantages of the material while at the same time ensuring that markers are resistant to environmental conditions.

Aluminum marking sample

Why Choose Laser Engraving Machine for Anodized Aluminum

  • High Fineness: Advanced lasers provide ultra-fine, clear markings, crucial for detailed patterns and text.
  • High Processing Accuracy: Features a proprietary high-speed scanning galvanometer, ensuring stable precision and performance, key for product quality and consistency.
  • Convenient Operation: Integrated user-friendly software and hardware streamline the marking process, enhancing efficiency and simplifying operations.
  • Non-contact Processing: A non-contact method that preserves material integrity and physical properties, avoiding mechanical stress or damage.
  • Durability: Permanent markings resist wear, maintaining clarity and readability for long-term product identification and anti-counterfeiting.
  • Strong Anti-counterfeiting: The unique, hard-to-replicate nature of laser marking offers significant anti-counterfeiting benefits.

Best Laser Engraver for Anodized Aluminum

30 watt jpt fiber laser

30W JPT MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver (HS-FL30M)

The 30W JPT MOPA Fiber Laser Engraver is engineered for precision marking on anodized aluminum, delivering laser etching black anodized aluminum that are ideal for high-contrast and legible engravings. This machine is perfect for applications requiring intricate details and precision.

50W JPT Fiber Laser Engraver with Rotary Axis

50W Fiber Laser Engraver with Rotary Axis

This 50W Fiber Laser Marker can easily engrave flat and cylindrical anodized aluminum products, making it versatile and powerful. The machine can mark different flat and round items because it can rotate, making it useful for many marking tasks.

How to Mark Anodized Aluminum with a Laser Marker?

Design Preparation: The first step involves creating or selecting the design to be engraved.

Setting Up the Machine: The laser engraver is prepared by setting the specific parameters needed for the job, such as speed, power, and focus. These settings can vary depending on the material being engraved and the desired outcome of the engraving (depth, darkness, etc.).

For example, To achieve a white mark on anodized aluminum using a Raycus 30W laser engraver, the following settings are optimized:

  • Model: Raycus 30W
  • Hatch: 1 (single pass)
  • Power%: 100 (maximum output)
  • Angle: 90 degrees (perpendicular hatch pattern)
  • Speed: 2000 mm/s (fast movement)
  • Freq: 55 kHz (pulse frequency)
  • Loop: 1 (one pass)
  • Line Space: 0.03 mm (fine line spacing)

These parameters ensure a precise, high-quality white mark on anodized aluminum by utilizing full power for a single, fast pass with fine line spacing and a specific hatch angle.

Engraving Process: Once the machine is set up and the material is properly placed, the engraving process begins.

Laser Interaction: When the laser beam hits the material’s surface, it removes or alters the surface layer, creating a mark.

Final Product: The end result is a permanent, precise marking that can include text, logos, or complex designs.


What are the Applications of Laser Marking on Anodized Aluminum?

Laser marking anodized aluminum, therefore, becomes a flexible and long-lasting solution for various industries. The laser etching anodized aluminum is permanent and very precise; thus, it is considered perfect when improving the security, aesthetic features, and functionalities of a product. Here are some key uses.

Aluminum pad black marking

Barcodes and QR Codes: These are essential in keeping track of inventory. Logistics and supply chain efficiency require laser-engraved barcodes or QR codes that are on anodized aluminum because they remain legible after a long time.

Logos and Branding: Improved brand visibility can be achieved by etching clear company logos onto products using high quality lasers. For example sanitary fittings as well as valves & pumps are some equipment that directly embed such marks of quality through high-quality laser engraving.

Serial Numbers: Anodized Aluminum –engraved serial numbers serve as a long-term marker for warranty requirements or regulatory demands thus answer to traceability questions for goods.

Decorative Designs: Other than performance-based markings, beautiful designs can be engraved onto anodized Al via lasers hence customization windows for trophies, consumer goods etc., which bring about exclusiveness to these items.


In conclusion, laser-engraved anodized aluminum is important for use in various applications as it embodies accuracy, toughness and adaptability. We are a top company that uses modern laser engraving to mark your products. Our technology can be customized to meet your product’s specific needs.

So, take advantage of this chance to grow your business by using these engravings with improved functionality and design that will last throughout its useful life. To understand how these solutions can revamp yours to be standout among others in the market with high class and quality, kindly reach out to us promptly.