Nearly all industries today have a need for permanent engraving and marking solutions. Whether it is marking metal tools with serial numbers, logos, graphics, medical devices or producing architectural signage; businesses are in need of marking solutions. Industrial marking offers a distinct advantage in terms of identification and distinguishing products from the others, as well helping with advertising and brand recognition.

Advanced Industrial Engraving and Marking methods enable multi-material marking, such as aluminium engraving marking, brass marking, galvanized steel marking, stainless steel marking, painted steel marking, ceramic marking, and copper marking among others.

Aluminium is boasts of the second largest metals market in the world. It is used extensively in the automobile industry as it is lighter than steel and lighter weight means reduced gas consumption. It also produces less CO2 emissions. The rising prices of other metals like zinc and copper, is yet another reason for the increased aluminium use; especially in the transportation, construction and power industries.

All these benefits of aluminium translate into a direct increase in demand for Aluminium Engraving and Marking.

• It is needed for aircraft designing and manufacturing, design and production of cars, trucks, trains and all other aspects of the transportation industry.

• The construction industry uses aluminium marking extensively. Products marked include doors, windows, window frames, showers and all other aluminium fixtures and fittings used when constructing private or public buildings or structures.

There are two kind of aluminium engraving machines :

Dot Peen Pin Marking Machine: This uses a hard alloy tungsten stylus against an aluminium surface to create permanent, high-precision and legible marks.

Laser Etching and Marking Machine: The beam emitted from the laser helps the controller trace patterns on the aluminium surface. The controller controls the direction, intensity and speed of the laser.

One of the most advanced marking solutions offered by HeatSign is Aluminium Marking and Engraving, done both on anodized and unanodized aluminium. Our Marking Machines cross the boundaries of traditional marking and use a relatively new class of extremely user-friendly and convenient marking technologies. Both Dot Peen Pin Marking and Laser etching technologies are used to mark all sorts of aluminium products, irrespective of the size, shape and intricacy of the marking. You don’t have to take our word for it – experience it!

Dot Pin Marking Machine Engraving on Aluminium

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Laser Etching Machine for Aluminium and Anodized Aluminum

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