Aerospace Industry Marking Solutions

Laser Marking Technology for Aerospace Industry

Several industries have used laser marking over the years because there are so many advantages to it. But, one industry has been using laser marking more and more: aerospace. The Aerospace parts marking industry is growing at an exponential rate and shows no signs of slowing down. 

This is because the aerospace sector is very sensitive and the use of the wrong parts can quickly lead to a big failure. So, every part installed on the aircraft must be marked.

The Role of Marking Machines in Aerospace Industry Parts Marking

To keep up with the aerospace industry’s economic boom, there is a requirement to follow rapid marking technology for mass-produced parts. So, some marking machines can be used in the Aerospace parts industry.

How Marking Machines are Used in Aerospace Industry Parts Marking

Marking machines work by using a focused beam of light to mark the part of an aircraft. The properties and appearance of the part are changed when the beam comes into contact with its surface. This focused beam only illuminates the desired area, enabling the marking machines to produce accurate, high-quality marks that are simple to read or scan on almost any surface.

Different Types of Marking Machines

We provide two Aerospace industry marking solutions. Have a look here:

Dot Peen Marking Solutions for Aerospace Industry

Dot Peen marking is a preferred aerospace industry marking solution due to its residual permanent markings. This is important because the aerospace industry demands unique, durable, and excellent marking techniques

Laser Marking Solutions for Aerospace Industry

Laser marking machines produce long-lasting marks that can hold up an aircraft’s high temperature and pressure. It is very safe and poses no environmental risk.

Comparison of Different Marking Machine Technologies

In the aerospace industry, Dot Peen marking machines are reliable marking solutions. HS-PE01 and 02 Hand-held Dot Peen markers easily mark the aerospace parts on the move. HS-DP and HS-DP-R Pneumatic Dot Peen marking machines are best for flanges and round surfaces. 

However, the Fiber laser marking machine is suitable for marking metal and non-metallic alloys in the aerospace industry. Moreover, the CO2 laser beam is ideal for marking the interior material of aircraft.

Standards and Regulations for Aerospace Industry Parts Marking

The aerospace industry is subject to strict regulation. This is a result of the installation’s critical components and the requirement to offer the crew and passengers safety.

So, when it comes to laser marking for the aerospace industry, there are several regulations that the marking scheme must follow. Although some local laws and regulations must be followed by manufacturers, there are some regulations for aerospace industry parts marking:

AS9132 Standard

The International Aerospace Quality Group published the standard AS9132 intending to define the process requirements for the dot marking of 2D Data Matrix codes about metallic parts. Through the use of this standard, all Data Matrix affixed to aerospace components will successfully undergo verification.

SAE AS478 Standard

SAE AS478 Standard covers both permanent marking intended to provide legible identification and/or a record of inspection up until the time of initial assembly or use, as well as temporary marking intended to do the same.

How marking Machines Help Companies Comply with These Standards

In the field of aerospace manufacturing, HeatSign offers a wide range of solutions for aerospace parts marking standards compliance. Our automated part marking systems are simple to configure to generate permanent marks that meet all requirements.

Benefits of Aerospace Industry Parts Marking with Marking Machines

  1. Traceability and identification
  2. Anti-counterfeiting measures
  3. Quality control and part verification
  4. Cost savings and efficiency improvements
  5. Improved safety and reliability

Choosing the Right Marking Machine for Aerospace Industry Parts Marking

Factors to consider when selecting a marking machine

To choose the right marking machine for aerospace industry parts markings, here are some factors that must be considered:

  • Type of material 
  • Speed 
  • Marking quality 
  • The shape of the surface

Tips for selecting the right marking machine for your company’s needs

Some necessary tips for choosing the best marking machine for your business’s requirements.

  • Identifying the necessary traceability requirements
  • Choose the material that will be worked on
  • Check the size of the material
  • Specifying the various markings


HeatSign is available to assist you and provide guidance regarding the various marking solutions for the aerospace industry. 

Get in touch with us using one of the methods provided here, and we’ll help you with the rest, so you can soar higher.


1.Marking on Gear System – Gear Parts, ID Plates, Screws, Actuator, Power Generator.


2.Marking on Brake System – Landing Gear Parts, Brake Disks, Thrust Reversers..


3.Marking on Turbine Components – Blades, Rings, Segments, Screws Discs.


4.Marking on Fuel, Hydraulics & Control System – Generators, Pumps, Thermal Exchange Systems, Sockets/ Wine Rope, Switches, ID Plates.


5.Marking on Frame Structure Parts – Balanced Parts, Nuts, Prototypes,Precision Components, ID Plates.s.


6.Marking on Tooling – Cutting Tools, Screws, Bolts, Drills, Large Tools, Maintenance Parts.

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