Alphanumeric Marking Machines That Assure Quality Marking Process

If you want quality alphanumeric marking, you need to get exposed to the best machines available. At Heatsign, our aim is quality marking process, therefore, we provide machines that can produce quality, efficient, effective alphanumeric marking. Below are three machines you should consider.

20W 30W Fiber Laser Engraver

HS-FL20 / HS-FL30

HeatSign Fiber Laser Marker

The HS-FL20/ HS-FL30 20W /30W Fiber Laser Marking Machine is ideal for fast engraving and marking processes on metals and plastics. It can create beautiful and permanent alphanumeric markings on your product.

  • Speed: 9000mm/s
  • Output Laser Power: 20W/30W
  • Engraving Depth: ≤ 0.25mm
  • Marking Area: 110mm x 110mm
  • Power Supply: AC220V or AC110V
  • Efficient Air Cooling System

Dot Peen Marking Machines



The HS-DE01/HS-DE03 Dot Peen Marking Systems are ideal for high performance alphanumeric marking. They can create clear, deep, and permanent engraving and marking on any material.

  • Marking Speed: 40-50mm/s
  • Engraving Depth: ≤ 0.8mm
  • Marking Area: 140mm x 90mm
  • Power Supply: AC 100V-240V
  • It can mark some depth

Portable HandHeld Inkjet Printer


portable handheld inkjet printer

The HS-Portable HandHeld Inkjet Printer are ideal for high performance alphanumeric marking. They can create clear, beautiful markings on your product surface.

  • Weight: 0.89kg
  • Printing resolution: Max 600 DPI
  • Printing height: 2mm ~ 12.7mm
  • Variable number: 1-8 digit variable serial number
  • Integrated 4.3-inch touch screen
  • High definition printing effect

Alphanumeric marking involves the different marking processes employed in manufacturing for the inscriptions of numbers and letters on parts and products. It is a popular procedure in many manufacturing industries, for example, the automotive part industry, where it functions in product identification and traceability.

alphanumeric marking


Alphanumeric marking includes many steps. However, many people are not familiar with the processes. To expose you to the different processes you can use, this article will introduce alphanumeric marking, its uses, and the processes and machines you can use. Read on!

What is Alphanumeric Marking?

Alphanumeric, also called alphameric, is a term used for letters and numerals of a specific language set. In the English language, for instance, it comprises of the letters (A-Z) and the numbers (one to infinity). However, alphanumeric marking is not limited to only English letters and numerals.

Alphanumeric marking is the various processes used in the inscription of numbers and letters on a product surface. It has several applications ranging from product identification, product traceability, etc. Therefore, it is very important among many industries, e.g., the automotive part industry.

Alphanumeric Marking Techniques You Can Use

alphanumeric marking techniques you can employ in your industry

Different marking procedures are used based on different materials and for marking purposes. In terms of alphanumeric marking, it is a little different due to one property which is that the codes must be highly readable. Consequently, not all methods are ideal for it.

Among all the methods used in the marking of materials, only three are ideal for alphanumeric marking: laser marking, dot peening, and scribing. Below is an explanation of the three methods:

Laser Alphanumeric Marking Processes

laser alphanumeric marking processes

Laser marking processes includes several marking techniques that are very popular in marking numbers and letters. All the processes employ the use of a laser beam to make a permanent marking. Below are three compatible lasers marking processes used in date marking, letters marking, and number marking:

Laser Engraving

Among the laser marking processes that we will discuss here; laser engraving is the most popular alphanumeric marking process. It involves using a laser engraving machine to remove the material surface and create a marking observable at eye level.

Laser engraving leads to the vaporization of the material as a result of heat generated by the laser engraving machine. There are two types of machines you can use based on the ease of operation. You can use the portable laser engraving machine or the traditional engraving machine. Each one is ideal for use in different scenarios. For example, the traditional engraving machines are bulky and applicable industrially. The portable laser engraving machines are small. However, based on the advancement in technology, there are many portable laser engraving machines applicable both domestically and industrially.

Laser engraving is a popular marking process because it produces highly readable marks of letters and numbers. It is also compatible with a wide range of materials such as metal, leather, and plastic. However, care must be taken to ensure that the material is compatible with it before use. For example, if the material stainless steel is to be used underwater, laser engraving is not the right method. This is because it will lead to removing the chromium layer responsible for its anti-rust and anti-corrosive properties. Therefore, it will become unsuitable for such use underwater.

Laser Etching

Laser etching has procedures like laser engraving. However, unlike laser engraving, it involves using a laser etching machine that causes the surface of the material to melt and expand. This leads to the formation of a raised mark which is the marking. Laser etching is a popular method for date marking, letters marking, and number marking. However, it has a lesser compatible material, unlike laser engraving. The same precaution attributed to laser engraving should also be known with laser etching.

Laser Annealing

Unlike the previously discussed laser marking processes, laser annealing is non-degradative. It involves the use of a laser marking machine to heat and change the color of a material. The color of the material represents the alphanumeric code. However, the color impacted depends on the type of material and the temperature you are working with.

Laser annealing is the ideal alphanumeric laser marking method for materials that must maintain smooth surfaces after marking. It is used more for date marking, and it is also compatible with a lot of materials, such as metal, stainless steel, etc.


The laser marking process is ideal for letters marking, date marking, and number marking. Although it is costly and material-dependent, using the right tool can help in improving efficiency. Top laser marking machines you can use include the Fl10 and Fl20 fiber laser making.

When You Should Laser Marking for Alphanumeric Marking

The laser marking techniques highlighted above are the best alphanumeric marking techniques when the materials must not be subjected to mechanical stress. They are also important due to their wide material support, ease of operation, etc.

Dot Peening Marking Process

dot peening marking process

A dot peen marking machine operates on the principle of vibration to mark materials. The machine vibrates, allowing a pin or stylus to mark the required material. The marking is permanent and readable. Therefore, it is a very important alphanumeric marking process in many industries.

The dot peen marking process does not subject the material to chemical or thermal stress. However, due to the vibration, it subjects the material to intense mechanical stress. Consequently, you must ensure that you select the right type of materials for the process.

Dot peen marking machines are controlled either pneumatically or electrically. Aside from that, another property used in separating these machines is their ease of operation. Two dot peen marking machines you can trust are the electric dot peen marking machine and the electric handheld dot peen marker. Both machines are ideal in their ways and are applicable in different scenarios.

When You Should Dot Peen Machine for Alphanumeric Marking

Generally, dot peen marking is an ideal alphanumeric marking process due to its high reliability, efficiency, and durability of markings. It is the only marking procedure that can attain an expected marking depth without disrupting the material fiber of a thin surface. It is also compatible with a wide range of materials.



Scribing is a marking procedure majorly confused with the dot peening marking process. However, both are different, even though they are widely applicable number marking, date marking, and letters marking.

Scribing involves using a carried or diamond top for marking purposes that penetrate the material for marking to take place. Scribing is continuous, and it does not matter what shape you are dealing with. It can work with flat, inclined, concave, convex, and round surfaces. Unlike dot peening, scribing does not operate based on the principle of vibration. Therefore, there is no noise generated during use. Consequently, the method is applicable in marking hollow parts.

When You Should use Scribing for Alphanumeric Marking

Scribing is a modernized process suitable for alphanumeric markings due to its simplicity, low cost, and fast marking procedure. The process is also wear-free, and it has reduced lead time.

How to Choose the Right Alphanumeric Marking Systems

Many factors play a huge role in the type of alphanumeric process you can use. Below are two important factors that you must consider when choosing the right alphanumeric marking process:

Know the Materials You Will Use

Based on the difference in the industry, requirements, and other factors, the type of materials you will work with will determine the alphanumeric process that you will use. For example, the laser marking methods explained above are all non-contact processes. Therefore, they are widely compatible with many materials.

From the list, laser engraving is the most suitable for alphanumeric marking due to its features. However, it is not ideal for marking materials such as stainless steel when there is a need for its anti-corrosive function.

Other marking processes discussed above have their advantages and disadvantages. For example, the dot peening process makes clear marking on materials. However, for materials opposed to mechanical stress, this can be a limiting option.

Consequently, you must look at the material you are marking before deciding on the right method to use.

Machine To Use

There is a huge development in the industrial world as regards the manufacturing processes highlighted above. There are two categories of machines involved in each process: the portable and the traditional machines. For example, in laser marking, the fiber laser machine is ideal for industrial use even though it is portable.

Therefore, when choosing an alphanumeric marking process, consider the ease of operation, which will be hugely determined by the machine used and your experience.


The marking process you must use must produce a clear letter marking, number marking, or date marking. The markings must also be permanent and clean to scan for laser marking, the Fl10 fiber laser making, and the Fl20 fiber making machine. However, if you use the dot peen method, the electric dot peen marking machine and the electric handheld dot peen marker are suitable. Scribing is the method with the highest clarity.


The software must be easy to navigate for a better user experience. It must also allow proper editing of numbers and letters to get the required font size, style, etc.

Get the Best in Terms of Alphanumeric Marking

Alphanumeric marking is a process with much importance in the manufacturing world. For example, it helps in traceability in automotive part companies and product identification in other industries.

Number marking, letters marking, date marking or any form of alphanumeric marking comes with understanding several things, and it boils down to the type of alphanumeric processes. Therefore, this article gives you a well-explained note about alphanumeric marking processes and how to choose the right process.

Alphanumeric marking can be done in your comfort. However, for a quality guarantee, Heatsign is your best bet. Our team of experts is knowledgeable and well skilled in laser marking, dot peening marking, and scribing. Consequently, you are guaranteed the best alphanumeric marking process.